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Submitted by Espio1 1364d ago | article

Is this what PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 games will look like?

PS3, in collaboration with Codemasters' lead artist Mike Smith and Dead End Thrills techmaster Duncan Harris, shows off tech rumoured to be powering Sony's next gen console (Dev, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Tech, Xbox 360)

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IRetrouk  +   1364d ago
Double post
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Gregard  +   1364d ago
Double post with only 2 bubbles? :D
Godmars290  +   1364d ago
It happens. Sometimes N4G burps. Been happening to me a lot lately.

On topic; So I'm the only one who's not happy that console graphics are becoming more limited in that they and related graphic engines are sliding towards realism?
Xof  +   1364d ago
Agree with Godmars.

And to answer the article's question: possibly, but odds are they'll still play like PS2 games. Higher fidelity seems to be the focus for game development, and--let's face it--games the difference in ability to render realistic environments between the current and next generation will be marginal, at best.
Gaming101  +   1364d ago
With these early scans you can only see what games will look like, there are all sorts of other things that the heavy processing capabilities will allow you to do, like more advanced AI, more advanced physics, running multiple AI's at once that behave differently so it isn't just duck, cover and shoot for everyone you're up against.
n4f  +   1364d ago
i agree with gdmars, i want better art style, better game play, everything better. i dont want a movie with a 5min gameplay.
Kevin ButIer  +   1364d ago
I believe that the true next gen is not in the graphics, there is so many ways to improve gameplay nowadays.
StraightPath  +   1364d ago
PC has seen kinda of graphics for years now lol just look at Crysis with mods or gta 4 with mod or crysis 2.
thetest  +   1364d ago
I hate stupid articles like this. Everyone knows that the yet to be released consoles are going to suck more than your current PC you bought 2 years ago.

Low quality textures, jaggies, sub-60 FPS, fake HD resolution, input lag, high network latency.
ChiVoLok0  +   1364d ago
Well I'm ok with today's graphics. I would much rather hope they focus on physics then graphics for now.
SpinalRemains138  +   1364d ago
That is true. What is also true is that console gaming is better than PC gaming dollar for dollar.
MysticStrummer  +   1364d ago
Whatever PS4 and 720 graphics look like, one thing is certain... PC gamers will troll every article about them and tell us all how much better PC graphics are, as if it matters to anyone but other PC gamers.
DoomeDx  +   1364d ago
First picture is from Crysis 1, modded.

seen it before months ago
ninjahunter  +   1364d ago
Not modded, just tweaked the config file for brighter lights and darker shadows.
cannon8800  +   1363d ago

That's what modded means. It means "modified" When you "tweak" the configurations, you are still modifying it. lol
ATi_Elite  +   1364d ago
Why the hell does this have a PC tag?
Who approved this crap? REMOVE the PC tag. This has nothing to do with the PC.

[ (In effect, PS4 will be "essentially a PC" ]

Blah ha ha ha haah!

Those "Game Boxes" already are cheap PC's!

The Circle is Now Complete! Either Join us or Die!

WASD ForEver!

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EmperorDalek  +   1364d ago
WASD sucks. Joysticks FTW.

There is a reason Vader died.
Asgaro  +   1363d ago

Mouse and keyboard wins all.
There is a reason you use your PC with a mouse, and not with an inaccurate controller.
RAYMEISTER  +   1364d ago
Today's consoles are yesterdays PC's. Always
Bobby Kotex  +   1364d ago
And tomorrow's consoles are today's PCs. Unfortunately game companies aren't really pushing the graphical limits anymore to keep consoles on the same playing field as PCs. PCs are much much more powerful since the 360 and PS3 came out, but are games really that much better looking?
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zeddy  +   1364d ago
games already look like that on the ps3. play uncharted or god of war.
TVippy  +   1363d ago
I've nothing against big tits - I'd rather have my head resting on a pair right now.
The guy is alright, don't hate on him so much.
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Ricardo86384520  +   1359d ago
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IRetrouk  +   1364d ago
Bigbangbing  +   1364d ago
wallis  +   1364d ago
Can people stop mocking up what they think "next gen" graphics will look like? Seriously the "next generation" is nothing more than a constructed concept applied to an area of technology that undergoes small but consistent steps of progress peppered with the occasional leap forward. It's one thing for the "next gen" of consoles to be speculated on but it's not like you press a damn a button and gaming's graphics are going to suddenly pokevolve into something new and amazing.

