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Submitted by LewisDenby 1432d ago | news

'Don't Email Gabe Week' begins, Half-Life fans give Vave boss a break

Valve’s Gabe Newell has always been happy to communicate with fans, but a new campaign on Reddit has asked people not to spam him with emails about Half-Life 3 for a week – suggesting that maybe the company will have more time to work on new games… (Culture, Gabe Newell, Half Life 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

_LarZen_  +   1432d ago
I wil never understand why Half-Life is so popular among pc gamers....the first one was great in it's time. HL2 and episode 2 was mediocer at best...

Most overrated game of all time on pc? Or is it just a bunch of nostolgia crazy pc gamers?

Heck if I know.
LewisDenby  +   1432d ago
Did you play HL2 when it came out, or more recently? I tried to go through it again a couple of years back and was surprised how much it's dated. But at the time, it blew other FPS games out of the water.
Clayman  +   1432d ago
Imo it still blows most FPS games out of the water.
Highlife  +   1432d ago
I would have played it more but it is the only game that actually makes me sick. My head starts to hurt after about 20 min playing that game. But the game was so good that I just dealt with the headache till I beat it.
Saladfax  +   1432d ago
Yeah, there've been a lot of people who get headaches/motion sickness when playing HL2. If you ever give it a shot again, try changing the FOV in options. I believe that is supposed to help.

Still, it's quite well-loved for a very good reason. Excellent narrative, excellent gameplay.
Getowned  +   1432d ago
Hmm I disagree I think it has aged rather well to be honest compared to most games that came out at the same time.

Half life 2 and it's episodes are well made and provide a great gaming experience, and in my opinion has not yet met it's match.Gameplay and naritive are top notch and the charaters are brilliant.

I haven't played a perfect game yet and certantly it's not perfect or a end all be all game but it's a great ride.I still think to this day The Orange Box is the best deal around with hours and hours of gaming fun especially for any one who has never played half-life and it comes with Portal 1 which is a huge bonus.

Maybe it's harder for newer gamers to experiance and understand half-life but I'm sure if they gave it a good chance and played a few chapters they would love it too.I got to admit the first chapter is kind of boring when you hop off the train but it only goes up hill from there.

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LewisDenby  +   1432d ago

"the first chapter is kind of boring when you hop off the train"

Really?! I think that, if any bit still stands leaps and bounds ahead of the competition today, it's that opening chapter. The way it cements this overwhelming sense of oppression, the way it reintroduces old characters, the illusion of exploring a new world and that fantastic chase sequence... they're all better than anything else I can think of in the genre. Apart from maybe BioShock's intro.
Fishy Fingers  +   1432d ago
Silly PC gamers, enjoying some of the most innovative, critically acclaimed and most importantly, hugely entertaining games of our time.

Just out of interest, which FPS do you believe does deserve such credit?
fluffydelusions  +   1432d ago
"HL2 and episode 2 was mediocer at best"

ninjahunter  +   1432d ago
I think its about not spoon feeding the player, making the gameplay based more around skill, logic and preference. Where 90% of shooters these days are all cinematic scoot and shoot. half life 2 brings more to the table. Puzzles, a weapon for every job, fast paced combat, vehicle segments, mini bosses, zombies :), engaging/interactive story, intuitive energy system, unique/relatable characters perfect learning curve.

I know people are going to say "well cod, killzone, BF3 and Derpies adventure to space 13 have alot of those features. But the thing is that Half life has all those features, and alot more features than most games have and it would be a stretch to call it repetitive.

I guess overall, Halflife has the features of several AAA games meshed into one.
claw11  +   1432d ago

What you think of HL2 is true for YOU. HL2 being the most overrated game of all time on pc is true in your world, but that doesn't make it an universal fact. It is actually ok to not like it. You know what they say about opinions, but just because you didn't get it, doesn't mean that everyone else who gets it are somehow wrong in their opinion.
ATi_Elite  +   1432d ago
We all are entitled to our opinions!
Like i think Halo is boring and repetitive! Call of Duty is for casuals and Nintendo is for "7 year olds"!

But Half Life 2 is not nostalgia for crazy PC Gamers. HL2 is the greatest game ever made.

animation, facial expressions, character development, story, mechanics, physics, NPC interaction, weapon innovation, Enemy A.I., game immersion, puzzles, etc. are all innovations from one game that set the Gold Standard for all FPS!

I play through HL2 from time to time not because i'm crazy but because HL2 is a classic that has held up very very well 8 years after it's release.

At over 100 Frames per second and a high resolution pak HL2 looks just as good as any console shooter out.

Besides no other game allows you to pick up a can of paint and bash a Zombie in the head with it while leaving paint splattered all over the wall and floor!

HL2 Ep2 mediocre? The Magnusson Device level is worth $30 all by itself. So much action and intensity.
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LastDance  +   1432d ago
what's vave?
ninjahunter  +   1432d ago
Watch people email him just because of this.
Moncole  +   1432d ago
I emailed him because I always wanted to email him but always forgot. Thanks for reminding me article.
pucpop  +   1432d ago
is the orange box still buggy on ps3? i love HL2 but not shoddy ports. gabe, get your episode 3 into my console please, soon?
chaos_mechanica  +   1432d ago
Misspelled "valve" in title. Please fix.
LewisDenby  +   1432d ago
I can't change it now it's been approved :(

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