February 2012 NPD: Sony's response

Sony on the state of the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, including the system's first month sales in the U.S.

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Dante1122446d ago

The Ps3 did pretty good in Feb. Congrats Sony.

MaxXAttaxX2445d ago

Article says Vita's first month. But it's only launched 2 weeks ago globally.

MaxXAttaxX2445d ago

Don't get what people are disagreeing with.
I'm just thinking that it hasn't been a full month yet and that the PS Vita would have more sales by then instead of only 2 weeks in.

GraveLord2445d ago

The Vita launched on Feb 8th.

NPD doesn't track each and every item seperately.

They track everything monthly and weekly.

Rainstorm812445d ago

FEb 8th? Where? I picked up my 1st Edition bundle Feb 15th.... and the full launch was feb 22nd

humbleopinion2443d ago

February is a name of a month. The first month in which the Vita was available.

Welcome to the fine world of reading comprehension.

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trancefreak2445d ago

Sales can suk my but I have so many proud Sony products because they are revolotionary.

Who else could put a home game console in your hands.

I got my Vita right here and while it is in its infancy and will grow substantially into something more than just a gaming machine.

A lot of people wait especially if it is not trendy once it really goes main stream all the kids got to have one no matter how hold your are. Vita 4 Life.

brodychet2445d ago

Yessss, so glad I have a vita. Loving it since day 1. <3

coryok2445d ago

best handheld ive ever owned so far, hope to keep seeing those game announcements

ElementX2445d ago

"best handheld I've ever owned so far"

Of course it is, it has the most power and features. It's like saying the computer I own today is better than the one I owned 10 years ago. It's basically an inane comment. The next Sony handheld will be better than the Vita and you'll say the same about that one.

GribbleGrunger2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

i think the word you was looking for was 'moot' not 'inane'

handhelds are not popular simply because they are more powerful. the 3DS could have have duel analogue sticks, but it didn't. the 3DS could have been a higher resolution, but it wasn't.

Vita is a success because of research, determination, cutting edge tech, but above all, because it's a Sony product. that's not fanboyism, that's just experience

ElementX2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

It could be either one. I wanted to say it was lame and inane means

"lacking sense, significance, or ideas; silly"

Moot would be appropriate, also.

BlackTar1872445d ago

well SNES was the best console i ever owned.

MysticStrummer2445d ago

ElementX, your comment is the inane one here. Better tech doesn't mean a better system. People give various answers about what their all time favorite gaming system is, and many of those answers don't involve the currently most powerful platform, whatever that happens to be.

tokugawa2444d ago

gribble grunger. i disagree with your comment about sony products. yes, in the 90s and 00s, sony products were great. nowadays, you still pay the premium for the sony name, yet in most cases you can find a samsung product which is equal or will outperform it for cheaper.

last year, i bought a 2011 model 3D bravia, so new, that reviewers hadnt yet had their test sets. well, when i got the 3D glasses and started watching the 3D, i was shocked by the cross-talk. and then when i started reading the reviews on-line (what hi-fi, avforums and such) they all stated the same thing....

fuck, i paid top dollar thinking that everything would be ok because it was a "sony", when infact i got the opposite.

times have changed, sony is no longer associated with quality in everything. it is just they who still think that because it has that name on it, then a premium price tag should follow.

dont forget to hit the disagree button kids, coz it makes everything right when you do

coryok2444d ago


i would just like to say, about your tv, that samsung has the same quality tvs as sony does. samsung manufactures the screens for sony televisions, they have for many years. i dont think sony manufactures any television screens anymore

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HarryMasonHerpderp2445d ago

Why the disagrees?
the guy loves his vita
Why are people such fanboys its pathetic.

Patriots_Pride2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Why are you complaining about someone disagreeing with him?

Maybe someone disagreed becuase to them the 3DS is the best handheld ever - whats the point of the disagree/agree buttons if we can not use them.

Example: Justin Beiber is the best singer ever - do you agree or disagree -_-

MysticStrummer2445d ago

@Patriots - He didn't say it was the best handheld ever. He said it was the best he ever owned. The people disagreeing with him are basically saying they know for a fact that he once owned another handheld that he liked better but won't admit it now.

