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sinncross2443d ago


But gonna be a slightly tough sell with no updated Peace Walker

PirateThom2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

If it's not included, it would be a MAJOR mistake. Peace Walker on the Vita is basically a no brainer.

I'm hoping the screen shots and what Yoshida said are the same as the Japanese version on home consoles, where Peace Walker was a stand alone game and then it's bundled for the rest of the world as one game.

Peace Walker co-op is why I'll be buying the collection again.

hkgamer2442d ago

looks a little weird, but if psp games look fantastic on vita then im sure mgs hd would look amazing,


hopefully we wont have to wait too long for peace walker, maybe they can package it with portable ops and plus aswell.

if memory serves me right, scea doesn't allow straight ports so peace walker alone may not get released in the states.

cmpunk532442d ago

I don't think Peace Walker will be included in this collection but I will not be surprise if they offer a discount for PW-PSP since it's basically the same and the graphics will be upgraded anyway with vita's filtering.

But as long as I can bring MGS2 and MGS3 around when I go outdoor make it a pretty sweet deal for me. I'm a big MGS3 and MGS2 fan. I was actually gonna buy MGS3d but I prefer the vita collection.

MastaMold2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

With no Peace Walker i'm disappointed, does PSP MGS: Peace Walker work with Vita anybody know?

TomInc2443d ago

Looking forward to this one!

MasterCornholio2442d ago

I am happy that the Vita isnt getting a gimped version of Snake Eater because that was one of my favourite Metal Gear games and i would hate to see it ruined.


tantobanto2442d ago

you do realize that gimped verion of snake eater was reviewed higher most of the time than the hd version


because they did the 3d better than they did the hd conversion

Minato-Namikaze2442d ago

No snake vs monkeys makes it gimped. The only reason I can see why its not there on the HD is MS. also 5 vs 1 is a no brainer, HD every time lol