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Submitted by ktchong 2969d ago | review

Mass Defect: Why Mass Effect falls short of its hype

By Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury News
Friday, December 28th, 2007

"I've been a been anticipating Mass Effect ever since I saw the first demo of the game in Amsterdam at the X05 unveiling of the Xbox 360's first slate of games. This was the first next-generation game that I saw with the highest of ambitions: crossing the uncanny valley. The valley is the familiar problem of computer-generated images. The closer they approach reality, the more disturbing the images are, particularly human faces. By trying to do good human facial animation, the developers at BioWare endeavoured to make games as emotionally interesting and visually appealing as movies. As such, this game promised a big leap forward in cinematic storytelling and game play.

It delivered on the first, but not on the second. While the conversational system and facial animation is perhaps the best I've ever seen in a video game, the game play is maddeningly flawed. Call it Mass Defect." (Mass Effect, Xbox 360)
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Silver360  +   2969d ago
He doesn't like the combat
It is a role playing game. You level up your skill and weapons in RPGs. If you have ever played a RPG you know better than to fight a big boss when you are at a low level. Bioware has made almost every level available to explore, but that doesn't mean you will succeed on those levels.
Odion  +   2969d ago
I agree, the combat isn't a real shooter its still an RPG, they just make it look and feel like a shooter, which frankly i think makes it a lot more fun, theres nothing cooler then doing a massive throw, tossing 4 enemies back then you and your squad charging forward and turning them to green dust with your chemically induced shotgun!
killax3563  +   2969d ago
Not True....
In RPG's, the combat system is the glue that holds the game together. If the combat system sucks then the RPG sucks. Simple as that.

Because in an average-length RPG (15-20 hrs) a player is likely to fight well over 100 battles (very conservative estimate) thus the combat system (which will be used during all 100+ battles) better be good.
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Bombomb  +   2969d ago
killax3563 Wrong
imo, in RPG's it's the story that keeps the game together. The gameplay and combat system with other elements just Tie in.

I've played RPGs with weak combat system butt he games still rocked because the STORY kept me going. Not how many different way to kill a monster. You level up anyways and you get stronger as you go.

Look at Final Fantasy 7, some didn't like the "materia combat sytem" but they still loved the game. none the less the Story was the sh$t.

If you look at RPG's the combat system is what most devs try to differentiate themselves from others. some are Ok, some takes time getting used to, but not everyone is gonna like a certain combat system. you will find gamers debating over combat systems, with so many different rpgs that do it differently.

If your an RPG gamer then you know what they are talking about.
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FCOLitsjustagame  +   2969d ago
I hated the combat at first too, then I started to actually think about what I was doing and realized it was actually quite good. Some people have issues with the thinking and just want to mindlessly shoot, thats not going to work. It is also critical to level up and set your team up with the correct equipment...this is not uncommon in RPGs.
lonestarmt  +   2969d ago
15-20 hours average rpg length? hahahahah

sorry man you dont' play a lot of rpgs do you?? maybe for the .hack series or dbz and naruto rpgs on the ds. haha.
BLACKJACK VII  +   2969d ago
@ killax3563
You are completely wrong. An action or shooter type of game is dependant on gameplay. For massive Role Playing Games, story & dialogue, i.e. interaction with other characters, is THE most important element in an RPG. Second would be the leveling up system or tree provided to track your experience & reward your choices in all those dialogues & story driven elements. Gameplay would be 3rd at best for an RPG, in fact, graphics could be as important as gameplay for this particular genre.


It also is easily a 30+ hour experience PER playthrough, with tons of replayability, excellent graphics & GOOD gameplay FOR AN RPG.

As an action RPG, Mass Effect is EXCEPTIONAL. An RPG will not have gameplay equivalent to the tight controls you would find in Bioshock. 35 hour games usually have a glitch or two, & Mass Effect is no exception.
Legion  +   2968d ago
The combat elements of Mass Effect are great. The reviewer has no idea what he is talking about.

He obviously has never played through the game properly. You can't treat it like a straight up shooter. You got team memebrs that you control. I have had little problem dealing with the fights that he was spending 3hrs on???? Holy crap he sucks...!!! He complains because he can't play worth crap, that is funny.

