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What Would Happen If The Next Xbox Had No Drive? | LANraiders

On reports that the next Xbox won’t have a disc-drive, we take a look at how that could be harmful to Microsoft but also consider the benefits. What are your thoughts? (Dev, Industry, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox 360)

dazzrazz  +   1356d ago
Highly doubt it but if they get rid of drive i won't be buying xbox hardware due to the fact games on marketplace are overpriced and there is pretty much zero promotions on new titles
EVILDEAD360  +   1356d ago
If the Xbox 720 has no drive you might as well call it Xbox 720 Go..because it'll do PSP Go numbers

Sorry actually you might as well call it Xbox 720 GOing GOing Gone because that's about how long it'll last on the market.

Let's just hope it's a dumb rumor

Highlife  +   1356d ago
What if they go the way of an onlive like service? Think that would be a mistake.
iamnsuperman  +   1356d ago
Its not going to happen. Silly rumours that pop up on the road to E3. Why would Microsoft neglect potential sales from people with low broadband speeds and also retailers would be reluctant to sell a system where there is no other income they could make of it. There will be more of these outlandish rumour until E3 has finished.
sikbeta  +   1356d ago
This rumor is as lame as anyone has ever been, why MS will cut potential BC in their new console by no adding a freaking drive? also, don't forget that any game-store will avoid selling the thing, because without physical copies > no used games > no profit from used games sales and all that...

It's not going to happen!
EVILDEAD360  +   1356d ago
'What if they go the way of an onlive like service? Think that would be a mistake.'

Bro..I own over 100 games for the 360 and if the 720 came out without a hard drive the 360 will absolutely be the last Micrsoft console I ever bought.

It would be a mistake of EPIC proportions. Why would retailers even want to stock one if you take away the physical media. Even if you sold those cards, it would NEVER be the same.

I'm not just saying this for Micrsoft, I mean it for Sony and Nintendo as well.

On-Live is actually pretty cool and I'm still very tempted to get it to play some PC games my PC can't handle but WHOA..I'm calling DOOMED right now if they go this route.

I understood Sony was trying to fight what became a cancerous and overwhelming loss of software sales on the PSP, but it was easy to see what was going to happen to Go as well.

But before we get carried away with speculation..it's GOT to be a rumor..right??

*Fast forward..spits out coffee at E3 when it turns out to be true..LOL*

HammockGames  +   1356d ago
Color me skeptical
MS has been quite open about their intent to become the proverbial all purpose media hub in every home.

Eliminating a disk drive would be a step backwards in that regard. Perhaps not fatal, but a move that would deter those who still use disks for movies.
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Patriots_Pride  +   1356d ago
What if they get rid of DVD'S and replace them with cartridges, like back in the NES and Gensis days. Just make a new catridge format with super memory.

Can you imagine playing a game with no loading : )
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mobiusoneac4  +   1356d ago
Fewer moving parts means a lower hardware fail rate!
mike1up  +   1356d ago
It's a different step, and I like it.

Kinda funny though. First Microsoft gets rid of the controller (Kinect). Then Microsoft gets rid of the drive (Next Xbox rumor).

At this rate, the Xbox's of the future will just be an empty box.
QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1356d ago
And the fanboys will spend $300 buying the empty box and they will go on and on and on and on about how their empty box is SO MUCH BETTER than the PlayStation 7.
josephayal  +   1356d ago
Technology Changes Things
absolutely nothing happens!!! Get ready for the next generation and STOP complaining
StanSmith  +   1356d ago
Stop complaining? Are you serious? Are you happy then to start paying over the odds for your games? Are you happy to see games permanently retail at full price and not see a single price cut?

You're in the minority of those who want this to happen. Sony won't even do it after the failure of the PSPGO.

