Naughty Dog on the lack of trophies in Uncharted 3’s Co-op Shade Survival DLC

Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacelli comments on the lack of trophy support in the upcoming Co-op Shade Survival Mode DLC for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. He also talked about the future DLC following the Fortune Hunters’ Club batch.

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Blackpool2444d ago

Are trophies really important?

Rampaged Death2444d ago

No but some people think they are for some reason.

StupidDude2444d ago

Not terribly. But, they did add trophies to Uncharted 2's DLC, and, it kept me coming back for more on a daily basis. I love U3's multiplayer, but, I havent felt the same dedication to play it, like I did with 2.

Pushagree2444d ago

Yes. 1360 and counting.

tokugawa2444d ago

trophies are only important if they are compared to achievements on n4g.

Silly gameAr2444d ago

People like you will try to turn anything into a flamewar.

tokugawa2444d ago

sorry, i couldnt resist.

both are unimportant in the real world

Titanz2444d ago

And people want the Wii U to have some type of, "achievement" system. If achievements got the consumers stuff like, free DLC, or games - then I'd welcome it with open arms.

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JimboG2444d ago


John Kratos2444d ago

So basically I payed for the FHC and all I got were skins, two retro map packs, and a new co-op mode, and now after April I have to start paying for everything? If NEW maps are released after April and I have to pay for them, F U ND, seriously, you front-load the FHC with all the shitty content, and then I have to pay more for the good stuff.

Dropdeadll2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

I didn't like the the FHC. mostly reused stuff, the skins aren't as good as uc2, and were only getting one NEW map pack

The_Devil_Hunter2444d ago

Damn. I love the mp but its just I want more motivation to play it. Oh well i will still be playing