He gives himself away when he mentions the scene with the emotional choice that needs to be made between friends. If he has not even gotten there yet then he is at a very low level. And he wonders why he is having issues defeating guys (other than his lame... use the shotgun theory), that's like trying to attack a Balrog with a butter knife. He needs to find a new job.
GIJeff  +   2968d ago
FF7 was the best and is the best because:

1) Graphics were the best ever
2) Combat was perfect for the game
3) Emotion was in the game
4) The main badass wasnt too cheesy
5) And the story wasnt afraid to do things that upset people.

So yea, the story was great, but seriously, if the combat was too bad, i couldnt have sat through all 80 hours of my first play through.
Hatchetforce  +   2968d ago
Best story this generation? What is this, the only game you ever played? HALO3 tops it storywise. So does Heavenly Sword. Too many games beat the pants of this game's generic and predictable narrative.
iLemon  +   2968d ago
Rename The Article
Why Dean Takahashi never quite makes it as a gamer.
titntin  +   2969d ago
He is harsh - I really enjoyed this and didn't find it too difficult.

But it was flawed, and its only right that some people will point out the obvious problems with an otehrwise brilliant game. Most will choose to overlook the issues, but for some it will be a show stopper.
Pain70  +   2969d ago
frame rate, loading at times got a little old, and assignments being somewhat the same sure as hell didn't take away anything for me. to be honest, i'm really not a rpg guy, but i was kind of sad after i finished this game. this turned into a 25 hr. nightly routine for me. i'm waiting for ME2!!! maybe i'll give Oblivion a shot. Great Game!
MK_Red  +   2968d ago
Agreed but let's not forget that many of great games are seriously flawed. The important thing is how the good parts overshadow the bad ones.

I find it stupid how people believe Oblivion was the best RPG in years even though it had more bugs, flaws and problems than most of recent RPGs like Mass Effect. Oblivion was buggy with many AI and quest issues (Remember the stupid Vampire one!?) along with lots of combat and other problems. It was also really simplified and console friendly compared to previous TES games and was seriously shallow compared to classic RPGs.
Yes people praised and worshipped it anc considered Oblivion worthy of hype. Now we have a much better and deeper RPG with superb classic dialogue tree, a huge huge original world with many interesting characters and a non-linear story.
People call it Mass Defect. Why? Because they don't like the combat. I think most of them haven't played an RPG in their lives.

Any real RPG fan should instantly spot the brilliance and sheer quality of Mass Effect. It's flawed but what game isn't?
GIJeff  +   2968d ago
I hate Oblivion
soooo boring. Id rather watch grass grow, then die, then grow then die again than sit through another minute of oblivions lame ass. *sigh* i want my 5 hours back oblivion!
TunakTunakTun  +   2969d ago
Thats because
its on the 3fixme
rootEXT  +   2969d ago
Mass Defect
Well retards this " Mass Defect " won Game of the Year somewhere, forgot which site. Envious Fanboy aren't you?
Lumbo  +   2969d ago
It is sad, that the reviewer did not like or grasp the RPG element of the game. But then if you present the game as a FPS you shouldn't wonder about people playing it like a FPS.
InMyOpinion  +   2969d ago
When did Bioware present Mass Effect as a FPS?

Is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion also an FPS, since it's played from first person viewpoint?
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ThaGeNeCySt  +   2969d ago
Mass Effect is played from the First Person perspective?
InMyOpinion  +   2969d ago
Mass Effect is played from a 3rd person perspective, but the whole idea behind calling it a FPS instead of a RPG is just ridicolous.

"Hey look! It does not have random enemy encounters or turn-based battles! It must be a FPS!"
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JokesOnYou  +   2969d ago
Dean Takahashi:
"It delivered on the first, but not on the second. While the conversational system and facial animation is perhaps the best I’ve ever seen in a video game, the game play is maddeningly flawed. Call it Mass Defect."

-I stopped reading after that statement, sure I agree it had flaws but its still managed to be one of the best games I ever played, so "Mass Defect" its not, but maybe he rather Bioware just made a simple turned based jrpg or your avg shooter, people always yapping about devs doing something new, and when they do the same people complain like hell when devs do go the extra mile and make a game that raises the bar in so many aspects, the game could be 95% greatness but they only want to talk about the 5% they didn't like about it, sure I wish the game wasn't flawed at all, but I appreciate what Bioware accomplished and in the end, the flaws are waaaay outdone by the greatness, aaahh well lifes a b!tch.

