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Jet Set Radio HD Remastered: Sega Tags Us With New Details

The cool inline-skating, graffiti tagging, adventure game that launched on the Sega Dreamcast, is getting remastered and released for the current generation of gaming consoles. Get the details after the link (Jet Set Radio HD, PC, PS3, Sega, Xbox 360)

pucpop  +   1273d ago
perfect game, dreamcast lives on
darthv72  +   1273d ago
do a remaster of Alien front online or perhaps finally 'officially' release propeller arena for psn/live.

On the topic of JSR it would be sweet if it had multiplayer with some choosing to be the cops and others the taggers.

Why no love for even more sega arcade classics? where is a remastered hang-on or thunder blade or (my personal fav) galaxy force? Come on sega. You remade outrun and afterburner so some of the other arcade titles deserve a rebirth too.
killerhog  +   1273d ago
now, bring skies of arcadia, shenmue and the rest of the worthy DC games.
SuperLupe  +   1273d ago
The author got it wrong, this is JSR Futur, it came out on the Xbox and not the Dreamcast.

Anyways I wonder why it took SEGA so long to finally give it to us.
IronFistChinMi  +   1273d ago
No, the author is right. This release is the JSR that was on Dreamcast.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1273d ago
I'm entering that contest!!!!!!
sonicsidewinder  +   1273d ago
Will it be a proper re-master, with widescreen support etc?

Or a poor (yet functional) port like Sonic Adventure.
DigitalRaptor  +   1272d ago
Did I dream that they announced Sonic Adventure 2 and Shenmue for XBL/PSN?

YEAH, it was a dream. This is reality, at least. :)
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