Keiji Inafune really needs to stop attacking the Japanese games industry

Digitally Downloaded writes: "This year’s Game Developer’s Conference was pretty hard on the Japanese games industry. Keiji Inafune has once again decided to roll out his anti-Japanese corporate rhetoric. He’s making a regular event of it, and once again, the man is way off."

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DigitalAnalog2264d ago

How you managed to get this:

"At that time I was still at Capcom and I believe that they are one of the few Japanese companies that kept up with Western standards. We always strove to develop games with a global audience in mind"

to this:

"Now, bearing in mind this statement is made as a criticism of the Japanese games industry, ie, Inafune believes that Japanese game developers should be pandering to western tastes, then I have to say this: the guy has lost his marbles."

First off, Keiji is correct at his points. During his time at CAPCOM games were far more receptive in both western and eastern shores. At no point was there ANY indications that pandering to "western" gamers was ever brought up.

All you saw was "western" ignored the "global" refused to make direct comparisons pre/post Keiji on CAPCOM then proceed to over-sensationalize your headline in order to boost your journalistic ego trying to point out an inherit flaw that was not there in the first place.

If there's one thing I agree about this post, it would be the fact it was submitted as an "opinion piece" and a very poor one at that.

jetlian2264d ago

I think you miss read what he ment. He thinks japan should make japanese games over trying to be western.

Global=western to keiji. The writer probably likes japanese style and doesnt wanna lose that.

In in the article if you read it big western ips dont sell major in japan but you don't see western devs going out of their way to please japanese gamers.

DigitalAnalog2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I'm sorry, but I disagree. Zelda, Mario are Japanese games but they appeal GLOBALLY! Megaman, Biohazard, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill were Japanese games, but they appeal GLOBALLY! THIS is what Keiji meant and not what the author understood.

jetlian2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

yea and theres way more games than those and even these games are being thrown under a bus as of late!!

Also note these are the most western games from japan.

All the changes people want would make these games more western. Fans" FF needs to be more open, REvil needs shooting and movement, zelda needs actors etc"

want western media bashing eastern gaming. Asuras wrath way to many qtes mostly a movie with little game play, ninja blade way to many qtes with average gameplay.

but heavy rain totally does qte with no real gameplay great game! they say story was the focus so gameplay didnt matter lol

binary domain gt review story cutscenes were to long 6.8/10 same with yakuza games story is a problem.

skyrim , mass effect, fallout can have all the bugs they want and still get 9+

Doesnt matter what japan does do right they get slighted.

jacksonmichael2264d ago

No, Phil Fish does. Inafune is basically acting as a motivational speaker - something that some would say is necessary.

LightofDarkness2264d ago

Inafune is not "attacking" the industry. He's warning them of their impending doom, and he's right. This was more of a rallying call: stand up and fight, or lie down and die. Simple as that.

Japanese devs were the best in the business up until this generation. They just fell behind technologically and found themselves in a bit of an identity crisis (especially Capcom).

When he talk about keeping up with the West, he's talking about technology. Japanese games seem to lack the visual lustre of western games this generation, when they should be mopping the floor with them. With all the amazing technology available now, Japanese artists should be creating worlds that make Skyrim look like your back garden. Not in terms of size, but in terms of imagination. Look at Demon's/Dark Souls, for one (and only one, sadly). Sure, there's the rare diamond like Ni No Kuni as well, but these games should be more common than they are, look at how many AAA quality Japanese games were coming out monthly last generation.

Honestly, anyone who doesn't see that the Japanese industry is in trouble is either a deluded J-Fanboy or they have no understanding of the situation.

tantobanto2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I believe both industries have issues but I prefer japanese games by far.

They feel like games. Whimsy, mystical, fun

Fishy Fingers2264d ago

Exactly, what does he know? Digitally downloaded are in a far better position to comment on the state of Japanese development scene, than some, world renowned, Japanese developer.

tantobanto2264d ago

you realize we game alot more than most devleopers do?

They tend not to play many games at all.

While his points do have merit, western devs have been screaming about the same thing for years really. But it doesnt get the same press.

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