Legion2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Maybe people don't agree with his love for the Vita. If someone says they love Asparagus should we give him an Agree and support his love of it? Or if we think that Asparagus is fowl smelling and taste like root garbage should we give him a Disagree due to the fact that our opinion of Asparagus is different?

In these forums we give Agrees and Disagrees likely on the over all thought of the statement. If it is pro something that we don't like then we give a disagree if it is negative to something that we don't like then we give it an agree.

Simple... as for my disagree to YOUR statement. Well I give everyone disagrees that complain in any form of someone getting a disagree.

Maybe if you weren't a Sonyfanboy then you would see the issue as it was instead of complaining about other fanboys.

HarryMasonHerpderp2444d ago

wow listen to you all high and mighty
herp derp asparagus herp derp.

The point was HE loves his vita who are
you to disagree with that? he didn't say
it was the best handheld ever did he?

Besides if we are going to get all technical about it then with him saying "Yessss, so glad I have a vita. Loving it since day 1. <3"
and you disagreeing with him then that would mean you haven't loved your vita since day one which would also mean you have a vita....
which you don't....
As for the sony fanboy comment seriously grow up lol

Legion2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )


At what point did I say that I disagreed with his remark? The only person I disagreed with here was you for crying about the disagrees.

And try reading the actual reply of why people disagree with people's comments.

Just trying to help you understand why your complaining of people disagreeing on N4G is pointless.

"Besides if we are going to get all technical about it then with him saying "Yessss, so glad I have a vita. Loving it since day 1. <3"
and you disagreeing with him then that would mean you haven't loved your vita since day one which would also mean you have a vita....
which you don't.... "----- Actually no... it could mean many things. The whole point of your theory is that people are disagreeing for a specific issue. Which more often they are not. As pointed out... they could simply be disagreeing with his need to show love for the Vita or maybe even not approving of his use of the word "Yessss". You can pigeon hole people into what you think they should agree or disagree on but doubt it will go over well with the community. Good luck with that.

p.s. I just disagreed with your latest comment... and I am not going to tell you why. Suspenseful isn't it?

HarryMasonHerpderp2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Cant remember "crying" about anything lol
read the comment from the guy above you "mysticstrummer" he`s got the right idea.

Anyway You know very well why people disagreed with him so stop trying to turn this into a we the community have the right to disagree! when all it was,was some fanboys disagreeing with him and you know it deny it all you want.

"not approving of the word yessss"? are you serious? i do not approve of this word!
its like you think your some kind of elite intellectual being or something.
Heres some news....your not.

Well thank you for this talk oh mighty legion
you truly are the pinnacle of all things great
in gaming forums i find the fact that you have
felt the need to reply to me dissecting a small comment i made nearly 2 days ago rather amusing,yet enlightening!

ALL HAIL LEGION for he is a wealth of knowledge
and also technicality's on the disagree system on N4G....

now go away please this argument is stupid and im bored of it=)

Legion2441d ago

I like how you say you are tired of the argument on your last bubble. :D

Ultimately you called people fanboys for disagreeing with the guys love for Vita. I called you out for challenging anyone's right to disagree with ANY comment.

Get over yourself and get used to the disagrees. Life goes on and I don't get on N4G enough to be ale to respond to you in a timely manner. But hey... feel free to discuss it with me on another thread if you want to respond to me more.

You claim to know why everyone disagrees and then call me all high and mighty when I have simply offered the option of you not knowing jack about why people disagree... unless of course you are married to Miss Cleo???

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Edward752445d ago

Everytime I see any numbers in the US regarding "sales" or any numbers, why is it so hard for people to acknowledge that here in the US the console of choice by most is the 360. Another thing... Even though I love my ps3 also, it was a major disappointment to Sony. It's hard to stay on top, they clearly lost the dominance they had from the previous console war. That is the easiest way to show that the system was a failure for them. They wanted to stay on top. We gamers get the best of it now because another system (the 360) gives a different console to enjoy that gets as much support from developers. For those that will disagree please tell me how it isn't a disappointment for Sony, to lose the top spot by so much, AND how it is not a major win for Microsoft who came to the top from the original Xbox. Give credit where it is due. Things could change nex gen, till then enjoy whatever system you want, but see what has happened to the top dog of console gaming from one generation to the next.

clearelite2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I wouldn't really consider the PS3 a "disappointment". I think if they were overly concerned they would crank up their marketing expenditures probably. When the PS3 gets down to $199 it will sell exceptionally well, especially if combined with proper advertising. It will likely be on sell for less than $200 for over 5 years and might easily surpass 100m units. Also they are outselling worldwide other consoles with marketing budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars. I just hope they don't rush the next consoles onto the market as it would likely stifle creativity and devs would take less risks.

morganfell2445d ago

PS3 a disappointment? No. The game division is Sony's best earner.

