Sucker Punch Addresses Infamous 2's Disappointing User Content

During a GDC talk today titled "User-Generated Content in Infamous 2 (And Does It Make Sense For Your Game?)," Sucker Punch co-founder Chris Zimmerman discussed criticisms of the sequel's user-generated content feature. Speaking candidly, he said "Most users were disappointed by the UGC missions they played."

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Abash2444d ago

Well I wont miss it in inFamous 3

Fylus2444d ago

I will be Sooooooo happy if there is going to be an inFAMOUS 3. Like, you have no idea.

tarbis2443d ago

I think the UGC tools were a little complicated esp for beginners.

GraveLord2443d ago

I think UGC was an unnecessary add-on.
The game would have been better off without it.

sorceror1712443d ago

Look for missions with ratings of 3 or above, ~20 plays, and >=4 recommendations. Those tend to be worthwhile. Don't forget Sturgeon's Law: "90% of everything is crap."

ginsunuva2443d ago

They were also akwardly quiet.

Sevir2443d ago

So I didn't play them for enjoyment but to meet trophy requirements. I want to see your new IP or infamous 3 please! Games like this shouldn't be ended with just 2 entries and a standalone DLC!

sorceror1712443d ago

Lots weren't, sure. Many were very good. See, for example, these:

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