Code of Princess and its outrageous cast

Code of Princess, is a new title coming to the 3DS featuring one of the most scandalously dressed main characters I've seen in a while. Recent updates reveal more characters and gameplay.

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Snookies122469d ago

Dear lord that picture... For the love of god, that armor will do you no good in battle! There's nothing there!!

kamruk2469d ago

There must be some advantage... or... something...

"One day you will understand the meaning of lady peks"

Myst2469d ago

So Dragon's Crown and this game women who want to wear nothing in battle ._.

mike1up2469d ago

I find myself suddenly interested in this game.

floetry1012469d ago

Batman Forever called,

they want their nipple armor back.

HurstDarkStar2469d ago

Anime armor may not be logical but I'll damned if I say it's not great for the eyes

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