PS3 a disappointment? No. It did what no other console could do - set the disc standard for physical media in home entertainment.

PS3 a disappointment? No. It started a year behind the 360 in the US and Japan and 18 months everywhere else.

PS3 a disappointment? No. All I have to do is look at my games library of exclusives to know that isn't true. And made even more so factual when I see Sony going where no one else has as the field leader in Cross platform interaction with titles like Dust 514, pushing tech far beyond other consoles with Quantum Dream, and integrating the greatest handheld into a brand new experience with play and go through PS3/Vita integration.

Edward752445d ago

Reply to what I said... Not any number needs to be used. Sony went from total domination (with the ps2) to contending. And Microsoft went from no where near the top to contending. I've gotten many "numbers" being sent to me... The simple truth is Sony is no longer the force in the gaming world of consoles anymore, and Microsoft boosted itself TWARDS the top. Even if it isn't a disappointment to us... To lose ground the way they did is a huge one for them. How can people not see that.

gamingdroid2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )


One can twist the meaning all one wants, but it doesn't change the fact that as brand strength and awareness among consumers, Playstation, has declined and Xbox and Nintendo has increased in the last half of a decade.

Even from a lilfetime profit standpoint, the PS3 has suffered greatly. Consider that the PS1 and PS2 lifetime profit, is dwarfed by the PS3's losses alone!

Playstation/Sony might go where "no one else has" be the "leader" in some areas, but that can simply be said of the competiton as well. You don't top a monopoly without innovation!

Now, one can't argue (or if you prefer discuss) the attachment of a company to an individual, that's a subjective opinion... to some it's gonna be the greatest thing since slice bread no matter what.

feelintheflow2445d ago

Edward, it is because they are blind. Of course it is disappointing to go from first to 2nd/3rd. The margin of victory last console cycle was massive. If you would have told Microsoft before this generation that they would go from like 15% market share to about 30% they would have jumped up and down and thrown a huge party. IF you would have told Sony that they would go from 50+% to 30% they would have said that is disappointing.

As a gamer, no I am not disappointed. The PS3 is incredible, the games are top notch. But their is no denying that nobody, including the great Morganfell would have ever predicted this outcome.

Sheikh Yerbouti2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Just because the PS3 has competition, doesn't mean it is a disappointment. There is nothing to stop any company with funds and vision to create a successful console. Any entrant - Valve, Apple or whomever - will steal a portion of market share. That doesn't mean Sony is a disappointment. This is business- not a WWE cage match. They can co-exist, compete, and even co-operate.

We have our criticisms, but this generation has no losers. I admire the gaming industry because it has companies like Sony that are risk takers in technology. They come with bleeding edge ideas that change how we look at the world. Microsoft is evolving in that role; having the XBox is good for Microsoft culturally, especially Kinect. Imagine if Apple had a console!!

As a customer who directly benefits from it, I'm not afraid of a little competition. Sony isn't either - they were the first to crack the US market. Any person who calls Sony, Microsoft, whomever a disappointment isn't playing enough games. Unless they're shuttering the doors, producing crap games or screwing over their employees, they aren't a disappointment.

@feelintheflow: Sony probably expected it somewhat from Microsoft. I think Nintendo was the biggest surprise. As I said, they can't keep a company like Microsoft from competing. For a good time, most cars here in the states were by a handful of American companies and few luxury Europeans. Now there's a plethora of foreign cars from all over the world in the US market. Market share is is saturated. So disappointing/s, but that's how it all evolves.

Drives off in Acura.

Oner2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

@ morganfell +Agree & +WellSaid

I see it this way as well ~ the real bottom line is SONY sells more than just 1 console, and all of them in total do very well for them in the "proper standings" (remember leaving things out is not a correct way to have a discussion about comparison).

