Jade Raymond Teases Splinter Cell Conviction 2

Jade Raymond, formerly lead designer of Assassins Creed, has been teasing that her team from Ubisoft is about announce a AAA title. This title is expected to be the sequel to Splinter Cell Conviction.

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gypsygib2387d ago

Awesome, I really enjoyed Conviction 1

WetN00dle692386d ago

SO did i. Great freaking title!

TheXgamerLive2386d ago

the next Splinter Cell will be Xbox 360 exclusive, however when they do their new IP it will be multiplatform.

I loved loved SC Conviction, it looked and played incredible. Can't wait. Sam Fisher is a stealthy bad assed muthaF... "hey I'm just talkin bout fisher". :)

haha bring it on.

Persistantthug2386d ago

And to be very honest,

The only Retail games Microsoft seems interested in paying for, are KINECT related.

Pandemic2386d ago

Just announce it already, let me give you my money!

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Hufandpuf2386d ago

I thought ghost recon Future soldier was SC2? They could've fooled me, they play almost exactly like every other Ubisoft game. Hide behind this, or climb this. Bam, bam, on to the next guy. I love my Rainbow Six though.

kaveti66162386d ago

"Hide behind this, or climb this. Bam, bam, on to the next guy."

Pretty much every other game, then. But, yeah, let's rag on Ubisoft for it.

Bathyj2386d ago

You had me at Jade Raymond Teases.

Tzuno2386d ago

Oh come on!!! Tease us not a game :)

Awesome_Gamer2386d ago

I hope they will release it for PS3 too... Great series!

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The story is too old to be commented.