Mortal Kombat "Banned" in Australia – again

Even in a portable form, Mortal Kombat is still inappropriate for Australian gamers, according to the local Classification Board.

Mortal Kombat 9 Game of the Year is the brand new, revamped version of the game from NetherRealm, designed for PlayStation Vita and published locally by Warner Bros. Despite the obvious modifications since the game's earlier release, this new handheld version is still Refused Classification, meaning it cannot be advertised, displayed or sold within Australia.

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SnakeCQC2447d ago

lol australia is soo far behind

user77927882447d ago

Import dat sht from Ozgameshop or Zavii or even Amazon US or UK

Silver_Faux2447d ago

Yeah I bought off ozgameshop, dark souls brand new for $40!

bunfighterii2447d ago

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuu

TopDudeMan2447d ago

Such a shame. You guys are missing out.

Silver_Faux2447d ago

Nah man. Most people who want the game just import online anyway. is where it's at + instead of paying $100+ for games from eb games(gamespot in aus)we can buy em for $50.

Adolph Fitler2447d ago

Playasia or Yesasia are 2 good reliable places I have bought many of my games on PS3.....That is, if like PS3, Vita is region free.
If not, you can also usually imporr from NZ, U.K. (I would steer away from Game though, as apparently there 1 step off recievership.

I can't believe we are in 2011, & my country is still in the ice ages in regards to these violent games.....I mean, Mortal Kombat for god sakes, it is such over the top, unbelievable, comical, sh$t that it's hilarious....Why MK????? I had to import my PS3 version from Playasia, but I didn't mind at the time.......that was until they released characters like Freddy Krueger as dlc, & I was unable to purchase them.....Now that sucks, considering 80's was the heyday for slasher/horror & action movies (in fact every genre), so you could say I'm kinda a product of the 80's & I loved the Friday, Nightmare, Hellraiser series's to name a few.

Just get the R rating out now, for christs sakes powers that if Australian retail isn't suffering enough already.....these turds that make the rules, & the idiots assigned to enforce them, have no clue what they are doing, shouldn't be paid for such stupidity, are ruining the Aussie game industry, & making our country a complete embarassment....
To put this in perspective, New Zealand are in front of us with these classifications......If you are Australian you will get how ironic & funny this is.....If your a Kiwi, well, give it 5 years & you'll get it.......oh, & I'm

Rattlehead202447d ago

Clearly your country IS behind the times. It's 2012 my friend.

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