But whatever, that is a different discussion...and we all know there are MORE than enough people on here who won't want to admit certain things and try to discredit what is FACT.

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PixL2445d ago

Are you a gamer or a shareholder? Focused on quality games or sales? I don't care about the rat race provided the console maker is doing fine and has enough install base to get major publishers and their games. "My console sold more than yours" is so immature, childlish and just plain stupid.

sak5002445d ago

Yet the sony force used the 120+ million ps2s sold last gen all the time. Now things have turned sales don't matter anymore LOL..

PixL2445d ago

I don't know who 'Sony force' are. If they exist and talk about sales instead of games, they are stupid, as I wrote above.

sak5002445d ago


Sorry maybe your are new to N4G. Should have been here during 2006/2007. You would have gotten a real good history lesson in console wars.

BlackTar1872445d ago

yea if you were here in 2006-2007 you would have seen the most rabid 360 fansite known as on all the internet.

gamingdroid2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

How about instead of focusing my console has more games than you or it sells better, we focus on what we like... which can be a wide variety of things, not just "moar games" but the type of games we like to play and features we like to use!

banner2445d ago

Im a shareholder... so i focus on both :)

Frankfurt2445d ago

Every informed gamer prefers the 360, since the VAST majority of games look and run better on 360.

Last i checked it was over 8 to 1 for the 360. It's fact - go visit Digital Foundry and Lens of Truth's comparisons.

Biggest2445d ago

Are you sure about that gamingdroid? Your name has gaming in it, but you want to focus on things other than gaming? Every way you slice the PS3 it has exactly what gamers want. It has many diverse games not found on other consoles. It has many diverse games found on other consoles. It has the best media format. It has the ability to play the lesser media formats. It has connectivity to other people, places, and things. It has just about every feature found on every other console. You know this. I know this. Everyone knows this. The conversation is on sales because that is how other people feel good. Let them have it. You know you want to anyway.

Oner2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )


gamingdroid2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )


***Every way you slice the PS3 it has exactly what gamers want. It has many diverse games not found on other consoles. It has many diverse games found on other consoles.***

Well, the PS3 doesn't have cross game chat, the experience I want and so on. It is an overall experience, not just a sliced section that benefits a zealot group. If it was that clear cut, you wouldn't see Wii or Xbox 360 selling as well as it does.

It is more than just games, it is an overall experience. The sum of it's parts, not hinging on one factor.

To say it is only the number of games with x amount of score, is narrow minded! Especially since PC by far has the most number of games (exclusive or not), yet people still tend to flock to consoles.

It is similar to saying the iPhone experience is similar to Android experience, because it both does the same thing and has roughly the same software options.

... and yes, I do a lot of other things for entertainment than just gaming and appreciate the new options I have on my Xbox 360. I used it more than ever.

*** The conversation is on sales because that is how other people feel good. Let them have it. You know you want to anyway.***

Sales is actually pretty interesting, as each company has their own strategy and I like to predict what happens next.

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Wolverine20212445d ago

I get what you are saying completely as Ive tried to explain that to people as well with no luck. There is nothing wrong with the PS3 it is clearly the most powerful console this gen but to call it a success for Sony is hard to justify. Sony went from complete dominance in the PS2 to now being just neck and neck with the 360. Microsoft clearly won this gen in that regard given how few people even owned an original xbox.

KeePeR_212445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Are you so quick to forget that A. Microsoft had a full year to 18 month head start, all the while sony is less than ten months behind them in sales. B. How many ppl decided to hold on to there ps2 and wait till the ps3 became more affordable? Can't say the same for owners of the original xbox, as that machine was such a turd they couldnt wait to get there hands on a new console......period. C. Both nintendo and sony dominated there gens and wiped companies out of the competition ( Sega, Atari, Panasonic, etc.) a feat microsoft will never accomplish. When ppl think 360 they think halo, gears, third party. When ppl think ps, third party comes to mind after about 8-10 titles. This is my point, walk down the street, look around, count how many hondas you see, then count how many ferarris. Everybody has a honda, but that does not mean that it is any way shape or form better than a ferrari. Nor does it mean that its bad for business that your selling less than your cruddy made, wanna be you competition......True story.