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Hatchetforce  +   2968d ago
They did not deliver on the conversation tree. Most choices make little to no difference in the story. Your team is preset and they are going to be with you regardless.

Try saving the game and then changing your choices drastically. All rivers flow to the sea apparently. KOTOR had a conversation where the choices of what you said made more of an impact than Mass Effect. No, the did not deliver on the conversation tree at all.
marc 1975  +   2969d ago
i got the game yesterday
i was umin and ah ing to get this game due to some negative reports.. then i thought what the heck i want it in my collection... i have had no big framrate issues as yet. the game feels fresh which is good ... some say its slow paced... yes it is but its ment to be.. the graphics are good.. the dialogue is the best ive ever seen soz heard lol... i would recommend this to a few of my mates but not all.. if you want a deep rpg this is a must if you want action cod 4 halo3 and bioshock spring to mind
athlon770  +   2969d ago
Thank you, I am also on the fence with this game. When I first heard of it, I thought "sweet, a mmorpg that I could get into", then I found out it was only going to be single player and was crushed. After reading about the frame rate issues (amongst other things) I have pretty much written this off and concentrated on picking up games for my PS3. But everytime I watch one of the trailers I downloaded, I just want to play the game. Your comment was the first to shed a good light on the game without bashing anything else...I guess I will use some of the Christmas money I received and pick M.E. up.

Thanks for being honest and have a safe New Years!
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marc 1975  +   2969d ago
no probs mate
this game is worthy a rent first then if you like buy it .. i just bought it and trusted my 1st instincts
allforcalisto  +   2969d ago
for me the combat varies.

Its weird for me how he mentions that bit on feros. thats the exact part that i'm up to.

the halo thing shows he can't really get into it. Halo is halo. expecting that from a third person rpg/actioner like mass is silly.

sometimes the combat is really fun and engaging, other times i feel like there's no real point in customizing anything as most enemies go down after a few shotgun rounds. (that dude must of really sucked if his teammates kept dying that much against those weird asari.

so far i'm seeing myself giving it a solid 8, but in fairness to the game i'm only 6 or so hours in and i've a few sidequest here n there. there have been some really cool moments.

my crits:

- the mako is an abomination

- the dialogue and interaction with characters is a bit cold.

- unlike bioshock or halo i'm not thrilled during combat and cutscenes(ingame cutscenes in the case of bioshock. or just the random wailing of the splicers.).
Kick The Ass  +   2969d ago
He says that he wants the actual gameplay to be more like Halo?

Halo is great, yeah, but FPS in a roleplay game?

This guy is ridiculous.
I've played the game, and my first impression is VRY GOOD YA!
InMyOpinion  +   2969d ago
All games have their flaws, this is what's called nit-picking.

If you compare it to say Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, it's nowhere near as flawed. I don't get why people love to hate Mass Effect so much? Maybe because it's in fact really really good and they are jealous?
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Hatchetforce  +   2968d ago
No, this is what 360 fans do to certain PS3 titles and now that the shoe is on the other foot and they are getting a taste of their own medicine they do not like it. Tough.
THAMMER1  +   2969d ago
Mass EFFECT is one of the best games that I have ever played.
I will not get into detail here because this game does all the talking for it self. But I hated RPG's before MASS EFFECT. This game can be misunderstood as just an action shooter like FEAR or a tactical shooter like GRAW. I have found that less experienced gamers are the people who poorly misjudge this game.

This game is an RPG and a well crafted story that I enjoyed just as much as the BIO SHOCK story and had fun like I was playing Mega Man2 when I was 7 or 8. This article is proof that some people choose to take a negative approach to positive things to get attention.

I love you HaterZ!!!
Zhuk  +   2969d ago
Mass Effect is the most brilliant new title out on the market this year and Only on Xbox 360, already selling over a million copies, more than nearly every single PS3 game ever released.

