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The Wikipad 3D will Beat the Playstation Vita into a Plastic Pulp

BNR: Wait, what? How can a device you've never heard of shove another console from a megacorp like Sony into the dirt? By daring to be different. (Android, Dev, Industry, Mobile, Next-Gen, PS Vita, PSP, Sony, Tag Invalid)

Update UPDATE: This is the author speaking. I'd just like to say that I believe both machines are GREAT. I think I gave everybody the wrong impression- the Vita's got some (awesome!) stuff under the hood- it's just that I think the Wikipad does some things better than the Vita, and that it has some advantages. At the same time, the Vita's clearly going to have more polished releases unless the Android Market gets cleaned up- a LOT.
Also, thanks to the commenters who mentioned the Playstation Suite- I'll factor it into a later article.
Thank you for your feedback,


360GamerFG  +   1170d ago
Interesting. Does it do more than just play games though?
Dante112  +   1170d ago
What the heck is a Wikipad?

Edit; @ Arnagrim

Yeah, I noticed lol. "Works with Ps3/Xbox for streaming".

"I wanna smash your handheld device but can you allow support for our Wikipad"?

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fear88  +   1169d ago
All I have to say to this is Playstation Suite. There goes his whole argument.
joeorc  +   1169d ago
"All I have to say to this is Playstation Suite. There goes his whole argument."

100% So true

you know i was one of the only people that posted an made a thread about the WikiPad 3D in the forum section under the mobile gaming section for handheld gaming.


as a matter of point. about the Playstation Suite!

Thank you, we are in close talks with Sony and Nvidea – we will keep you posted.

All the very best and thank you.

Matthew R Joynes

1801 Century Park East
Suite 2400
Los Angeles CA 90067


Why would Sony have a problem with selling more playstation Software on the WikiPad 3D?


@ disagree's, So i talked to the president of wikipad 3d myself an getting a Q&A interview With them here an i get a disagree?

Ok..wow, people that phantom disagree's me when they themselves have not had any correspondence with the people @ wikipad 3d? good call people

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jujubee88  +   1169d ago
The VITA support in this thread makes me proud!
I hope this tablet all the best.

To me wikipad is like the swapmeet (knock off) tranformer toy and the PS VITA is the special edition tranformer toy with all the neat features (remote controled, can fly, has blinking lights, better color and build, can shoot missles, can float underwater, etc). Sure the knockoff is fun for just messing around with your friend that has his action figures but, the VITA can kick the ass of the other toy.

That is my analogy anyways. It kind of fell apart at the end there. :p


Playstation Suite needs to come on to "bigger name" hardware. Sony need to look into Samsung, HTC, LG, VIZIO and other bigger hardware manufacturers first to make sure the hardware will have the best grade. If Sony where to make the first Playstation Certified device (outside of the Sony brand) than, it must embody some high quality design in order to maintain the integrity of the moniker "PlayStation Certified".


A removable controller with buttons of that quality does not really seem to be deserving of the Playstation Certification. Whoever makes the tablet and/or controller must look into really tightening up the design look. If re-modeling the design means bumping up the MSRP price, so be it; otherwise, Sony would just be content with keeping PS Certification on its own line of devices (and/or partnering with other major factories as written before).
MaxXAttaxX  +   1169d ago
It can't play any PlayStation games...
It only streams media from PS3/360 and only plays Android games.
Fantastic /s
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RankFTW  +   1169d ago
"Sony, if you want to change my mind, send me a Vita."
Haha the guy wrote the whole article to try and get a free Vita, the chancer ;>.
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rob6021  +   1168d ago

More like this 'journalist' is openly accepting bribes; and would likely be reviewing the machine on different terms than a normal person cause he got it for free. What a sorry piece of trash. I bet you can tell which companies send him freebies.
Dee_91  +   1168d ago
sounds like something my gf use on her time of the month

I think im the only who notices this is a joke article.. atleast i hope it is ... i think it is (0_0 ) (0_0) ( 0_0)
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gamingdroid  +   1168d ago
Anything pooped out using Android tends to suck majorily so no, I don't think the Wikipad 3D will do anything, but flop.

