Game Arts reveals ‘Dokuro,’ a new PS Vita game, in this Ragnarok Odyssey video

Game Arts has released a new trailer for Ragnarok Odyssey. What’s interesting, however, is the announcement of a brand new game from the company. The game is titled Dokuro and is being worked on by Game Art’s Team Gajet. The video that “more details will be revealed soon.”

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pedrami912446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Gamearts is developing not one but two games for the Vita.

First one is developed by PonKotz Troops and is titled Dokuro.

The second one is made by Team Gajet and is unnamed.

gtxgamer22446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Does that mean its coming to US? cause i dont think ragnorak is

*Update* Nevermind its the same game lol, so Dokuro is a add-on that adds wifi multiplayer?

jujubee882446d ago

1. It has a chance of coming to the US since it has been quite successful in Japan and has good western appeal.

2. "Dokuro" was just a little teaser for another game (created by a Game Arts Team). It is unrelated to "Ragnarok Odyssey".

The clapping was funny though. :D

gtxgamer22446d ago

thanks :) an i hope it does come to US, day one buy for me

PersonaCat2446d ago

I would get Ragnarok Odyssey for the sheer amount of nostalgia I'd feel. I like how the game looks NOTHING like Ro, but they do use the source pretty wisely. I saw some gameplay vids of Orc Hero and remember how it was back in the day to team up with my guild to take him out. Good times in gaming..