Besides the top screenshot looks like crysis and the bottom screenshot looks like exactly what it is - which is a pre-render. I mean Jesus H Christ I can go and download Icehancer for GTAIV and play a photorealistic game RIGHT NOW on my laptop. The next generation of gaming should involve a fucking connection to your central nervous system - anything less and it's just an upgrade to the current generation.
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JAMurida  +   1364d ago
"The next generation of gaming should involve a fucking connection to your central nervous system - anything less and it's just an upgrade to the current generation."

Pretty much.
Chitown71291  +   1364d ago
Sorry guys just had to post this.
KONY2012 . Please do research on it. Thank you
yess  +   1364d ago
Please keep your war propaganda out of gaming.

Chitown71291  +   1364d ago
-___- Didn't require a response dude. Just tryna spread the word , thats all. Have a good day man.....
yess  +   1364d ago
But what you are spreading is a fraud, maybe you should research a litle before spreading.
People a going crazy about this, but have no idea of what they are supporting.

So therefor it does not belong in here....Period.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1362d ago
The movement is indeed a fraud as well as the company behind it Invisible children.

You must do more digging before supporting something. Latching on to every youtube video that is well edited and moving will distort your sense of reality.
pr0digyZA  +   1364d ago
"Besides the top screenshot looks like crysis"

Yes it is crysis.
Fkabbz  +   1364d ago
Consoles aren't going to get any better. One more "generation" and that's it.
WitWolfy  +   1363d ago
I think A LOT of people said the same thing back when the PS1 launched that time
GanjaMan  +   1364d ago
Jpm224  +   1364d ago
Oh look, another one of *these* articles.
Anon1974  +   1364d ago
It's ridiculous. It doesn't matter if the hardware can deliver or not, it's not like suddenly all games are going to look amazing overnight. It comes down to the developers and their talents/resources available. If it was just a matter of hardware, all games would look like Gears or Uncharted right now, or all PC games would look like the Witcher. Clearly, this isn't happening. The developers are the bottleneck, not the hardware.
Ducky  +   1364d ago
"If it was just a matter of hardware, all games would look like Gears or Uncharted right now"

If all games were linear third person shooters, maybe.

The developper's skill comes into play, but this late into the gen, the hardware is a bigger bottleneck than developers... and it's pretty apparent when even the best games are scraping by at 720p and 30fps.
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Rayko  +   1364d ago
Graphics look like the bird in Wii U.

Wii U will be around 5-6 times stronger than current gen as well, why not mention Wii U?
dawgsfan117  +   1364d ago
Actually from what we have heard it should be about twice as powerful as the current gen systems and MS and Sony's new consoles are expected to be closer to the 5 or 6 times more powerful you mentioned.
vulcanproject  +   1364d ago
Actually the rumours are starting to clear around PS4 and apparently Sony are once again going completely bonkers and shooting for the moon with their hardware.

I have to say it did not work well with PS3, i mean, it was not really significantly faster than 360 and developers were not pleased.

However there is talk of a massive AMD chip, absurdly huge with an advanced GPU and x86 CPU. Not just that, DSPs tacked on, FPGA units. All sorts of mad additions. To make it all work and not have a bunch of horrible memory bottlenecks they will dump a whole bunch of stacked memory chips on top to serve as super duper wide bandwidth.

If it works out it could be mad fast. If it fails it could be another expensive disaster.
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DudeJets  +   1364d ago
See I heard with Sony's new console you can cook your dinner on it whilst you play. Were Microsoft's will double up as an iron board.
Khronikos  +   1364d ago
The PS3 is far from a disaster. I like how you marketing execs seem to know everything about the market. We are in the largest financial crisis in history it's just the TV box you look to for information doesn't like to tell you this. Meanwhile, the PS3 needed to shoehorn its bluray technology in and really that was NOT a mistake. The only mistake was releasing the cell without proper tools and yes that was a big mistake but only on certain terms. Nobody came close to the Wii and I saw this coming after a few grandma's and what not wanted the thing.

But let us be realistic. The 360 was a gigantic failure of epic proportions with its who knows how many consoles failed. Most people at this stage don't know a single soul with a working launch or close to launch console. Not one really. Many of the SOLD 360 consoles are in reality a bunch of rebought consoles. I would estimate that from just what I know that 30% of 360 consoles are dual owners. I would estimate about 15% are the same on the PS3 side. So please.

This whole generation to me has been one large disaster. And what does the 360 have planned but halo this and that. They are turning into Nintendo without any innovation where at least Sony has the innovation to keep going despite its losses.

