Gametrailers I Am Alive Review

"Should you endure this struggle for survival in I Am Alive or just succumb to the elements?"

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Captain Qwark 92144d ago

gametrailers, gametrailers.....well done, you continue to have the best/most accurate reviews imo. ill try the demo.

CynicalVision2144d ago

'Most accurate reviews'

I still remember the whole Uncharted 2 review bomb, scoring the game 9.3 and stating how they couldn't score it higher because it lacked originality and then scoring MW2 higher.

insomnium22144d ago

LOL they actually did that? WOW!

Captain Qwark 92144d ago

well in their defense, aside from story changes there were practically no new features in uncharted 2. the story even followed the same arc as the first one.

at least with MW2 they added new perks.

either way, its just my opinion. i tend to agree with 90% of their reviews. although i personally would have rated UC2 an 8 at best.

DEM902144d ago

No new features in Uncharted 2???


insomnium22144d ago

When is this game coming out again?

banjadude2144d ago

It came out yesterday for XBLA. For PS3 users, I think I heard March 31st?