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On reports that the next Xbox won’t have a disc-drive, we take a look at how that could be harmful to Microsoft but also consider the benefits. What are your thoughts?

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dazzrazz2239d ago

Highly doubt it but if they get rid of drive i won't be buying xbox hardware due to the fact games on marketplace are overpriced and there is pretty much zero promotions on new titles

EVILDEAD3602238d ago

If the Xbox 720 has no drive you might as well call it Xbox 720 Go..because it'll do PSP Go numbers

Sorry actually you might as well call it Xbox 720 GOing GOing Gone because that's about how long it'll last on the market.

Let's just hope it's a dumb rumor


Highlife2238d ago

What if they go the way of an onlive like service? Think that would be a mistake.

iamnsuperman2238d ago

Its not going to happen. Silly rumours that pop up on the road to E3. Why would Microsoft neglect potential sales from people with low broadband speeds and also retailers would be reluctant to sell a system where there is no other income they could make of it. There will be more of these outlandish rumour until E3 has finished.

sikbeta2238d ago

This rumor is as lame as anyone has ever been, why MS will cut potential BC in their new console by no adding a freaking drive? also, don't forget that any game-store will avoid selling the thing, because without physical copies > no used games > no profit from used games sales and all that...

It's not going to happen!

EVILDEAD3602238d ago

'What if they go the way of an onlive like service? Think that would be a mistake.'

Bro..I own over 100 games for the 360 and if the 720 came out without a hard drive the 360 will absolutely be the last Micrsoft console I ever bought.

It would be a mistake of EPIC proportions. Why would retailers even want to stock one if you take away the physical media. Even if you sold those cards, it would NEVER be the same.

I'm not just saying this for Micrsoft, I mean it for Sony and Nintendo as well.

On-Live is actually pretty cool and I'm still very tempted to get it to play some PC games my PC can't handle but WHOA..I'm calling DOOMED right now if they go this route.

I understood Sony was trying to fight what became a cancerous and overwhelming loss of software sales on the PSP, but it was easy to see what was going to happen to Go as well.

But before we get carried away with's GOT to be a rumor..right??

*Fast forward..spits out coffee at E3 when it turns out to be true..LOL*


HammockGames2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

MS has been quite open about their intent to become the proverbial all purpose media hub in every home.

Eliminating a disk drive would be a step backwards in that regard. Perhaps not fatal, but a move that would deter those who still use disks for movies.

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Patriots_Pride2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

What if they get rid of DVD'S and replace them with cartridges, like back in the NES and Gensis days. Just make a new catridge format with super memory.

Can you imagine playing a game with no loading : )

mobiusoneac42238d ago

Fewer moving parts means a lower hardware fail rate!

mike1up2239d ago

It's a different step, and I like it.

Kinda funny though. First Microsoft gets rid of the controller (Kinect). Then Microsoft gets rid of the drive (Next Xbox rumor).

At this rate, the Xbox's of the future will just be an empty box.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2238d ago

And the fanboys will spend $300 buying the empty box and they will go on and on and on and on about how their empty box is SO MUCH BETTER than the PlayStation 7.

josephayal2238d ago

absolutely nothing happens!!! Get ready for the next generation and STOP complaining

StanSmith2238d ago

Stop complaining? Are you serious? Are you happy then to start paying over the odds for your games? Are you happy to see games permanently retail at full price and not see a single price cut?

You're in the minority of those who want this to happen. Sony won't even do it after the failure of the PSPGO.

If Microsoft do this, then i will spend my gaming only on WiiU & the PS4. There is no way i will hand over £40 for a file on a hard drive. If they reduced the price of the games to factor in less manufacturing costs, then i would consider it but we all know they won't.

tantobanto2238d ago

steam box articles all over again. Here we go again

arnyftw2238d ago

This would be crap, I dont have a insane internet connection and when I buy a game I expect to play it as soon as I get it. And with game sizes increasing and probably becoming massive next gen I dont want to wait for 50 gigs to download on my connection. Maybe have a download only cheaper version and have a more expensive version with a disk drive. Another problem is that digital downloads remain at a constant price. Yes steam prices do go down, but not enough. They should have steam deals and have prices like online retailers like amazon.

dirthurts2238d ago

This I agree with.
To single out the disk entirely would be a mistake, but making it optional is a good idea.
I like to buy, and sell my games. Without a drive, that is impossible unless they allow us to trade licenses with other uses (not going to happen).
I personally use steam on my pc, but I still prefer to have that disk in my hand when I want it. I only buy games on Steam when they are dirt cheap, and I won't change that for a console.

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