Get your video game demo right

A good demo can sell a good game, but with Mass Effect 3, Bioware demonstrated how to make a great video game demo.

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THR1LLHOUSE2237d ago

Best demos of this gen off the top of my head:
-Just Cause 2

The ME demo was good...I think my problem with it is more that the beginning of the game isn't all that exciting (which seems like an odd thing to say, considering what is happening during it...)

Tolkoto2237d ago

Hell yes on Bioshock. Best demo ever.

Blacktric2237d ago

I disagree about ME 3 demo being a great demonstration of the retail game. It just isn't. It shows the action aspect more than the RPG one thus making newcomer RPG players think twice before even consider buying it. Same thing happened with Mass Effect 2, especially with its PS3 launch since a lot of PS3 gamers haven't experienced the first game, they had major doubts about it and some even got bored.

ljh2172237d ago

I think the free unlimited multiplayer demo is what made it great, not the single player component. I think the best demo for me was Transformers: WFC multiplayer demo, was a great demo that sold me on the game.

Blacktric2237d ago

Oh I totally agree about that. I've played more than 20 hours of MP and still didn't get boredom. I was talking about the singleplayer portion of the demo.

SavageKuma2237d ago

I agree so was Kingdoms of Amalor, Crackdown 2, Naruto series, and Gears of War beta!

SybaRat2237d ago

I preferred Crackdown 1 to Crackdown 2. Man, that's a lot of crack.

ArchangelMike2237d ago

The ME3 demo had so much replayability, I put more hours into it that some full fledged games.

honkyjesus2237d ago

I didn't care for the demo at all. I am really looking forward to a BioShock Infinite demo.

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