The Old Republic has almost 1.7 million paying subscribers

CVG: EA should be making a healthy profit from BioWare's MMO

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FlashXIII2468d ago

Still 1.7m playing? Tbh I'm shocked, I've heard nothing but complaints about the endgame. Only level 32 so far and while I'm enjoying it, don't see myself sticking around longterm, I find the pvp mechanics to be basically garbage with the reliance on stuns and knockbacks not to mention a poorly implemented resolve system.

ATi_Elite2468d ago

I wish this stupid game played like Battlefront cause if it did i would be all over like cheap hookers on payday!

Maybe now that EA has made a ton of cash they can quickly revamp it and make serious improvements.

Voice acting is cool but animation and gameplay need to be better.

awi59512467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

And its more balanced than wow pvp. Certain classes have no chance in hell in killing certain classes wow. And the constant nerfs to certain classes and they leave other classes overpowered for months, (paladins in wrath for example) on end. Rogues are quick to get nerfed, Dk's got a fast nerf but paladins stayed OP for the whole Litch king expansion. Melee classes stuns are always getting nerfed but range can still stun the hell out of melee and burn you fast.

I dont see why anyone would even play melee in pvp now. Its just so easy to stun and kite melee now. I dont even have to try in pvp with my mage or hunter.

susanto12282468d ago

This is total BS and an article to keep SWTOR propaganda claiming that it's doing alright...go into the forums people are pissed. I agree with you

awi59512467d ago

forums are for loud mouth aholes to yell. Look at the wow forums and you see far worse.

NAdkins012468d ago

I don't know if this number is correct but you can count me as one of them. Once I finished the story and hit level 50, playing the same Flashpoints over and over plus the arenas weren't enough to keep my interest. The PvP just to get better armor didn't help either. It might be that MMOs aren't for me anymore but I used to love them.

AzaziL2466d ago

Had the same feeling, used to be a WoW addict but when cata came around, I lost interest in sinking countless hours for a piece of gear that would be obsolete within a year.

Figured SWTOR would respark my interest and it did until I got to the end game. Tried to reroll but that got boring as well.

Growing older sucks too as well since the amount of time you feel you can spend on a game is a lot more when your younger then your later years. By the time you hit 30, you'll be lucky to have a couple hours a day to yourself, with the rest divided between work, bros, wife, and kids.