Unreal Engine Samaritan Demo On Nvidia's Kepler GPU - First Screen

NowGamer: Epic Games and Nvidia show off Samaritan running on a single gfx card amid heightened Unreal Engine 4 speculation.

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Feckles2235d ago

I reckon this is a pretty good approximation of what the first batch of next-gen consoles will be capable of, but, if this gen is anything to go by, there will be a lot of optimization to happen.

Can't wait to see what games look like in 2020.

ProjectVulcan2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Well if you read the article the interesting thing is that the shots and render are in......720p.

Originally the realtime presentation was in 1080p.

This may be nothing but it is curious. It may simply be turned down because GK104 kepler is not as fast as GTX580 TRI SLI which is not a surprise.

It may not even be turned down, but MSAA is turned off because FXAA 3 saves something like 500mb of memory.

Or it may be turned down so they know an approximate of new consoles. Maybe we will know for sure in the coming months.

CryWolf2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Yea!, this should be on Next-Gen xbox but Microsoft will never go back to NVIDIA cards for reason, I really hope they do cause the games looks way more better graphically on a Nvidia Geforce cards then a ATI radeon HD cards.

trancefreak2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I didn't see a single difference in that video except some benchmarks were slightly different.

I don't think that would prevent people from buying their favorite name branded Gpu

I have been using Nvidia since 3dfx went under but I would still buy Amd based gpu's in a heartbeat. I f us/we as human beings realize what has become with today's PCs it is such an amazing feat. I can't believe how awesome my PC is alone compared to what I had 5-10 years ago. And now we are Moving into another era with Pcie 3.0, Ivy bridge I7's z77 motherboards and these new amazing Gpu's from Amd and Nvidia. They are both damn good.

chak_2235d ago

I doubt next gen console with get Kepler GPU.

I guess we're talking GTX570/580 or even GTX680, which are expensive, too much for mass market consoles.

Maybe this kind of demo will run without AA and 30fps or something.

ProjectVulcan2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

It probably won't get kepler because Nvidia seem to have no parts in the next gen consoles.

But that does not mean they will not be this powerful. They really aren't that expensive for mass market consoles. Last generation PS3 was very expensive to manufacture. I am sure a new gen will be cheaper, if only because bluray itself is far cheaper and common now too which was a large cost of the machine over its rivals.

The word is AMD are preparing a large chip, with a bunch of stacked memory on it. It'll be pricy, but as with anything on silicon it can only ever get cheaper as the years pass and the process shrinks come down.

It is still probably best that you push the envelope with what you can do with current processors, because you know that the price of manufacturing it always drops steeply within 3 years thanks to die shrinks.

Soldierone2235d ago

Aren't they supposed to be priced at 299? Microsoft makes a processor similar to PC, and Sony simplifies the one in the PS3 and makes it more powerful at the same time.

Blu-ray and RAM is cheap now, and backwards compatibility will be an added accessory if they are smart and want the extra money.

Toss in the 300 dollar card, which will be cheaper since they are mass marketing it, and you will come in at maybe 350 to 450 dollars to make it. Sell one version at 300, the other at 350, you lose money for the first year, but make it up with software sales.

Personally I don't think they will get these specific cards, since consoles are a bit different than PC, but they will get something extremely similar. I don't think the industry wants consoles jumping in already behind like they did this generation. Companies like DICE won't be happy at all.

trancefreak2235d ago

I got 8 gigs of g skills for 40 bucks ddr 3 If these next consoles opt for less memory it would be silly.

I don't know if 8 gigs for a console will take place in a closed environment but what the hell the more the better to a certain degree.

Tonester9252235d ago

New consoles should let you upgrade your console. The way I see this happening though is allowing only SONY formatted graphic cards and Xbox graphics cards for each console. But then there is room for too expensive graphic cards and watered down graphics from the start. Hmmm

Tsar4ever012235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Sigh.......... I would luv Sony's PS4's GPU would be either

GTX640(GK106)$139 =GTX550Ti
GTX650(GK106) $179 =GTX560

8GB GDDR3 system RAM (C.Skill RipjawsX series)

Then Sony's next gen system should hold it's own well into the year 2021.

Soldierone2235d ago

They are that cheap? makes my above comment all the more justifiable...geez thats awesome lol

Tsar4ever012235d ago

Wish I can say, But this is where I got the cost from, don't know if it's legit. 2nd row.