Writers strike could boost video game industry

Who says there's nothing new on your TV?

Not video gamers.

As the Hollywood writers strike drags toward 2008, the video game industry is hoping a lack of fresh episodes in prime-time could motivate more people to pick up video game controllers instead of remotes - especially with the millions of Wiis and copies of "Call of Duty 4" under Christmas trees this holiday season.

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jack who3642d ago

video game industry doesnt need 2 be boosted..

gamerpsp3603642d ago

Well at least something will benefit from the writer's strike cause I sure won't!

Skerj3642d ago

Games were already taking viewers from TV so I don't see much of a boost. With the crap that's on the air today, I really don't want games infected with that. Unless they snake writers from stuff like Dead Like Me, Dexter (best show EVER), The Sopranos, 4400 etc.

ravinash3641d ago

bring the writers back in.
They have been producing such crap these days, I don't watch that much TV any more. Most of what I do watch is old repeats.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3642d ago

I WANT NEW ANIME EPISODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Skerj3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I know, so is every show I listed except Dexter. I'm pissed 4400 got axed too especially from what happened in the season finale or I suppose series finale now. Soprano's was the only one to have a good run and justifiably end. The writers of the above shows would be welcome in the game industry, it's too bad networks feel the need to can good shows in favor of a lame ass reality show or gimicky game show #901729817218972.

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