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BiggCMan2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

This is so incredible!! So excited to see the new game in action! The exclusives just don't stop coming!!

PLASTICA-MAN2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Looks like a CGI from Pixar:


I am very amazed by the tech.

Btw the pic comes from this page:

piroh2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

"Running in real time on a PlayStation 3"

this David is a genius
"Kara's the very first thing we've done with this brand new engine, so it's not optimized - it's got 50% of the features that we have right now, as Kara was done a year ago."
holy what.. there is more?

if you read the article, he has a good points about motion capture, making adult games etc.

CarlitoBrigante2296d ago

Sony did it again, even when they don't face any competition at all they keep pumping them AAAA exclusives.

The only competition of Sony are Sony themselves.


M83_2296d ago

It doesn't look like Pixar's CGI but it looks phenomenal all the same. I really liked heavy rain and I hope this will blow it out of the water in graphics!
I love niche and different games like this! not the typical brain dead run of the mill FPS shooter

-Alpha2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

No it doesn't, but the facial work looks believable, which is what is clearly important. My heart was pumping and heavy right until the end. What a fascinating concept, my imagination is already thinking of "what ifs" and "whys" and "how" questions and I'm filling those answers with all kinds of possibilities. That's the mark of a really good presentation.

Hope they do something with exactly this since they make it clear it's just a concept, but a game like this would be pretty interesting

Jobesy2296d ago

Damn! I am the only one that got a bit choked up when Kara was begging not to be disassembled? David Cage is a genius! Day 1 buy for sure. This made me think of Blade Runner a bit, I wonder if it was his inspiration for this.

badz1492296d ago

you're not the only 1 it seems. and seriously, OMG this is amazing! can't wait for the final product! David Cage and Co. are pure genius!

guitarded772296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Ummm... you guys know this is a tech demo and not Quantic Dream's next game right?

Anyway, it's an amazing demo visually and story telling. When you get emotionally attached to a character in a few minutes, they're doing something right.

Here's the link from the PS Blog where it says it's a tech demo and not a game.

nevercloser072296d ago


It's a shame too. There's so much potential for an unbelievable game here.

On the plus side, Quantic Dream has a track record of using stories that are off the beaten path. Can't wait.

kaveti66162296d ago

"Sony did it again"

I feel like some of you give all the credit to Sony and not enough credit to the people who work on the software. Quantic Dream is not a Sony studio. They made this demo, and they deserve the credit.

EVILDEAD3602296d ago

That would be an amazing game. Like an adult version of Spielburg's AI.

Loved Quantic since Indigo Prophecy and it sounds like they are really excited about the progress they have made since Heavy Rain.

Hopefully, they unveil something this year as to what they are actually working on title wise. But that was prett cool.


ChickeyCantor2296d ago

" AAAA exclusives."

I don't think you know what those "A"s stand for.

aCasualGamer2296d ago

Holy.. Mother... of.. God!

I know they said this isn't a game that they are developing and that it is a project from a year ago.. BUT DAMNIT! I want this game!

I hope they announce this game, i will pre-order it today.

This is why Quantic Dream has become my #1 studio of all the gaming studios in the industry. They innovate. They have, by no external help, created a new genre in videogames. How many studios can say that?

Heavy Rain was suberb... and now this... David Cage you are a genius!

lociefer2295d ago

holy cr.ap i was not ready for this, thank you david for making me cry like a girl ><

Saladfax2295d ago

Pretty sure this is a tech demo disguised as a short film. Now, that isn't to say they couldn't use this material in some larger game production, but...

It honestly works best on its own. It's a very strong, emotional short film. It doesn't need a plot of someone buying her followed by hijinks.

Very Asimovian though. Not something that's often seen these days.

snipes1012295d ago

You all know this is not a game right? Just a tech demo? Like what they said in the article and the video (I'm pretty sure)? Guys?

Really though, were they to make this into some sort of game that would be great. A robot designed only to serve and please humans on the run from her creators and possibly the authorities as a rogue AI, escaping her enemies while carefully choosing those who she can trust. A little too spectacular, I know, but I think that would be awesome.

DeadlyFire2295d ago

Tech demos are usually shown presenting what can be done on next wave of consoles. To be done on PS3 is quite impressive.

