This Fan Film Isn’t A Trailer For Marvel vs. DC, But We Sure As Hell Wish It Was

A Marvel vs. DC video game is a comic/video game nerd’s wet dream. This CGI fan film isn’t a trailer for the game, but it sure does look good!

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iXenon2412d ago

Whichever company (perhaps WB) decides to do this game will make soooo much money off it.

LightofDarkness2412d ago

Activision have a huge chunk of the Marvel license, Capcom have a license too. Warner have the DC license. The problem? ALL of these companies will want to make the game, and none of them will work together. They'd fight tooth and nail over it and the whole thing would be stuck in development hell, never seeing the light of day.

Malice-Flare2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

and, to be continued...

good art and direction though, see it anyway...

Superman even looks like Christopher Reeve...

acemonkey2412d ago

the comic books was good....i would like to play the game i believe marvel won in the comics.....

IM_A_MARVEL2412d ago

Marvel FTW!!!

Well, obviously i'm a little biased - Hulk rules!!!

jalen2472411d ago

Nice graphics. But Superman would obviously destroy the Hulk. I think Superman is too much for any other super hero/villan