DigitalNoob's Michael Jackson: The Experience HD Review (PSVita)

Rudy writes:

"One of the only rhythm games to launch alongside the PlayStation Vita, but also one that has been put on practically every other console before it; Michael Jackson: The Experience HD brings some much needed “pop” to the Vita. Just about everyone in the world is aware of who Michael is and the type of music he produced as well as the magic that came with his dance routines and entertaining music videos. While the PS3, 360, PSP, and even DS versions of the game did a decent job at bringing users into the MJ experience; the Vita version somehow does it right but has a few missteps in the process."

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MrMister2206d ago

Nobody's gonna buy this--especially not for vita. lol

nevin12206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

i got this for free but i have no vita.

[email protected] 15 songs for $39.99.