Smash 'N' Survive Review (Critical Gamer)

Critical Gamer writes: Smash ‘N’ Survive is a vehicular combat game, and is the first game to emerge from Indian studio Version 2 Games. The title is a PlayStation 3 exclusive that is available to download from the PlayStation Network. Taking inspiration from the Burnout and Twisted Metal franchises, can this new game emulate these classic games or should it have been scrapped long ago?

The game casts you as an unnamed street racer who is attempting to join a gang called the Necromancers. Throughout the game you are tasked with taking on rival gang the Hooligans in a turf war. The plot is paper thin and there are no cutscenes to speak off, with simple paragraphs of text used to lay out your next mission. The game starts you out in a regular car with no weapons, but as you progress you unlock a variety of vehicles with some being stronger, faster or easier to handle than others. Later vehicles also come equipped with different weapons like buzz saws, flamethrowers or pulse emitters that flip enemy vehicles over. With missions like team deathmatch, base defence or bombing your rival’s base, some vechicles are better suited than others for the mission in hand.

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