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Nimblest-Assassin2296d ago

The games actress is someone from Twilight:Breaking Dawn?

"When Valorie entered the room - well, she looked like an android already. We didn't change her face, didn't change her haircut - and the performance that she delivered was so impressive in the casting session that it was truly obvious that it was her."

Hopefully, she can give a good performance... because most if not all of the acting in Twilight movies are atrocious

MySwordIsHeavenly2296d ago

Um... Dakota Fanning and Ashley Greene are in Twilight. Also, Robert Pattinson was phenomenal in Water For Elephants. Don't be a hater, bro...

Nimblest-Assassin2296d ago


Sorry, I was not able to watch the video properly thanks to eurogamers awful video player.

But after watching the video, I think they can pull it off. Wonder why the twilight movies have such awful acting.

Anyways... I have a feeling that this conversation or idea will come up as people will try and relate this to I Robot, the same way people tried to relate I am Legend with The Last of Us

ironically both Will Smith movies. 0_0

I say that they are taking those ideas, and adapting them into ways for us as gamers to enjoy.

Definitely on my radar since I enjoyed HR so much.

Wonder how it will play, similar to Heavy Rain or a new style?

Anyways, Im just losing my mind at all the crazy, awesome PS3 exclusives coming out (no offense to xbox guys)

Now if only the Last Guardian would come out...

-Alpha2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Well at least she's not the Bella chick, considering she has multiple facial expressions

vallencer2296d ago

Sometimes it's not the acting but the writing that's bad. And the twilight movies I believe are just written bad....mixed with some bad actors.

cjflora2296d ago

The director also plays a big part in how a performance is given or deciding when a given performance is adequate.

room4142296d ago

"When Valorie entered the room - well, she looked like an android already."

that'll make her day i'm sure

Spydiggity2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Twilight sucks, don't defend it. There is no point in defending it.

as for the's a video. i don't see why sony fans always get so excited about CGI. I learned my lesson before ps3 even launched with the KZ2 trailer, and so should all of you.

the terms "in-engine" and "real-time" don't have the weight they had a generation ago. you can take just about any current gen engine and accomplish something that looks way WAY better than you get in actual gameplay.

sure this game MIGHT look great, and the concept MIGHT evolve into something less been-there-done-that than 'robot gains consciousness.' we'll just have to wait n see.

P.S. if anyone is looking for some quality entertainment, goto and get the rifftrax for the twilight movies. hilarious.

Saladfax2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

The acting sucks because the script is garbage. I mean, yeah, they can try their best to make teen girl boyfriend/stalker angst interesting, but the best chef in the world can't make a good souffle out of bird shit.

Good example: Liam Neeson, Ewan McGreggor, Samuel L. Jackson, Natalie Portman, and so on were all featured at various points in a huge budget trilogy. They all appeared to be horrid, talentless shmucks, when everyone knows that they can be quite good.

I'm trying to remember the name of that series, written and directed by a complete hack...

pixelsword2295d ago

@ Spydiggity:

Yeah, since Killzone 2 exceeded it's trailer, I'm sure that PS3 fans were disappointed.

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thereapersson2296d ago ShowReplies(18)
Thatguy-3102296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

AMAZING!!!! The emotion behind when she is getting disarmed again is a MASTERPIECE!!! This might be the game that quantic dream was rumored to be making about a couple in the sci-fi universe. I bet anything that she will fall in love with a human. I CAN SEE IT ALREADY !!!!

negroguy2296d ago

That's the same part where I was feeling emotion when she was being disarmed. I actually didn't want it to end and see what happened next but being a tech demo that most likely wont happen. Unless of course they continue this idea for their game.

kneon2296d ago

They managed to evoke more and deeper emotion in a 7 minute tech demo than 99% of released games.

Sevir2296d ago

"please I dont want to die! I ws only just born and you already want to kill me?" it hit a nerve few games have ever even touch, and only briefly! I'm really blown away at the tech and at the performance level. Sony and Quantic Dreaam should just ink the contract and finalize the purchase! They belong together!

Sony Does it again! experiences onlhy found on a playstation platform!!!!

I cant wait to see what they show at E3 as i'm sure the next project deeply in development, Kara was done 1 year ago so the new game's already 1 year into full on development!!!!

