Mass Effect 3: Sex & Romance Guide

One of the great things about the Mass Effect series, is the ability to build a relationship with certain characters within the game’s universe. These feelings can ultimately evolve into a more passionate relationship and in some cases sex.

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Newsman1960d ago

And just imagine if you spent that time on a real person you might actually have sex IRL. No kidding.

CarlitoBrigante1960d ago

Wow, a sex and romance guide for a videogame? This is disturbing.

Also, the picture of Miranda is disturbing, it looks like her head is badly copy pasted on that body

Gaming1011959d ago

lol @ ^^
Who are you kidding, you think the average game its going to take a lot longer than that for the average gamer to get laid:

This guide is for all you forever-virgins out there who can't figure women out.

kira421960d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. I mean isnt the point of the game to save the planet not get laid....

Blacktric1959d ago

Shepard isn't chasing tail for God's sake. If you just keep talking to your crew/squadmates or previously romanced a character, they're just being with him/her right before the final battle takes place to give him/her some comfort. Play the game before judging it...

JellyJelly1959d ago

The kind of intercourse I will be having in Mass Effect 3 isn't something I'd want to experience in real life. My Shephard will be absolutely fabulous *wink wink*.

killerhog1960d ago

yeah exactly. like, wtf is this? so far, all the hype for this game is the "sex" and im starting to wonder, if thats the reason its getting praised? is it really important for people to have their virtual character date another NPC and have sex with it really, lol?

Heartnet1960d ago

its a guide for certain parts of the game -_- do u fuss when they release a treasure guide for a game?

same thing here

killerhog1959d ago

No because they release other guides. So far 9/10 of these so call guides were about the sex/relations part. Hm, guess for hits? Which would mean there's to much hype/emphasis on that?

ChrisW1960d ago

Yeah... Miranda from ME2. I'm not even going to click on the article because of that. They don't deserve my hits for being lazy.

madcow601960d ago

Game=freedom=everything is much more easier

Miranda is really cute, IRL, I wouldn't mind dating her , and show her my bed, on my Normandy III flat ;)

vortis1959d ago

I'd prefer to show her my control's really massive. Keeps the aliens away, too.

madcow601959d ago

The game should be Hitman, instead of me3. Shepard hits everything he finds, even a alien dog won't be able to escape.

BattleTorn1960d ago

I'm starting to be put off by the amount of romance in Mass Effect.

Since Male/Female Sheps can romance quite a few different sqaud mates. (same sex included)

I can't help but think that every conversation, even with the male squad memebers, is somehow a sexual conversation. (cause they all lead to a potential romance, don't they?)

Now everytime I talk to Kaiden, I think he's indirectly flirting, cause the conversation would be the same for a player that is romancing him. (while I am not)

How can they have every conversation plutonic, as well as a prelude to a romance?

vortis1959d ago

They don't BattleTorn.

Within every BioWare game the Engine uses a specific feature called "Love Talk", this originally started in Baldur's Gate and the points increase/decrease based on set parameters within the conversation.

"Love Talk" points add up until you can "cash them in", I don't think I need to explain what that is. If you don't say something mean every once in a while the "Love Talk" points will keep building and pretty soon you'll have to avoid Shepard from picking up the quarter that Kaiden drops while holding a banana in his pocket.

BattleTorn1959d ago


I have to keep saying mean things to the guys, just so that they don't end up wanting to be ghey with me.

I'm a Paragon character, I should be able to be nice without making every sqaudmate have the hots for me.

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