portal_22445d ago

Simply choose to dismiss the fact that Nintendo sold 90 millions Wii's - yup MS won. Typical.

tokugawa2445d ago


and the dreamcast launched way before the ps2 and the ps2 destroyed it. no other way to spin it, but sony lost a massive chunk of their market.

and no people (apart from n4g dwellers)dont think of 8 or 10 exclusives. because quite honestly most of the sony exclusives are forgettable to most people....sorry

people used to think of gta, pes (until it became shit) metal gear and gran tourismo. now, for exclusives, you could probably put uncharted on that list.

like i said, most sony exclusives are not even considered by the average gamer. want the proof, check the sales figures. if they was, each and everyone one of the "8 to 10" exclusives would be pushing to near 10mil sales per iteration. which they clearly are not.

and before all you sales dont equal good games idiots come wading in, im not saying otherwise, just pointing out this false ideaa that sonys exclusives are immediately thought of by the average gamer

undisputed2445d ago

The PS3 isn't a failure. I don't know what you were expecting. The 360 and Wii has been the PS3's toughest competitors by far.

JokesOnYou2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Launching 1st can be both an advantage and disadvantage, ask Sega.

Sure price forced some to wait for ps3 price cut, but a surely this far into the current life cycle anyone who really wanted a ps3 but initially hesitated due to price has one now, I mean at this point the old "ps3 is too expensive" excuse/reason hardly has anything to do with todays current install base size as ps3 is very much affordable compared to the current competition, yet judging by each companies own official yearly sales reports ps3 sales worldwide don't demonstrate a significant gap between the competition....actually I believe 360 actually sold slightly more ww in 2011.

As much as I like my 360 vs ps3 I hope micro never "wipes out the competition", unfortunately sega could not financialy compete with sony and sega lost 3rd party support, otherwise dreamcast was a promising console for its time, why would a gamer celebrate that type of domination, competition breeds greater benefits for the consumer vs the company.

Your Honda vs Ferrari analogy is flawed since Ferrari is intentionally marketed and sold to a completely different consumer base with zero crossover support (dual owners). UNlike Sony vs Microsoft, Ferrari has no expectation to compete with Honda for sales. Although they both sell cars they are effectively in two different markets since 99% of Ferrari owners fall within the super wealthy category while as you know there is no clear divide between wealth of those who only own a ps3 or 360, lol in fact most consumers if they "wanted" to could at the very least save to buy both in a relatively short time, once again UNlike with a Ferrari.

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Hicken2445d ago

I disagree because that's simplistic thinking.

Yes, Sony would have liked for the PS3 to build on that amazingly strong momentum that the PS2 made for them. But any large business knows and understands that they will go through ups and downs; that some expectations will be exceeded, while others will not be met. You seem to be trying to paint the picture that Sony expected the PS3 to do the same ridiculous thing the PS2 did; however, anyone with any reasonable amount of knowledge about business- and, more specifically, about the gaming industry- would know that repeating such a feat would have been nigh-impossible.

Any entertainment industry is volatile, at best; smart companies set reasonable goals based on historic projections, the strength of their product, current market conditions, and a host of other things. I highly doubt Sony was riding so high that they thought they'd get an automatic repeat of last gen, especially with no precedent for such a thing happening in gaming.

baodeus2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )


I disagree.

1. Kent, the head of PS brand, was really arrogant in the early stage saying like people would take a second job (during the recession) to buy a ps3 or buy one even without games. You can't deny that it was the mentality of PS brand at that time.

2. A couple of miscalculation:
- release later and at much higher price (underestimating MS on this part).

- the recession

- late to online aspect of gaming.

- missed the viable casual market (Underestimated the Wii)

- Focus motion gaming on the core (the wrong crowd for that market) and fail to dissociate itself from the Wii shadow.

- Still charging premium prices on product like TV when there are other cheaper and probably better alternative.

3. Kaz just recently said that they really need to change their way of thinking or Sony will be in big trouble for a reason. They aren't alone anymore.

early to the market, make a decent and affordable hardware, focus on online aspect, don't forget the casual if you want to expand your brand.

All i can say is that MS did their homework on these parts.


