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ThisisXbox: "The loneliness of my own shadow as I sit and stare into the shade of darkness is haunting; the music spine tingling and the flicker of a dim light barely visible in the distance is just the starting point for Ubisoft Shanghai’s action-adventure game, I Am Alive. Equipped with just a back pack, hunting harness and pistol, the game begins following introductory cut-scenes and then you’re character is left walking along an empty path in a city devastated by a cataclysmic event that wiped out most of the human civilisation – and it had left the world in ruins."

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Dante1122295d ago

Good read. Really seems like the AI is really killing it for other reviewers.

thisisxboxcom2295d ago

In places it's really quite challenging. Reminds me so much of the original retail Alan Wake.

camel_toad2295d ago

Sounds great to me. That and Journey will be on my backlog while Im playing Mass Effect 3, but Im looking forward to both.