If Microsoft do this, then i will spend my gaming only on WiiU & the PS4. There is no way i will hand over £40 for a file on a hard drive. If they reduced the price of the games to factor in less manufacturing costs, then i would consider it but we all know they won't.
tantobanto  +   1356d ago
steam box articles all over again. Here we go again
arnyftw  +   1356d ago
This would be crap, I dont have a insane internet connection and when I buy a game I expect to play it as soon as I get it. And with game sizes increasing and probably becoming massive next gen I dont want to wait for 50 gigs to download on my connection. Maybe have a download only cheaper version and have a more expensive version with a disk drive. Another problem is that digital downloads remain at a constant price. Yes steam prices do go down, but not enough. They should have steam deals and have prices like online retailers like amazon.
dirthurts  +   1356d ago
This I agree with.
To single out the disk entirely would be a mistake, but making it optional is a good idea.
I like to buy, and sell my games. Without a drive, that is impossible unless they allow us to trade licenses with other uses (not going to happen).
I personally use steam on my pc, but I still prefer to have that disk in my hand when I want it. I only buy games on Steam when they are dirt cheap, and I won't change that for a console.
IM_KINECTED  +   1356d ago
It's something we luckily wont have to worry about, there are so many idiotic rumors going on out their about the next Xbox.

Microsoft didn't capture the core and casual markets only to lose both. Casual gamers don't usually do the internet or download thing. Which is why the 4 gig Xbox 360/Kinect bundle does so well.

There are almost 70 million Xbox 360's in the world and only around 40 million of those have Xbox Live, why would Microsoft lose out on 30+ million people or alienate the casual gamers that they've just recently gotten on board?

Makes no sense at all. What makes more sense then this is online passes for used games or something along those lines.

I call big time BS on this rumor.
Dlacy13g  +   1356d ago
I find it highly unlikely as well. However, what if they did a switch out to a new card format... and offered up backwards compatibility upload based on your Xbox Live history... and pay a $5 license fee to be able to download the full game? Kinda like what Sony did with the Vita?

Not saying I want that...but could it be a direction?
IM_KINECTED  +   1356d ago
As I said though, what of the new casual gamers who are new to Microsoft and the Xbox and Kinect? A lot of those types of people lack internet savvy or connections.

also, I'll throw out there that people in general lack the type of internet speeds to do digital only at this time.

I only get 250 gigs a month on my plan, which might sound like a lot, but even watching a show on Netflix counts against download caps.

I couldn't imagine my brother and I both trying to download new games with our cap and everything else.

Just don't see it happening.
CraftyGaz  +   1356d ago
Errrrr I wouldnt buy it.
360GamerFG  +   1356d ago
Simple, I don't buy it. I'll buy a PS4. People will continue buying what they like, as they have for generations.
Before my 360, I did my gaming on a ps2, before that, I was with Nintendo.
The launch price of the ps3 and being told to get a second job put me off.
Dlacy13g  +   1356d ago
LOL...being told to get a second job to afford a PS3 had to be one of my all time favorite moments from that Sony presser. I was thought "Wait, did he really...he really did just tell me to get another job" :)
xYLeinen  +   1356d ago
I would like to watch DvD's or blurays on the next gen consoles..
azureflamegod  +   1356d ago
i can understand no disk sucks but do u really need to watch dvd and blue ray when theres tons of devieces u already own that do so?
tiffac008  +   1356d ago
Unless MS is going Solid State Drive cartridge on us or some kind of SD card as their media format, its really hard to imagine the next Xbox without any disk drive because that would completely kill any backwards compatibility with any 360 games.
Dlacy13g  +   1356d ago
@tiffac008 I am on the same page...the only way this rumor makes sense is if MS has some kind of new card format... and go the Vita route and let people download their BC games for a $$ fee.

Still...this rumor needs more meat before I go all "end of the world" on it.
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creatchee  +   1356d ago
I like how we as gamers (and fanboys) ignore certain facts that are in discord with our beliefs and comfort zone.

Fact: Steam is highly successful and digital distribution only
Fact: IOS and Android have made many people who aren't part of the core gamer group well aware of digital distribution
Fact: Netflix and cable companies (as well as our beloved consoles) have gotten gamers and non-gamers alike on board with TV and movie streaming
Fact: This isn't the year 2000. High speed Internet is readily available (and in use) just about everywhere

I like physical media. However, that doesn't mean that it is completely necessary. When iTunes started, I thought to myself "this is cool, but I'll still buy CDs." I haven't bought one in two years and still enjoy just as many purchased albums as I ever had - probably more. And I've all but stopped buying movies (except certain must-haves on Blu-ray) in favor of Netflix and on demand.