KeePeR_212445d ago

If by homework you mean copy and paste, then yes, you are right in that aspect, and since your so big on the underestimated, nintendo and ms both underestimated the fact that gimmicks die young and when ppl grow tired of the gimmicky motion controls, $7 for psn with a slightly better layout, must have live gold for netflix, and halo 17..........they will come to the one company who never failed, and will never let them down. Gamecube, failed, xbox, failed, sony has yet to have a console fail, how can anybody hate on that.

gamingdroid2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )


I agree with you.

Sony most definitely underestimated MS, with famous Ken Kutaragi quotes like:

“Microsoft shoots for the moon. Sony shoots for the sun.”

“Beating us for a short moment is like accidentally winning a point from a Shihan (Karate master), and Microsoft is still not a black belt. Just like with their operating systems, they might come out with something good around the third generation of their release.”

"This time, Microsoft has stated clearly that it is going after PlayStation. However, they're going not after the PlayStation 3, but the PlayStation 2. They were looking at 2, and that's why Xbox 360 became like that."

I think the latter quote was the most ironic, since PSN wasn't much if anything at release, let alone years of catchup afterwards.

“the Xbox 360 is more of an Xbox 1.5 than a next generation console.”

That was before Sony started copying a lot of features from Xbox 360 and they are still missing cross game chat.

When Sony was criticized:

“I believe we made the most beautiful thing in the world. Nobody would criticize a renowned architect’s blueprint that the position of a gate is wrong. It’s the same as that.”

... and the famous $600 price tag:

PS3 is “for consumers to think to themselves ‘I will work more hours to buy one’. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else.”

I personally think Sony lost touch with consumers and was "riding so high they thought they'd get an automatic repeat of last gen" no matter what!

baodeus2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )


1. MS looks at what make the ps2 successful and learn from it (homework) and were they able to turn things around this gen? Did sony improve on it or just slack off riding the wave of ps2? Is Sony still dominant this gen or are they still in last place? See the difference in what i mean by homework?

2. Motion control really broaden gaming horizon, from little kids to even senior citizen:
- haven't you read the news about how the wii improve social life at retirement homes)?
- Even people who are paralyzed,crippled,and even blind can still enjoy games with kinect.

Game isn’t about being hard core or casual or controller vs motion, game is about FUN, connection, enjoyment, socialism, entertainment. If people enjoy it, doesn't it matter what type of console,handheld,phone, or platform they played on? I don't think you understand what games are for. You don't understand the purpose of motion control while calling it gimmick out of spite is just futile.

3. You don't understand the direction that technologies are going. Everything is all about providing INFORMATION and CONNECTION:
- Google dominating internet through providing connection and controlling online information.
- Apple dominating mobile phone industry and what does that related too, connection right?
- Facebook allow everyone to connect with each other.
- Youtube allow everyone to post their own vids and share them on the net.
- Twitter allow people to share their opinion or anything online.
- MS really focus on online gaming, coop, improving communication and xlive and better connection w/ friend (to me, this is how they really turn things around this gen).
- Why do you think games with strong MP are so successful this gen (COD)?
- Even N4G is about providing news, informations and content for readers, even though it has become a haven for fanboys.

I’ll ask you what have Sony improve on connection aspect this gen? Did they make their online service more streamline, easy to connect with friends, provide adequate information on games for consumers? Do their games focus on coop or single player games? Etc...All I heard on n4g is people trying to pass on Sony information by mouth....i mean what kinda of century are we living in?

I suggest you read often especially looking at economic trending. Don't just sit home playing game by yourself thinking the rest of the world share your opinion. Try more online MP, play more games with your family and friend. Hopefully u can understand why things have changed.

Hopefully Sony would also understand the importance of socialism, connection, communication, etc...

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MrBeatdown2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

So, PS3 is a major disappointment to Sony? And 360 is a major win for Microsoft? And it's entirely based on units sold compared to the previous generation? Well, that's an incredibly simplistic way of looking at it.

You make it sound like Microsoft had no goals or ambitions when they entered the console race. Sony entered the gaming industry and sold 100 million or so on their first outing. You think Microsoft didn't think they could do the same? You think Microsoft didn't think they could do the same on a second attempt? Microsoft didn't set out to chip away bit by bit at Sony's market dominance for a decade. They set out to achieve the same level of success that the PS1 did.