Only Xbox 360 provides brilliant new IPs such as Mass Effect which truly get gamers excited, unlike Unwanted and Borehawk which both flopped critically and financially

As an RPG fan I found everything in this title to my liking, including the combat. My soldier is well over Level 50 now and the combat system works fantastic
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Mr PS3  +   2969d ago
Do you really believe your own sh!t
Ha Ha you are one stupid delusional aussie pr1ck
Stick to shaggin kangaroo's and drinkin your crap aussie fosters beer and keep on hoping that the rest of the world is listnig to anythin coming from a person that come's from the land that give us ??
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Oh i know
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Jdoki  +   2969d ago
Ah Zhuk. It's this type of blind fanboyism that makes it such a delight to read the comments on this site.

I love Mass Effect too, but to deny it's many flaws just makes you look a bit... well, silly really. It seems to me you are happy to paper over the flaws in any game which is 360 exclusive. How sad that you are missing out on some great gaming experiences on 'other' consoles because of your staunch (and vaguely worrying) love of a particular inanimate electrical device.

It's tragically impressive how you manage have a dig at the PS3 regardless of the original story.

Perhaps you have a future in politics.
RacingX  +   2969d ago
Zhuk, do you actually believe yourself???? You are nothing more than a M$ PR are ignorantly hilarious. Everytime you spew forth more of your rhetoric I'm waiting for the xbox logo to spin up at the end. Do you talk to women like this?? or do you have them your credit card number first before they even talk to you?? A no-talent a$$clown.....give us all a break would ya...
Hatchetforce  +   2968d ago
This moron is the first person to decry long as it isn't a 360 game. This thread is full of dirtbag hypocrites that are just like him. They will attack games on other platforms for issues that, when they appear in Mass Effect suddenly do not affect the game whatsoever. Hypocrites the lot of them.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander so take your medicine and welcome to the world of not living up to the hype. Framerates, pop in issues that are worse than Halo 2, idiotic AI...I mean really stupid AI, a vehicle (the Mako) apparently meant as an industrial egg scrambler - Bioware deserves a special 'Worst vehicle physics ever' award for that abortion, a conversation tree that really isn't all that (try saving the game and making different choices when talking and see if it matters - no) and the game is an elevator simulator.
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Ravenator529  +   2969d ago
He shouldn't have reviewed this game.
And the reason why is because he missed the part where Mass Effect is an RPG not a FPS.

BioWare never inteded this game to play like Halo because Halo is a FPS with zero RPG elements whatsoever. Halo is a great game due to the fact that it was built from the ground up to be the best FPS that Bungie could create.

BioWare designed Mass Effect as an RPG from the ground up. People who buy this game thinking they are buying a Halo RPG, are going to be sadly mistaken.

If you ever played KOTOR, then you know what type of experience you are in store for. BioWare has done a great job of taking the old stale "turn-based" RPG gameplay element and created a more intense "on the fly" gameplay element for the RPG. Yes, at times it can be frustrating, but welcome to the world of RPG's. There is a ton of trial and error when it comes to RPG battle.

It's not uncommon in an RPG to have to re-do a battle numerous times before you figure out the right combinations or direction. And even when you finally defeat the boss or battle, most of your party has probably parrished and you are left on the brink of death. Again, welcome to the world of RPG's!

Another thing that I don't understand is that supposedly this guy has been "on top" of Mass Effect's development from the beginning. Yet, he seems to have no idea that Mass Effect was an RPG. You didn't need to play the game to see that IMO.

Obviously this guy has never played a BioWare game in his life. I think a required pre-requisite of reviewing this game should have been to play at least one other BioWare style RPG. And then make a judgement.

Instead he sounds like a moron because it's obvious that he was looking to play a FPS shooter. Not a RPG.

Your review fails!

The only thing I'll agree with is that the framerate is pretty bad. You do get used to it after a little while but it is very noticeable.

Oh, and the Mako is a nightmare to control at times. There was the part in Noveria (the snow planet) where you literally had to dodge multiple rockets while trying to shoot and control the mako a the same time. I died numerous times due to the Mako controls.
Mr PS3  +   2969d ago
Why Mass Effect falls short of its hype ?
Well Quite simple
Because its crap!!
tmatte  +   2969d ago
Says the user with the name "Mr PS3".
Dukester101  +   2969d ago
Awesome Title
This no-name guy... Dean needs to learn how to grow up and play a game.

RPGs have been a long time favorite of mine since I started playing video games. Oblivion is still currently my favorite 360 game, but ME is looking to knock it to 2nd.

It's an RPG first and foremost; it requires making the right decisions, not only in battle, but in conversation, and more importantly where your characters (and your squads) level-up points go.

