The Darkness II 25% off on Steam

"The Darkness II is 25% off on Steam, grab the game for £22.49"

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FrankDrebin1815d ago

Yeah....Nahhh, I think I will skip it. Not interested.

StayStatic1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

"The FOV is fixed for a reason - mainly due to the demon arms, which are over your shoulders. This FOV made sense given how they worked."



P.S. any news on the patch that is suppose to fix this ? :)

Farsendor11814d ago

not sure but im going to buy this game for pc hope they do fix that problem looks like it will hurt a lot of eyes

Razor7921814d ago

Exactly the same reason I haven't bought it and won't buy it, it is unacceptable to not offer any FOV options in a PC game, port or not.

BattleAxe1814d ago

Theres no problem with the FoV. It was the same way in the first game, and it was really enjoyable. You must be one of them "soft core gamers". Maybe they should put auto aim and cheat codes in the game for you so that you can finally be happy.

Razor7921813d ago

Lol BattleAxe, you ignorant, dumb fanboy.