PS Vita won't even notice the Wikipad 3D's existence, just like most of us here aren't even aware of it.
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FrankDrebin  +   1170d ago
SilentNegotiator  +   1169d ago
Oh cool, so when does the wikipad version of Uncharted release?

Quit screaming, Shirley.
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THESONYPS3  +   1169d ago
Psvita :D
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THESONYPS3  +   1169d ago
Agree for psvita
Arnagrim  +   1170d ago
"High Quality games for free"
Lol, okay. Good luck finding any developer whose okay with this.
Also lol at, "Works with PS3/Xbox for streaming"
Yeah a competitor is going to let your product interact with their software.
Jourdy288  +   1170d ago
I think you misunderstood... That means it can be used to stream video to a device. Like, if you have a video on the Wikipad, you'll be able to stream it to your Xbox 360/PS3.
Arnagrim  +   1170d ago
A okay. I figured it worked like Remote Play or Media Servers where it could access remotely a video on your PS3/Xbox and play it from the Wikipad.
TheGamingArt  +   1169d ago
Actually it's a feature that almost any worth device now adays can handle via file sharing... I can already stream shit from my computer on my ps3, on from my ps3 onto my vita and visa versa.
ninjahunter  +   1169d ago
Suddenly my hand flew towards my upper face at high velocity.
TheGamingArt  +   1169d ago
That did not deserve my click. Idgits
Ser  +   1169d ago
Sorry, but no it will not.
Kintypoo121  +   1169d ago
The Playstation Vita has the backing of big developers (and Sony ofc), so I doubt it'll 'fall' like the article predicts. The Wikipad sounds like a nice idea, but at the end of the day it's a tablet that will probably at best get ported games, not dedicated games, unlike the Vita.

I'm not a fan boy btw, just a realist XD
Jourdy288  +   1169d ago
...Did you read the article?
"the Wikipad stands where the Vita falls". Does it say the Vita will fall and Sony will collapse? No. it says that the Wikipad stands where the Vita falls. That's all.
Kintypoo121  +   1169d ago
I'd never imagine it causing the fall and demise of Sony and I didn't think what I said sounded even remotely like I meant it'd kill Sony.

I simply said "I doubt it'd fall like the article predicts." Sure, that can be taken several ways, maybe I could have worded it better.

And yes, I read the whole article and I didn't go all hating on it, just gave my own opinion about the whole thing.
Nutsack  +   1169d ago
lmao nice, another retarded article. Did they have some down syndrome people have a go and write 'gaming' articles for this specific website?

The internet, such a funny place! One massive facepalm

* grabs PSVita and continues playing
Oschino1907  +   1169d ago
Lamo nice, another fart mop comments. I know some people with Down Syndrome that could have thought of a much more inteligent and witty remark.

The internet, such an ignorant place! One massive douche pile.

*grabs Bemis Toilet and continues pooping
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Nutsack  +   1168d ago
* lmao
* intelligent

Nice, bring your friends in mate. My comment wasn't meant to be witty, just stating the facts. The article makes no sense. It just seems that more and more articles and websites are made by some retarded ones, period. They just pull 'arguments' out of their asses.
r21  +   1169d ago
so its basically a bigger ps vita mixed with a 3DS?
that does sound enticing...but its probably gonna be more expensive than either said handhelds.
joeorc  +   1169d ago
"so its basically a bigger ps vita mixed with a 3DS?
that does sound enticing...but its probably gonna be more expensive than either said handhelds."

the price point was already set.$199.00 without the controller dock, $50.00 for the controller doc. or both for $250.00 its a freaking steal, in my opinion.

combined with the Playstation Suite an i think there is a real winner not just for gamer's but also Sony due to the more device's with physical controls that get released in the market is better for gaming on the go in the Mobile space, an with the Playstation Suite running on Android OS one of the most used mobile OS's for device's in the market, Sony wants to be on the toll position in mobile gaming.
r21  +   1169d ago
woah, thats really cheap. btw to the disagreers, aint ya sensitive?
Awesome_Gamer  +   1169d ago
I just dont get why people want the PS Vita to fail! It doesnt make any fucking sense
one2thr  +   1169d ago
Remember when the PS3 first came out?....
xursz  +   1169d ago
agreed. PS Vita is an awesome gaming device. Gamers left and right should be cherishing how far gaming has come but instead we get the media riding Apple's c*ck and pushing for overpriced tablets with shovelware games to make it's way into the gaming market.