I'm ready David, i'm ready for your next epic!!!

DaReapa2296d ago

Lol. That is so true. I understand that this is just a tech demo, but this is a REALLY nice concept to base a game around. They should just build from what they have here. I haven't been this anticipated for a game since Portal 2.

Gen0ne2296d ago

Jesus Christ... I cried. *grabs tissue*

mechlord2296d ago

Xcept, that is a tech demo... but i loved the emotionality of it. Hope that translates into a game. Not many games get me attached to its characters like this tech demo...

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YodaCracker2296d ago

Now tech demos count as exclusives too?

Nykamari2296d ago

Well I believe Sony bought Quantic Dreams, so yes this tech demo is exclusive.

UltimateIdiot9112296d ago

Because Quantic Dreams actually turn tech demo into reality. The game that will based on the tech demo may not follow the same story but we all know another game for Quantic Dreams is coming for a PlayStation system.

sjaakiejj2296d ago

Based on the fact that the demo is funded by Sony, I'd say the game attached to it is indeed an exclusive title.

ZippyZapper2296d ago

:D YodaCracker agree and bubs+

DigitalRaptor2296d ago

@ YodaCracker

are you serious? Are you actually serious?

If it wasn't completely obvious enough that this tech demo is what will come to form the basis of an exclusive PS3 game, this demo is already a year old so a new game is most likely coming very soon to PS3, within the next 12-18 months.

QD are contracted for 2 more PS3 exclusives: this... and one additional game, so yeah - tech demos --> exclusives.

I thought that would've been stone cold clear!

@ ZippyZapper, I was actually surprised by your comment. It really doesn't surprise me though, when put against most of the things you usually comment about.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2296d ago

" I was actually surprised by your comment. It really doesn't surprise me though,... " ???

mechlord2296d ago

well...we have *timed* exclusive DEMOS these days, so i guess tech demos can be exclusives as well...

undisputed2295d ago

Your jealousy is amazing, really.

dale_denton2295d ago

yodacracker, you've been served. have a great day.

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StraightPath2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

what the heck, it seems like a irobot /heavy rain game. Graphically and the character look pretty much same as heavy rain too. Heavy rain was a great title for story and narrative and this just should it potential will do thr same. However what heavy rain lacked is replay value and gameplay elements. It was a game best for rental. As this game seems like it, although gameplay videos have to be shown to decide that if it is a heavy rain type of game with glorified qte throughout the game.

But wonderful video cant wait to see full game in action and add to my rental list. Hopefully quantic dream will make a better game this time and people actual cared about it. Heavy rain was not a game for everyone it as you dont play much of it but i enjoyed this change but again no way i advise anyone to pay full price for it. Once your done your done no replay value, i played twice got platinum but second playthrough was mind numblingly boring.

The mannequin graphics seem to have returned the character looked like madison paige abit. Is this the game or just a tech demo? As a sci fi heavy rain kinda game will be cool.

But QD hope you innovate and not fill the game with QTE inbetween narrative.

Heavy rain did decent with 87%% metacritic though.

BitbyDeath2296d ago

Your comments on replay value and QTE present in Heavy Rain shows just how little you actually know about the game.

There is absolutely no way you can platnium with only playing twice.

DigitalRaptor2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Yep.. StraightPath's PS3-related comments usually ends up with mock positivity chased by underpinnings of his fanboy nature.

Yep, I mean it really goes to show how little you know about Heavy Rain dude. Most of the game is fully interactive. Keep pretending that all you do is press QTE, when it's the same format and style as in Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, which was on the Xbox, and it was praised. You get the same level of interaction and story from point and click adventure games on PC, which no one (unless people like you do) complains about. It's you Xbox console kiddies that only picked up a game pad this gen that can't deal with mature experiences like Heavy Rain and the fact that it's not meant to be like other games. It's not this developers fault that you prefer shallower experiences.

I see on the other articles regarding Halo 4, you seem to go nuts about how "PS3 can't compete"? Why not? Because of no multi-player? It's boohoo I guess.

And how do you explain your double standards man? "Graphically and the character look pretty much same as heavy rain too" - Heavy Rain looked leagues better than any previous Halo game, so the fact that the graphics aren't much better in this, it isn't saying much. And how about the Halo 4 character? Master Chief huh? Bloody same character... What's with that, eh?

