Alienware X51 Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "At around the size of an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the Alienware X51 is definitely the smallest gaming PC we’ve ever reviewed. The form factor places the X51 somewhere between the console gaming and PC gaming markets in that, at the core, this is a gaming PC, but it’s no longer restricted to the office or bedroom. This is a gaming PC designed to feel right at home in the living room. Hook this beauty up with a wireless mouse and keyboard and you can game directly from the living room TV. With rumours of Valve’s impeding announcement of Steam Box, (bringing PC games to a console market), we wouldn’t be surprised if the Alienware X51 was the first compatible device."

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kira421544d ago

I dont get it...O_o

It Pretty cool but id rather build my own computer then buy a OEM

NYC_Gamer1544d ago

Alienware products are always overpriced

StraightPath1544d ago

to be honest that is one sexy little beast with alot of power, but kinda expensive :/

kira421544d ago

That is what I mean, you could easily build a computer with the same specs for a lower price and not have to worry about OEM problems

CynicalVision1544d ago

'bringing PC games to a console market'

Er, in what universe does that make sense? It's still a PC, being smaller and sitting under the TV doesn't change that.

R1CAN6171544d ago

This thing is just Sexy! but im not picking one up just yet gonna waiting for C&C:G2 then get the i7 model.