I know this is a bit off topic but gamers should enjoy dedicated gaming while it lasts because if they fail, soon all we'll look forward to is Apple's annual overpriced upgrades to play weak *ss games. No more uncharted or Bioshock on the go, just cheap knock-offs on a cluddered touchscreen with half the screen real estate covered by your palms.

Sounds fun....
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Jourdy288  +   1169d ago
Ah, but Apple isn't behind the Wikipad.
It's running Android, and in case you haven't noticed, the there's no such thing as a "dedicated gaming console" anymore (in my opinion, anyway). Since we've started using our consoles for watching movies, social networking, etc., they've been moving steadily towards general multimedia platforms.
Ordinarily, this change wouldn't bother me. The trouble is, less focus is on actually make them run games well.
The Wikipad seems to come from the center of that multimedia device black-hole, but it's moving away from it towards gaming-oriented device, which is what I appreciate.
SandwichHammock  +   1169d ago
Delicious jelly
Moncole  +   1169d ago
Can I go on Wikipedia with it?
Jourdy288  +   1169d ago
LOL, its name comes from the Hawaiian word for quick, thus 'wiki'.
Sobari  +   1169d ago
So it's essentially an Android tablet and a wireless display? Sounds awesome, but won't kill off anything since it's dependent on other devices for a good chunk of its potential content.

I'd love it if I could use this with my gaming PC. I wouldn't have to buy a 3D monitor, and could relax on my bed while playing a game if I wanted.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   1169d ago
Dear Author -

You sir, are a f****** idiot!

REAL gamers
Jourdy288  +   1169d ago
Seriously, I think the Wikipad 3D is a better system. I never said it'd outsell the Vita. I just feel more comfortable knowing that with the Wikipad, I don't need to worry about getting overcharged for games that came out years ago.
Is it perfect? No. The Android Marketplace is flooded with crap.
But can it be better than the Vita? In some ways, yes.
Did you read the article, or just the title?
Also, you have no place claiming that I, the author, am not a real gamer.
b777conehead  +   1169d ago
ill stick with my vita it rocks.
Hicken  +   1169d ago
Dude, stop defending the article. It's a crap article.

I wanted to break down all the ways you're wrong, but that's a waste of time.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   1169d ago
Oh i read the article, and like alot of others here, i thought it was a complete joke, crap ass article.

To even remotely suggest that any .99 game is quality enough to compete with a dedicated gaming library of the vita (or anyother dedicated handheld) is just idiotic and to suggest that a handheld built for cellphone games that could even remotely take on sony or nintendo is laughable at best.

U sir do real gamers an injustice to even entertain or cheer on something like that. Furthermore, its people like u that add to the whole mobile vs handheld nonsense, and for you to wish a product like this to be made and further the decline of hardcore gaming is disgusting.

NOTHING in android/apple market can compare to even the worst game on a console/handheld.

So before u get defensive about peoples comments, stop urself next time u wanna make a stupid comment like "seriously, i think the wikipad 3d is a better system" ...
someone that makes statements like that in defense of a casual mobile handheld is NOT a real gamer. Sorry if that makes u butthurt.

U can go play angry birds with ur wife. The hardcore real gamers along with myself will happily pay and enjoy games like uncharted and gravity rush.