Digital distribution is the future, whether the "old guard" wants to admit it or not.
Eu  +   1356d ago
And i like to see how some dont seen to think at all...not all countries have the bandwith to make digital distribution feasible for the masses...if MS wants to sell to a few,elite with money and access to high speeds, and let the huge masses go to the others, then be my guest...

Digital distribution may be the future, but it simply isnt the present....to the masses at least.
giovonni  +   1356d ago
EU I disagree with you there, the majority of sales through downloading has grown every year, with Wi-Fi networks, network cards, companies like AT&T that provide you with the bandwith are all ready to serve with the downloading needs. Digital Distribution is now, not the future. you can simply look at the sales figures of downloading distro, and also look at the ratio of 8 out of 10 people own a digital downloading unit (tablet, laptop, desktop, ps3, xbox360, etc) The majority are the every day working class, so how is this not the present?
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Persistantthug  +   1356d ago
@creatchee.....Since you seem to enjoy 'facts', Let me give you 1...a BIG fact.
PSPGO = failure
ONLIVE console version = failure

--Sony has abandoned digital distribution ONLY video game systems as the VITA has physical media for retail to sell.

-- You have never seen ONLIVE's console version in any American brick & mortar retail store.....and you never will

digital distribution ONLY video game systems have failed and are 0/2

How's that for a FACT, creatchee.
IM_KINECTED  +   1356d ago
You forgot the fact where not everyone has speeds capable of downloading games. Also, a lot of people like myself have a download cap per month.

I'm still on DSL where I live, its the only option, definitely not fast enough to start downloading games and everything else.

Its one thing to talk about cell phones and no physical media, those are easy to get into on the run, since its always connected to a internet connection, a console is different.

I think we are at least another full console cycle if not two away from digital as the only option.

I do see them offering launch date games digitally as an option, but they definitely wont cut their fanbase in half by going digital only this time around.

Not gonna happen.
giovonni  +   1356d ago
First off this is a rumor, why is everyone so worked up? Two, lets say this is true and the xbox gets rid of the disc drive, how is this a problem, when there are other storage medias to replace the C.D that we currently use more than a C.D?

People have to understand technology evolves, but the prehistoric mind state of some people don't, they fear what they can't see or understand, but the kicker here is with all the complaining that's done, they move right with the change or are blind to it. For example I have a friend that hated the idea of downloading his media, but the majority of his media is downloaded to his cell phone, ps3, xbox360, Ipod etc, he even streams Netflix for Christ sake.

I laugh because you guys say you want a breath of fresh air in gaming, but when someone introduces a new way of gaming it's not a good idea because it's assumed its not going to work because it goes against what is comfortable.
(Some are upset because the idea is not brought up by the company they favor)

we did this with the analog stick, Sony Boomerang controller, Nintendo decided to stay with cartridge based media instead of CD's for the N64, online gaming. The list goes on. Let me ask you nay sayers this, if this rumor was true and it's a success across the board, are you still not going to support the movement?
MizTv  +   1356d ago
then that would suck
jaymart2k  +   1356d ago
Retailers could sell games codes on cards.

Which still sucks for people without internet.
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kma2k  +   1356d ago
Perfect example of the overton window being used by a buisness! Come out with some crazy rumors about how the system wont play used games & or wont have a disc console so that when you are ready to show off your system people will be so happy & relived that it will still play used games & has a disc drive they will overlook the fact that they are still charging for live & overlook the fact that the system is overpriced at launch & that they have no launch titles to boot. Its actually genious marketing strategy, thats all this is!!!! Below is an explination of the overton window for anyone who dosent know what it is!

jalen247  +   1356d ago
Sony and Nintendo would love for this to be true...Xbox Infinity would be dead on arrival without a disc drive

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