3D Gaming: How It Can Be Done Properly And Not Suck

This article takes a look at how 3D has been used in gaming and even in film, and shows the wrong way to do it and the right way to do it. Whether on home consoles or handheld systems, 3D can make gaming that much better when used properly, or it can just be an eye-strain and a waste of time. Developers should learn the best way to put 3D into their games.

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SquidBuck2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Sony are the 3DKings........ |\^/|\^/|

TheGamingArt2442d ago

I agree. I love 3D gaming, but games made without 3D in mind or any effort put into them ruin it * cough 3DS cough*.

TridentSlayer2442d ago

.....why do we need 3d thing i know real bullets will fly into my skull

jetlian2442d ago

just give me more 3d games period. Avatar the game in 3d is one of the best. the jungle with fireflys is totally awesome

Daver2442d ago

oh yea? i never tried this part, i liked resistance 3 in 3D

neogeo2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I have a 3some tv and a ps3 and pc. Trying not to sound like a pc fanboy here, but honestly the 3d on my NVIDIA gtx 580 with the updated drivers are sick. I can get 60fps in each eye, no ghosting, just amazing, and the selection is huge. I don't know how NVIDIA did it but even old gears of war 1 looks amazing in 3d

Edit: 3d tv.

Chitown712912442d ago

Haha......"3some" . What brand is that? LOL, just messing what ya dude, I seeya edited it lol

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