UK Weekly Chart Week Ending 03rd Mar 2012


PSV - 21,543 (-72%)
X360 - 15,455 (-6%)
3DS - 10,634 (-12%)
PS3 - 9,791 (-24%)
Wii - 4,176 (-30%)
DS - 3,121 (-8%)
PSP - 1,250 (-36%)

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Dante1122442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Nice, the PS Vita did well. Even sold the most. The overall UK gaming market has been kind of shrinking though.

LOGICWINS2442d ago

I wouldn't call a 72% drop from last week doing "well"...and the reason it sold the most is because it JUST came out as opposed to other consoles that have been on the market for more than half a decade.

Everything is down these days...but a 72% drop doesn't bode well for Vita in the future unless Sony drops the price this year(as I have predicted many times in the past).

blackburn102442d ago

You are an over bearing know it all. Congratulations.

LOGICWINS2442d ago

Thank you. I enjoy living in reality.

Taz Yamauchi2442d ago

I think you should be called LOGICFAIL

360GamerFG2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Logic, there you go again making sense and telling it like it is. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills because I don't think EVERYTHING sony does is AWESOME!!
Taz, why? Because he refuses to dance on sony's lap?

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TheUnbiasedLion2442d ago

The UK is such a small market, i don't know why its important tbh. (I am from UK so i am no dissing) but seriously these numbers are pathetic.

xflo3602442d ago

Thought you guys might b interested in this video for gravity daze.
Shows the map( looks like there are several areas ) also shows that thrre will be dlc for the game, enjoy.

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