And so the pattern continues: A 7-minute tech demo is apparently very telling to StraightPath on how QD's next game will play out. According to you, the characters will all be final and it's going to be an i, Robot game.. EVEN THOUGH THE VIDEO SAYS IT'S A TECH DEMO UNRELATED TO ANY PROJECT CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION!

& don't forget people - rent it, don't buy it because on your second playthough, it's f***ing boring! Man I wish people used their brains more.

Edit: And the classic... METACRITIC. "Heavy rain did decent with 87%% metacritic though."

Decent, lol. You have such an unfortunate opinion/perspective! I sincerely hope you're trolling, but I have the feeling you're just an ignorant!

Oner2295d ago

They got you down to 2 as well huh Digi? It's a damned shame that people like you, Morganfell, DarkRide66, DragonKnight & others (+ me as well) who actually speak facts (documented/confirmable) by correcting the misinformation that STILL gets spread here are "hushed"...over those who speak nonsense, spew unsupported claims, bias and quite a bit of outright BS are not as often "hushed".

insomnium22295d ago


Happened to me too. Down to 2 bubbles ever since I said something truthfull that hurt someones feelings. No matter if they are facts if they hurt them they debubble you.

Ontopic: WOW! That was an emotional tech demo. I love that woman's voice. I could listen to it all day.

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Jamzluminati2296d ago

Thanks I just got out of the shower now I gotta take another one.

solar2296d ago

the premise looks sweet, animations look really good. but the graphics meh. as a ps3 only console owner i should get dragged over the coals for not thinking the graphics are great. but we havent seen the final product yet. so everyone going ape bleep should wait til we get more info. calm down extremists.

Virtual_Reality2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Because it's an ''old'' Concept, also concepts don't have everything included with the latest technical settings as graphics and other stuff.

''Kara's the very first thing we've done with this brand new engine, so it's not optimized - it's got 50% of the features that we have right now, as Kara was done a year ago.''

omi25p2296d ago

The Last Of Us: I am legend
Kara: I Robot.

Sony should just hire Will Smith

Pintheshadows2296d ago

More Bladerunner than I, Robot.

Binary Domain takes influence from I, Robot heavily though.

Anyway, the tech demo was very impressive and surprisingly moving. I hope they run with the concept.

04soldier2296d ago

funny bubs up... maybe they will

blackmamba7072296d ago



Dark General2296d ago

A Very intriguing concept with Robotic sentience. I'm wondering how they could build a game around this concept.

Virtual_Reality2296d ago

Uncanny Valley at it's best.

This is going to be great.

kneon2296d ago

They've crossed the uncanny valley and made it to the other side while other devs keep falling off the cliff :)

The subtle facial animations were fantastic, it's those tiny little facial queues that you don't even know you are seeing that really convey emotion and give it that sense of realism.

Finalfantasykid2296d ago

Ya, HR I'd say was dangerously close to being inside the uncanny valley, but man this video might just be on the other side of it!

Patriots_Pride2296d ago

Wow this is probably the first game that made me shed a tear. - I cries when she said she wants to live.

Please let this be on the PS4! I want this game to be the best ever and think that in order to achieve the facial expression that you saw in this video it would have to be on the next gen console.

kneon2296d ago

But those facial expressions were done on a PS3. Sure it will be even better on a PS4 but this was great already

StoneAgeWarfare2295d ago

Kneon do you want him to cry a river ?

BubloZX2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Wii: What does the scouter say about PS3's power level?
360: *Crushes scouter* IT'S OVER 9000!!!
Wii: What 9000! THAT"S IMPOSSIBLE!

but seriously how does the ps3 keep doing this? It's amazing!

Patriots_Pride2296d ago

You do realize that this is just a tech demo and Kara is not Quntics new game right.

I would love to play these types of graphics on my PS3 at 1080p but its just not possible with current gen consoles.

BubloZX2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

@Patroit_Pride. The fact is its running real-time on the ps3, whether or not its an actual game or not is irrelevant. This is just a good indicator of what the ps3 is capable of.

But on a side note I would love one of those androids as a housewife. Make it able to reproduce and I'm sold. Just imagine a world where women did what they're told, no questions asked...... God this world would be perfect!