OXCGN’s Alan Wake: American Nightmare Review- Madness, or makes you mad?


"In a fitting fashion it seems that Remedy have taken the Season 2 route of Twin Peaks with Alan Wake: American Nightmare and have given the player a more action-oriented DLC package that features less witty dialogue and mystery than its initial title in the franchise.

In the 5-7 hours that you’ll be playing American Nightmare you’ll notice an array of differences, from new ‘Taken’ to have to deal with as well as new weapons to fight the forces of darkness with."

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gaminoz2443d ago

I don't know why, but I'm just not that excited about this? I'm more excited about I Am Alive as far as XBLA games go, but I think this is a good idea: making AA titles on XBLA for different price points.

Proeliator2443d ago

Downloaded it the other day, eager to try it. Loved the main game.

Godem2443d ago

should I have played all the alan wake DLC before this?

Belgavion2443d ago

Thought I'd buy this straight away, but now it's here I can't be bothered for some reason. Will grab it when its inevitably on sale

gaminoz2442d ago

Sale? XBLA games go on sale? I've been waiting for Resident Evil 4 to come down in price since launch on XBLA :)