I've only been playing the game for 2 days, but I've enjoyed every minute it of it. There are some minor frame rate drops, but nothing significant. The Eden Prime (tutorial) was a steep learning curve for the combat system. You have to have a good team (requires thought), good upgrades (requires thought), and skill to battle in ME. Using your talents, and those of your squad make the combat so much easier. Having a tech, a soldier, and a biotic as a squad is a great way to take down the enemy in battle.

I'm guessing that... Dean... hasn't used his brain much. You can't just go mindless through hallways and corridors in ME like you can in a shooter. Shooters are designed to be quick on the trigger, use flanking maneuvers and raw firepower. ME is not a shooter, it's an RPG; a game requiring thought, tactical superiority, and diversity.

I'm a Halo freak through and through. Halo is an FPS though. That's what it's designed for, and that's how it plays. Saying that ME should have Halo 3 gameplay doesn't make sense. This guy really has to be a total idiot to think that you can toss FPS style gameplay mechanics in a full out RPG...
Hatchetforce  +   2968d ago
No name guy? Where have you been living, in a dumpster? There is someone that doesn't know what is going on alright and I am responding to his very dumb post.
Bladestar  +   2969d ago
People move on... nothing to see here.. just the daily Sony fanboy of bull $h!t... they need to read every day that makes them not want to kill themselves for knowing that the xbox 360 is the console to own if you want AAA titles.

There is no need to explain or argue with these Sony fanboys losers... the game reviews plus the game awards it earned(mmm... RPG game of the year) should be enough for these rouches to stop making these stupid commnents... Don't you have some Lair to play?
#16 (Edited 2969d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
ActionBastard  +   2969d ago
I'm too busy with Yaris.
segasage  +   2969d ago
if your
a RABID FPS gamer looking to Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot some more without thinking, don't play these types of games.

this is not UT3, halo or gears of war.

Rabid disagreeer trolling on hand..
#17 (Edited 2969d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
lonestarmt  +   2969d ago
"facial animation is perhaps the best I’ve ever seen in a video game"

I don't mean to troll here, or say mass effect isn't a great game, because it is, but best facial animation? sorry, I have to say hell no. Obviously he has not played heavenly sword. Hands down best facial animation, better in fact that most cgi movies.
#18 (Edited 2969d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Silver Bull3t  +   2969d ago
Fuk this guy. I've been loving every second of this game, and am glad that all the "terrible problems" with framerate and texture pop-in have been WAY overblown imo. Even the dreaded "elevator loads" at least usually offer up important character dialogue or news reports. (If you don't like the elevaor rides just use the Citadel Mass transit, duh).

As for the combat, once you figure out this is NOT GEARS or HALO you're fine. So far the story is great and very well developed.

If he has such a huge beef with the combat then he should go play Resistance, Gears, Crysis or any other FPS out there.

ME is a GREAT GAME, and it has at least 2 MORE INSTALLMENTS to iron out the remaining bugs. Can't wait to get home and play some more.
#19 (Edited 2969d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
mintaro  +   2969d ago
this is bs, mass effect is an rpg first and fps second. and since it is and rpg first u cant just rush in and expect to shoot the hell out of everyone, and expect to suceed everytime.
Robearboy  +   2969d ago
I havent
Been drawn into a game this much since Bio shock, the story and depth of this game has me hooked line and sinker, mass defect my ass
cartman313  +   2969d ago
I would probably like it. I need to borrow my friends 360.
Nevers  +   2969d ago
learn to play this genre of game dumby everyone else (that matters) has stated. It's not a shoot em up. Eden Prime was the hardest level for me cuz I had to break outta the shooter-mode. The combat system was strange at first but by about half way thru EP I was good to go... took me half way thru the game to find that cannon for the Maco on the bumper button though. Thresher Maws woulda been way easier if I wouldn't have machine gunned em to death forever.

... but this guy should start with some "RPG's" that are more like Orcs and Elves.