Is Sony disappointed that they could couldn't sell a bajillion PS3s by now? Duh. Of course they are. But unless Microsoft views themselves as the little underdog global multibillion dollar software corporation that could, Microsoft is just as disappointed that after ten years of effort, they have yet to do any better than Sony's worst. If you think Microsoft didn't set out to sell as many Xboxes as Sony sold PS1s and 2s, you're kidding yourself.

But odds are, both companies are far more concerned with the level of success they achieved this generation, and what they could still potentially achieve in this generation alone, than how the reality fell short of whatever wishful thinking was going on in their heads years ago.

KeePeR_212445d ago

Thats the problem, and i totally agree with you. Microsoft fanboys set themselves up to be the underdog when there happily satisfied by one thing and one thing only.......having there sales numbers at least one sale greater than sonys. Meanwhile there not realizing that by doing so there putting sony on a pedistal that it so rightfully deserves to be on, because of what it has accomplished. When, not if, but when microsoft loses that sales lead what else will they have to talk about, zip, none, nada. There next gaming thought will be how much will gamestop give them in store credit for there 360, thought number 2 will be is there any bonus in credit if you apply those credits toward the purchase of a ps3. Ooooooh yeeeeeeah

jetlian2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

lol back on xbox 1 MS said this is a 3 console race to the top!! they knew the first 2 systems would not get them the number 1 spot.

keeper 21 account less than a month also ps2 was out a year before xbox/gc

MrBeatdown2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

"lol back on xbox 1 MS said this is a 3 console race to the top!! they knew the first 2 systems would not get them the number 1 spot."

Source? I'd be pretty surprised if MS got into the industry just to play catch up for the next twelve or more years and maintained that philosophy just as long. I can see the initial Xbox pitch now... "You know how Sony skyrocketed to the top of the industry in the span of a few years with the launch of the PS1? Well, with Xbox, the next Xbox, and the next next Xbox, we think we can do it over the course of the next two decades! YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!"

Yeah, somehow, I doubt that.

sak5002445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

+bubbs Edward

Not many rationale speaking people in here. MS was laughed at by sony lovers in last gen and when they launched in 2005 the same people said how it would fail like the original and MS will dump it within few years.

Look at the situation now, 360 is synonymous with video gaming as it's been shown in tv shows/movies ads etc instead of playstation from yesteryears. This is massive victory for MS as they still came in after losing huge amount on their first console and with big RROD issue plaguing the 360 in initial years.

I was PS1 and PS2 owner myself and sold those to jump to next gen when 360 launched just cause i wanted to see the big jump from SDTV gaming to HDTV. I didn't wait for the overly hyped ps3 since it was delayed. Unlike fanboys who keep riding the excuse train of 360 launching year earlier and that's why the lead etc, it was sony who delayed it's launch. Also 360 did have massive shortages initially for 6 months so basically there was lead of only few months from ps3.

Still the sony lovers try to justify the ps3's 3rd place due to lack of marketing effort by sony. Whatever guys, the ps1/Ps2 sold 100s of millions units world wide and sony thought they were king and lied through their teeth about ps3's tech before launch so they could rain down on 360's launch but still they coudn't manage to keep up with 360's success.

This is classic case of being too arrogant and being at top too long will make you lazy and nonchalant (sorry can't remember the exact word I wanted to say which is more apt instead of nonchalant).

miyamoto2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

You fanboys can say what ever opinion you want but the FACT will remain the same: there is no way American companies like M$ will let a Japanese outfit like Sony or Nintendo win the information wars in their home turf.

Before M$ entered the scene it was Japanese companies ruling the game. But when the big Federal bully entered the scene the rules changed.

The same thing will happen to Nintendo now that it tries to encroach on M$ market & vice versa with Kinect.

In marketing alone M$ has more Federal Funding than Sony and Nintendo combined. M$ is is a Money Monster.

Sad but true.

You guys have pointless arguments.
Just enjoy your games while you can.
No brand loyalty to false patriotism.
Just go for the best tech out there that suits your needs.

If you care for Japanese games then support them by all means before they are totally extinct in the face of American soil.

portal_22445d ago

Nah, MS pulled a dirty trick - that is all.

b777conehead2445d ago

your the biggest 360 fanboy. sony has nothing to be shamed of with the rocxks the vita rocks