Metal Gear Solid HD Collection official announced for PS Vita

Konami today official announced the Metal Gear HD Collection for PS Vita.


First Footage & Screens also included.

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user77927882475d ago

Kojima announced this way back at TGS 2011

badz1492475d ago

No Peace Walker? Can't believe I sold my PS3 copy to my cousin thinking that the Vita version will be exactly the same content wise. Urghh..

OhReginald2475d ago

knew about it long time ago....even seen screenshots last year...

Deathcon2475d ago

can't wait! hope it's not just a port.

LightofDarkness2475d ago

The entire game is just a collection of ports.

josephayal2475d ago

In Full 1080P , dude i love my PSVITA

murkster-dubez2475d ago

Is your vita better than mine? mine doesnt do 1080p

dboyman2475d ago

Maybe his was designed and created by Ken Kutaragi...

Play2Win2475d ago

full 1080p? where do you live?

KrimsonKody2475d ago


In Street Fighter II voice

specialguest2475d ago

haha I read "Perfect!" with the SF2 voice in mind before reading the part where you stated in SF2 voice. I guess there are some things from my childhood that are still stuck in my head haha.

KrimsonKody2475d ago


Yeah, SF2 has sworned that word forever. It does'nt even sound right pronounced any other way.
Miss them days.