The Wikipad 3D will Beat the Playstation Vita into a Plastic Pulp

BNR: Wait, what? How can a device you've never heard of shove another console from a megacorp like Sony into the dirt? By daring to be different.


UPDATE: This is the author speaking. I'd just like to say that I believe both machines are GREAT. I think I gave everybody the wrong impression- the Vita's got some (awesome!) stuff under the hood- it's just that I think the Wikipad does some things better than the Vita, and that it has some advantages. At the same time, the Vita's clearly going to have more polished releases unless the Android Market gets cleaned up- a LOT.
Also, thanks to the commenters who mentioned the Playstation Suite- I'll factor it into a later article.
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360GamerFG2234d ago

Interesting. Does it do more than just play games though?

Dante1122234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

What the heck is a Wikipad?

Edit; @ Arnagrim

Yeah, I noticed lol. "Works with Ps3/Xbox for streaming".

"I wanna smash your handheld device but can you allow support for our Wikipad"?


fear882233d ago

All I have to say to this is Playstation Suite. There goes his whole argument.

joeorc2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

"All I have to say to this is Playstation Suite. There goes his whole argument."

100% So true

you know i was one of the only people that posted an made a thread about the WikiPad 3D in the forum section under the mobile gaming section for handheld gaming.

as a matter of point. about the Playstation Suite!

Thank you, we are in close talks with Sony and Nvidea – we will keep you posted.

All the very best and thank you.

Matthew R Joynes

1801 Century Park East
Suite 2400
Los Angeles CA 90067


Why would Sony have a problem with selling more playstation Software on the WikiPad 3D?


@ disagree's, So i talked to the president of wikipad 3d myself an getting a Q&A interview With them here an i get a disagree?, people that phantom disagree's me when they themselves have not had any correspondence with the people @ wikipad 3d? good call people


jujubee882233d ago

I hope this tablet all the best.

To me wikipad is like the swapmeet (knock off) tranformer toy and the PS VITA is the special edition tranformer toy with all the neat features (remote controled, can fly, has blinking lights, better color and build, can shoot missles, can float underwater, etc). Sure the knockoff is fun for just messing around with your friend that has his action figures but, the VITA can kick the ass of the other toy.

That is my analogy anyways. It kind of fell apart at the end there. :p


Playstation Suite needs to come on to "bigger name" hardware. Sony need to look into Samsung, HTC, LG, VIZIO and other bigger hardware manufacturers first to make sure the hardware will have the best grade. If Sony where to make the first Playstation Certified device (outside of the Sony brand) than, it must embody some high quality design in order to maintain the integrity of the moniker "PlayStation Certified".

A removable controller with buttons of that quality does not really seem to be deserving of the Playstation Certification. Whoever makes the tablet and/or controller must look into really tightening up the design look. If re-modeling the design means bumping up the MSRP price, so be it; otherwise, Sony would just be content with keeping PS Certification on its own line of devices (and/or partnering with other major factories as written before).

MaxXAttaxX2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

It only streams media from PS3/360 and only plays Android games.
Fantastic /s

RankFTW2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Haha the guy wrote the whole article to try and get a free Vita, the chancer ;>.

rob60212232d ago


More like this 'journalist' is openly accepting bribes; and would likely be reviewing the machine on different terms than a normal person cause he got it for free. What a sorry piece of trash. I bet you can tell which companies send him freebies.

Dee_912232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

sounds like something my gf use on her time of the month

I think im the only who notices this is a joke article.. atleast i hope it is ... i think it is (0_0 ) (0_0) ( 0_0)

gamingdroid2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Anything pooped out using Android tends to suck majorily so no, I don't think the Wikipad 3D will do anything, but flop.

PS Vita won't even notice the Wikipad 3D's existence, just like most of us here aren't even aware of it.

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SilentNegotiator2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Oh cool, so when does the wikipad version of Uncharted release?

Quit screaming, Shirley.

Arnagrim2234d ago

"High Quality games for free"
Lol, okay. Good luck finding any developer whose okay with this.
Also lol at, "Works with PS3/Xbox for streaming"
Yeah a competitor is going to let your product interact with their software.

Jourdy2882234d ago

I think you misunderstood... That means it can be used to stream video to a device. Like, if you have a video on the Wikipad, you'll be able to stream it to your Xbox 360/PS3.

Arnagrim2234d ago

A okay. I figured it worked like Remote Play or Media Servers where it could access remotely a video on your PS3/Xbox and play it from the Wikipad.

TheGamingArt2233d ago

Actually it's a feature that almost any worth device now adays can handle via file sharing... I can already stream shit from my computer on my ps3, on from my ps3 onto my vita and visa versa.

ninjahunter2233d ago

Suddenly my hand flew towards my upper face at high velocity.

TheGamingArt2233d ago

That did not deserve my click. Idgits

Ser2233d ago

Sorry, but no it will not.

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