Can The Vita Effectively Handle Titles Like GTA, Assassin's Creed?

Recent leaked retail evidence suggests that two of the most accomplished open-world franchises are going portable. Can the Vita really handle them?

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remanutd552471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

what a moronic question , it handles Uncharted pretty damn good , theres nothing else to say

Snookies122471d ago

While I agree it runs Uncharted amazingly well, you have to take into consideration these are full fledged open world games we're talking about. I love my Vita, and I know it can handle these kinds of games in the future when games start really looking amazing after devs have some time with the Vita. I'm wondering how well it'll do with draw distance.

I know Gravity Daze does wonders with the open world style by having things far away rendered with an abstract art style that makes it less demanding. So, I think if an open world game like GTA were to come out, it would be a little later down the road when they can really bring out the horsepower and figure out all the neat tricks and things to make games look that much better on Vita.

FrankDrebin2471d ago

What is this site that asks such stupid questions?

What is EX?
What the heck does TREME mean?

Haha Ok Ok, I kid I kid.

Site still sucks though.

ninjahunter2470d ago

The PS Vita seems to handle Ports of xbox (original) games very well. I base this off of Ninja gaiden which was one of the prize gems of the xbox which was ported to Vita without drawback to my knowledge.
So one could say that theoretically the vita could pull of games to scale with Mercenaries, starwars battlefront, GUN, GTA:SA or even morrowind without drawback. Of course, those werent the prettiest games on the system, but im just throwing out there that its theoretically possible to pull off large open world games.

gypsygib2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Vita launch games look way better than PS3/360 launch games so I can imagine Vita doing pretty much anything current-gen can do with a little tweaking.

The resolution and textures never have to been as high because of the screen size so yeah I think it will be able to do it just fine if devs put in the work.

Fishy Fingers2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Umm why not wait and see, both are in development as confirmed by a PS boss (uk or Ireland, I forget).

Absolutely no reason it couldn't provide a very similar experience to the consoles.

Edit: sorry not GTA, got it wrong it was AC and maybe COD he confirmed.

Ocean2470d ago

I was impressed with Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stores on the yes i say the Vita should handle a GTA title with ease

josephayal2470d ago

The PS-VITA can Handle ARMA 2 in High Setting without any Problems