Video Games are Healthy? Thoughts from a Recovering Gamer

NewAmericanMedia: The thing that mattered most to me was my education. That is, until I went to a Black Friday sale and bought myself a PS3 gaming console. It quickly became an addiction. I just couldn’t lay off the video games.

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Nutsack2444d ago

Boohoooo boohoooooo

Anything can be bad. Gaming, drinking alcohol, gambling, watching TV, surfing the internet, doing sports, checking porn yes there are even people that have their lives ruined because they're sex addicts.

It has all to do with self control and not let any stuff become that important that it fucks up the stuff of everyday life. Videogames have good effects on eye-hand coordination, strenghten analytic thinking capabilities, finding new solutions aka thinking out of the box, firing up ones creativity etc etc. So yes, videogames can help developing certain capabilities.The writer of this article is just a p*ssy.

Good the writer sold his PS3, he ain't worth it.

bozebo2444d ago

Never read so much BS in one article before.