GDC: Inafune's call to arms for Japanese devs

Develop:Comcept founder and game design luminary Keiji Inafune has warned Japanese developers that time is running short for them to 'save' their nation's games industry.

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NYC_Gamer2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

The East has fell off big time in the gaming industry.Only select franchises continue to be successful while others fall victim.

Rayko2083d ago

Yeah, now the western developers are taking over with games like COD, MW, Battlefield, Medal of honour, Ghost recon, Spec ops etc etc etc etc etc.

I think gaming today is far more worse than in the past when japanese developers ruled the gaming industry. I really miss the good old days. Now it can go years for me without playing any games.

I miss when Resident Evil was Resident Evil, not inluenced by western military shooter style.

I miss games like Shenmue, or other fun to play games.

Now it is all about sitting with a mic, screaming at small little boys, playing military games. Something really has to change!

Yi-Long2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

... seem to be more interested in nickel-and-diming their loyal fans and customers, instead of making the best games possible.

That's certainly not exclusive to japanese companies though, but a trend that seems to have jumped over from EA and Activision.

But where we in the west still have indie-developers and new young companies showcasing ambitious design and ideas (look at Journey, look at Fez, look at Trials Evolution, look at Super Meat Boy, etc etc), Japan is mostly still stuck in the old company structure, and most of those companies are very much stuck in the past, mostly trying to replicate old glory by chruning out mediocre crap, which doesn't work!

Pretty much the only japanese developer still pitching strikes is Platinum Games (former Capcom's Clover Studio), which keeps bringing out quality refreshing games in a wide variety of genres! (Vanquish, Mad World, etc)

tantobanto2082d ago


You do realize journey is a japanese developed game right?

You bring up platinum but you dont include them in the medoicre stuff that doesnt work? The west has hundreds of companies like that too

Nintendo, level 5, sega, namco bandai, image epoch, square, nis japan,falcom and more companies have been producing great games with great results

How the hell can you not mention falcom?

ash_divine2082d ago


uhh... Thatgamecompany (the company that created Flow, Flower, and Journey) are an American company.

And say what you want about Platnium Games, but atleast their games still get people's attention. Which puts them leagues ahead of most japanese companies today.

maniacmayhem2082d ago


If all you're doing this Gen is screaming at little boys then you have truly missed out this Gen.

To me, this Gen has been the very best. We have had great games like Fallout, Bioshock, inFamous, Mass Effect, Mortal Kombat 9, Darksiders and those are just a few coming from the West dev teams.

If you can't find anything today that is on par or surpasses Shenmue then your not just trying very hard to enjoy games. And I think you are letting nostalgia cloud your judgment.

Shenmue was a good game but I specifically remember getting pissed at it for the high amounts of grinding you had to do not to mention the "to be continued" ending.

Anyways I suggest you stop playing the army games and check out some other genres of games like...

Valkyrie Chronicles
Magna Carta
Resonance of Fate
Disgaea 4

These are just some games off the top of my head I have really enjoyed from Japanese devs. Give gaming another try I bet you won't be disappointed.

Rayko2082d ago

Well, the best games I played this gen are following games:

Zelda:Skyward Sword
Super Mario Bros Wii
Mario galaxy
Wii Party + Wii sports
Uncharted series
Heavy Rain
Gears of war (Multiplayer)

Resident Evil 5 would be on my top list if it was scary, but it switched to action, and next step will be military-action, jesus christ.

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zeal0us2083d ago

"Perhaps the folks who are now running the show in the Japanese games industry are those who simply jumped on a bandwagon."

Looking at you Crapcom.

"Arguing that humankind is too keen to opt for an easy route if used to success"

Looking at you Activision(yes I know not a Japanese developer)

OmegaSaiyanX2083d ago

I personally feel that Japanese games have been underwhelming in comparison to last gen when Japanese games on the PS2 were many and great.

This gen it seems they can only churn out a couple of games here and there and even then most of the time the games end up being a bit underwhelming :/

tantobanto2082d ago

you do realize the ps2 was the most popular system in japan right?

This gen the ds and psp are, so the support theyve put on those trumps what the ps2 got

tantobanto2082d ago

Lets be real.

He isnt saying the west is better or the west has originality

Its a positive, japan if you want to continue to stay on top you need to want it.

This gen japan consistently puts out the best product for 90 percent of genres: horror, platformer, rpg, fighting, puzzle, action, ect

Rayko2082d ago

This gen Horror games kind of dissapeared :(. I, with many others had high hopes with RE5, but we all know how that turned out, and now RE6 as well.

Ghost2502082d ago

Are u kidding me? No they have not, more like 20%. lets be relistic here out of all thoses genres the west has been putting out way better product than the east. Thats a fact

Lavalamp2082d ago

Really? A fact? Well then please go right ahead and name those apparently better games in the fighting genre that are coming out of the west.

Rayko2082d ago

Or please don't name those games. I am tired of hearing even the names of Call Of Duty, MW, Battlefield etc.

Go back and scream those bad m***** f****** words over your mic, and throw those grenades over and over again.

tee_bag2422082d ago

Iv always been a fan of the Japanese gaming industry, but most of this gens games have a last gen recipe and feel. Eg still thinking invisible barriers acceptable and so forth.
I'm surprised games like Yakuza were never made into a modern 2 player beat em up with online support. I hope we see some more hits come from Japan.

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