Why Bungie leaving Halo has been the best thing for the franchise

GameZone writes, "There's no getting around it — Bungie has quickly become one of the most talented and respected developers of the past decade. After single-handedly revolutionizing the first-person shooter genre by successfully bringing it to consoles with Halo: Combat Evolved, the team went on to elevate the franchise to serve as one of the foundational pillars that the Xbox platform rests upon. So how could their recent departure from the franchise possibly be a good thing for the future of Halo? "

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Whore_Mouth2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I agree.

The Halo series is something that is so big, and massive in many aspects in today's culture of gaming that it has taken on a life of it's own.

Sadly though, the same culture has moved on past what Halo had to offer in terms of gameplay (Excluding the die-hard following of it's core gamers).

I think it would be nice to see what 343i can bring to the table to breath some life back into what were the halcyon days. Given the fact that many of the core designers and franchise director are at the helm, I see Halo 4 coming together nicely.

Though in my opinion, no game can ever top how I felt about Halo 2.

alexcosborn2470d ago

I agree, Halo 2 was such a monumental step forward for online gaming.

DemonStration2470d ago

343 has a lot to prove. I don't think they've contributed anything worthwhile to the Halo franchise yet. But I'll agree Halo 4 looks pretty damn nice.

alexcosborn2470d ago

Good point. Both Halo Waypoint and Combat Evolved Anniversary haven't brought a whole lot to the table for the franchise, but judging by how well it appears Halo 4 is coming along, it looks like 343i's about to change that trend.

Rolento2470d ago

It has been the worst thing for the franchise.

alexcosborn2470d ago

Have you seen the ViDoc? Were you really left unimpressed?

Jesseas1152469d ago

No, Reach was the worst thing for the franchise! It had virtually no story until the very end, and the characters couldn't even qualify as cliche which is as one dimensional as you can possibly get, and they tried to force emotion on you by pointlessly killing off the spartans for no clear reason other than previously stated, to force emotion onto you, and to top it off armor abilities and loadouts have been the worst thing to halo since the pistol was nerfed.

ODST doesn't even qualify as a game. It is an expansion marketed as a game. IMO of course. But at least it had characters you cared about, genuine emotion, a story, and firefight.

stunkilla2470d ago

wtf r u kidding i cant believe u guys agree with this guy. As a halo fan form start to when ever it's going to finish this has to be the worst thing. just think about it bungie made the story and we can never know how they would end it and if it's bungie u kno its going to be an epic ending. sorry guys i just cant get it through to what happen to bungie. They started the most epic story of the xbox family and i feel like we as a gamer cant be happy they stop with Halo and let some else finish their work kina sadden me

Eiffel2470d ago

They ruined Halo Reach with some of the dumbest decisions, so I'm gonna have to call B.S

Jesseas1152469d ago

You say that as if Reach was actually good at one point.

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