... the only criticism I really have is the repetition of the bases you infiltrate on the "assignments" Same layout, same furniture, same enemies. Would have liked to see a little more variety in the environments asside from the mind-numbing mountain crawling for minerals parts.
#23 (Edited 2968d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TrenchaunT  +   2969d ago
I def. think Mass Effect is flawed, but this reviewer seems pretty stupid. I mean, one of my complaints is that it's too darn easy! The Asari clones took me maybe three tries the first time, just because I had no biotics protection, but if you just tell your teammates not to rush in they don't die that much--and I did't even give them many upgrades. I haven't had any battle in Mass Effect that I would really consider a challenge. Most of the enemies die really easy, and when you get a little bit into the game it's easy to purcahse super weapons. The battle system sucks, but it sure isn't hard. I speak as a person who's very experienced with both American and Japanese RPGs, and I think Mass Effect is a bit overrated. In addition to the weak combat, the side missions lack the thrill and originality of Fallout, for example. But no one can argue that the main storyline dialogue isn't amazing.
#24 (Edited 2969d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
poopface1  +   2969d ago
well ive never played it but it is an rpg.
I saw a video and thought the shooting was kinda cool considering what I remember from knights of the old republic. am I correct when i say that it is a rpg that doesent completly revolve around turn based combat. If so it sounds like a cool idea to me. seems like this guy was expecting this game to be gears of war in space or something. Im still looking foward to playing this regardless of what some newspaper guy says. Oh yeah and you above are right if you think this reviewer is an idiot. Is this game ever in first person, besides mabe sniping. I mean ive never played it but all the shooting ive see has been from 3rd person. once again people who have no idea about video games are reviewing them.
DJ  +   2969d ago
Not sure why this is being posted so late
I've heard these exact complaints from countless reviewers already.
NanoGeekTech  +   2969d ago
I am happy that I am the only one that...thinks this game is................
OVERRATED..................... .................

Personally I guess I am a game snob...But a game that has been in development for so long can be so Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

--I like sci-fi but Mass Effect did nothing for me but bore me to death...I felt to combat was totally lacking.....if you are going to implement shooting mechanics into your RPG please make it enjoyable...

--I believe that a good combat system does help or hinders a RPG..And after playing games like COD4,Folklore,Bioshock,and Uncharted..... My exceptions for this game was thru the roof..

--This game was as much as a let down to me as LAIR was for PS3........

--This game could of been so much better so much more engaging......

--I may be one of the few rebels that really do not like this game....

--I do not think it deserves game of the year at all......

--Game of the year should excel in Gameplay,graphics,sound,design and production value....ME does not reach or exceeds all of these categories.

--Game of the year should be:
or Mario Galaxy(I did not play this do not have a Wii but I will make an educated guess and insist that MG is a great game.)

--Uncharted, COD4 and Bioshock are all great polish games with very very limited flaws... Mario Galaxy(I have not played but I will presume its will be the same)

--P.S. bring on the disagrees..........I am ready.....its only my opinion %)
Silver Bull3t  +   2969d ago
I liked Uncharted...
better when it was released as Pitfall in the 80s ;)

And yes, you are the only one that thinks ME was overRATED. OverHYPED, perhaps, but the ratings it received were all spot-on the money imo.
#27.1 (Edited 2969d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
HCS  +   2969d ago
Some of these critics comments and logics are just completely absurb and idiotic. people are idiots, and hype themselves up to ridicilous levels. Their just games people, and every game has flaws, their built by humans. I want to create a blog about how Uncharted is Unfinished but i feel like it's a waste of my time. He compared it to Halo, what a douche. Mass Effect is the most replayable game out there and the best bioware has ever done, which is no small feat considering they made baldurs gate, jade empire and kotor.

Mass Effect >>>>> Bioshock
#28 (Edited 2969d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cpuchess  +   2969d ago
I didn't like this game at all
I played it for one day and all the conversation options bored me to tears. Just waiting for good game to trade it in on.
Silver Bull3t  +   2969d ago
Does everyone born after 1980 have ADD???

Next time try maybe renting or researching it before dropping coin on it goof. All that allowance saved for naught.... tisk.
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Pain  +   2969d ago
I Like Mass Effect just cuz its made in my home town
but..the game is just a Xbox 1 game with super 512 Ram polish stuck on dvd9 (say what u want but its true)

But the real Let down is the Hype, dont mater what system. lol Vista anyone :P or hell real life lol

reallife:: Sex is going to be fun!! yea wooo yippy!!
realife after sex:: i feel kida icky....

See hype sucks

edit @29.1 Lmao
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