In-Depth With Quantic Dream's Kara, And How The Demo May Be Hinting At How Their Next Game May Play

GP: "Quantic Dream has just revealed something. At the moment, even I'm not entirely sure of what to think. They say its just a demo and isn't anything they're actually developing... But I have my doubts about that.

Could it be a game? Is it just Quantic Dream showing off their new technology? Or could they possibly be doing both at the same time? While there obviously isn't a whole lot to go off of right now, that won't stop me from speculating. And there are plenty of things to talk about."

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VsAssassin2471d ago

Nice speculations and educated guesses. Hmmm, whatever it's going to be, my purchase of the game is sure to happen. I have high respect in QD! Go, QD. Go, Sony!

Tommy3342471d ago

I need to buy heavy rain. I beat it once and that was when I borrowed it from a former friend.