Are We Witnessing The Demise Of Preowned Gaming?

Unless you have been literally glued to your console for the last few weeks, it won’t have escaped you that GAME Group is under a lot of pressure and facing disaster. Team this with Online Passes becoming commonplace on games and the rumours that the new Xbox won't play preowned games and you have got to wonder about the future of the market.

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matthewjgildea2445d ago

Well, if stores like GAME and Gamestation disappear, we're left with CEX. It's not yet widespread enough to accomodate everyone, and the other game stores (HMV, Supermarkets) either are too expensive or just don't offer pre-owned games.

glynny912445d ago

Not to mention that HMV has troubles of its own as well

danswayuk2440d ago

It looks like many devs want preowned games gone, and it just might happen.