Let me know when android games even come close that kind of pedigree. Jackass.
murkster-dubez  +   1169d ago
A Tegra 3 tablet with a 3D screen for $199? that price cant be real.
joeorc  +   1169d ago
"A Tegra 3 tablet with a 3D screen for $199? that price cant be real."

that's the truth, I talked to them myself. I thought it was a typo myself. but it's true. that's why i said it was a steal.

check out the CES 2012 demo of the wikipad 3D


with Android OS 4.3 SO ICE CREAM SANDWHICH to boot, which mean's you can use your DS3 or xbox360 game pad's with it if you want.

im getting a Q&A with them here soon.
Waddy101  +   1168d ago
It's running a single-core 1.2ghz processor which is no way near as good as the quad-core backing up the Vita.
nobiggy  +   1169d ago
Good grief.
SandwichHammock  +   1169d ago
Yes yes yes, the Vita sucks, and it will fail, durr durr durr...NEXT!
PersonaCat  +   1169d ago
This is real? lol I really thought from the description they were making a joke about the constant Apple vs Vita. Shame on me for thinking journalists weren't this bad.
knifefight  +   1169d ago
Hey guys did you hear Nintendo is making a 3D console that you stick your eyes into and you can view it in full 3D? Complete full 3D with no glasses, long battery life and a great controller. The Virtual Boy is going to destroy all other comers. Sorry Xbox, PlayStation, and gaming PCs, but your time is up. The Virtual Boy is here, and it is going to win.
hkgamer  +   1169d ago
Wait, shouldn't this be compared to the xperia play?
There is also a cheaper android faming tablet made in china,
MadMax  +   1169d ago
This thing is already a dud, before its even out the door! Seems like a real flop! Nothing comes close to Vita! 3DS is cool too!
AusRogo  +   1169d ago
The author must have something against vita to put this shit up! Hahaha free games
portal_2  +   1169d ago
Sounds like pandora 2.0 to me
Razongunz  +   1169d ago
The writer is stupid.
i don't see a fair reason as to why the wikipad is actually better. all this dude writes about is how expensive the memory card is and how few games it got.
not of these things matter as to why wikipad is better that the PS vita.

the vita just launched so ofc it doesnt have alot of games.. and another thing, the wikipad is android..it play app games.. thats not something to can compare with when mentioning the ps vita... vita games and app games aren't the slightest comparable.

the controls and screen are about the same (quality vise)but the vita is smaller and the controls are better positioned than the wikipad, and then its the basic, hardware specs, the vita still has better hardware specs than any handheld, mobile and tablet device.

and the vita is getting playstation suite which will allow anyone to make app games for the vita. and then its the price..i'm sure the wikipad is more expensive that the vita. i have never seen a tablet for less than 300$(yet)

the writers reason for why the wikipad is better:

1: vita got expensive memory card
2: wikipad got 1000s of app games

this writer is full of crap.
Pana  +   1169d ago
How about that Gizmondo...
GuruStarr78  +   1168d ago
Wikipad is neat.. I've been following it for a while now.. I'll probably get one, but I don't think the quality of the games will hold a candle to some of the top tiered Vita games.
UltraVegito  +   1168d ago
didnt read the article,cause i know the stupidity flowing from it is downright insane.
author needs to stop sniffing shrooms while writing
SlyFoxC  +   1168d ago
seriously thought this was a tablet only for the Wikipedia website
extermin8or  +   1168d ago
ROFL the main devs aren't going to bother making proper AAA titles for that though are they? seeign as hardly anyones going to have heard of it; it looks ugly and surely the AAA games are one of the vita's main selling points...? plus it looks cumbersome and uncomfortable to hold unlike the vita- simply put the games exclusive to vita will be better than whatever that thing gets solely because sony have the experience and $ to put into the games they get for the vita not to mention various other reasons for this :p
raymantalk1  +   1168d ago
right i have read the article and what he talks about is total rubbish in terms of the games on the vita they are going to be allot better than what they will be on the wikipad and about sony not keeping promises there are very few they have not kept and as for canceling games that happens on every platform and sony cannot make a developer keep making the game if they decide to cancel which happens for various reason such as running out of money striking a deal with a different hardware company anyway i can could go on and on but cannot be bothered anymore this is a a boring subject anyway just by a vita or a wikipad and play the games you want to play.
D0UbleF_  +   1168d ago
How the fuck does this reach frontpage?
JoeSchmoh  +   1168d ago
Dude, it's an Ipad with a controller attachment, who cares. give me a PSvita or 3DS. I don't need a portable handheld thats a 15inch touch screen. The PSvita and 3DS is perfectly fine. I'm pretty sure the battery life on that thing sucks to, being so huge like that.

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