If the PS3 doesn't go big it is to all of our own detriment. WE NEED better graphics, physics, etc. and the rumored off the shelf low tier 6 series AMD GPU on the 360 is going to look like one bad decision (for gamers) in a few years if true.
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vulcanproject  +   1364d ago
Who said PS3 was a disaster Khronikos? I am unsure who you are replying to here.

But Sony made some rather major errors with PS3 at the design and conception stage, hardware errors. That much is fairly clear now we have hindsight.

Also i do have a working Xenon (original) Xbox 360. I am not quite sure what your personal estimates are worth in relation to the topic or anyones replies.

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of performance the new machines deliver. Sony do seem to be aiming very high, that is the word coming from behind closed doors.

See even if you struggle to build a massive chip and it is costly, at least you know within 18 months it will be a LOT easier and cheaper to build when a new smaller process arrives.
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starchild  +   1364d ago
@ Khronikos

I have a working launch Xbox 360. It got the RROD once, but it was fixed and it has worked since.

My PS3 has a corrupted/damaged GPU that causes some games to have strange artifacts. But its not worth it to me to pay to have it fixed since I do most of my gaming on the PC and mostly use the consoles for their exclusives or console exclusives.

Both my consoles have had problems this generation while my PC continues to run perfectly. I hope Sony and Microsoft make more reliable machines this time.
Knight_Cid  +   1364d ago
Pandamobile  +   1364d ago
That just looks like a screenshot from a certain PC game from 2007
Thrillhouse  +   1364d ago
It IS a screenshot from that certain game. The trees and shrubs are exactly the same.
pandaboy  +   1364d ago
Looks more like a certain ps3 game from 2008...
Pandamobile  +   1364d ago
Not sure if you're joking, or blind.
pandaboy  +   1364d ago
perhaps that's a sign of how deep the termites have gotten on this site. We are so accustomed to the ridiculous being ardently argued as truth.
neogeo  +   1364d ago
Jamzluminati  +   1364d ago
Haze is my favourite game of all time and even I know he's joking.
vulcanproject  +   1364d ago
Problem is the shot from the PS3 game didn't actually look anything like the finished game itself LOL.

Haze looked cack, ran cack, and played mostly cack. It is insulting to Crysis to compare them, especially on visual terms.
qwertyz  +   1364d ago
LOL exactly PC is over a generations ahead of consoles.
tigertron  +   1364d ago
The best indication we have right now is the Samaritan demo.
TABSF  +   1364d ago
Done on current PC hardware

Never mind HD 7000 and Kepler
dirthurts  +   1364d ago
That demo was running on a piece of computer, that costed well over 1000 dollars...
I doubt the PS4 or xbox 720 will even touch it.
josephayal  +   1364d ago
Wii U is the Graph Boss
DeletedAcc  +   1364d ago
And i'm Jesus
ritsuka666  +   1364d ago
So, the next gen of consoles looks like original Crysis? LMAFAO.
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EverydayGuy  +   1364d ago
It's not impossible since we can max out Crysis with one graphic card now, in the old days you need to sli/xfire 2-3 graphic cards and that didn't even get 60 fps constantly.

Crysis like graphics on the PS4 probably not, but close to it maybe.
blackmamba707  +   1364d ago
Crysis didn't have ladybirds
sourav93  +   1364d ago
It's nothing to laugh about. Tell me, how many PC games actually still look as good as Crysis modded? Not many, that's for sure. So if the next generation of consoles can produce graphics as such, then the percentage of games with those graphics will be higher than that for PC at this moment.

And anyways, the graphics displayed, as you correctly stated as a screenshot from Crysis (modded), is edging on photorealism. So, if the graphics are photorealistic, then it doesn't matter if they look similar to a 2007 PC game or a 2012 PC game. Photorealism is photorealism.

Back to the article, graphics are fine, but what I really want from next gen is performance i.e. increased FPS, better physics, better AI, larger scales, etc. Tbh I'm happy with the graphics displayed by current AAA console games, so just bump up the resolution and focus mainly on performance.
#12.3 (Edited 1364d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tee_bag242  +   1364d ago
Well said. Personally im happy with the graphics too but would like to see some innovation in design approach. How many games actually have radomised enemies or dare i say maps?...not many. Admitantly, not every game can have random maps but having random features on games keep them interesting every time.I'm also tired if dumb AI - assuming we are talking about a shooter, turning up the difficulty should make enemies smarter and more skillful not just their bullets doing more damage. I can't tell you how lame and stale these 6-8 hour linear shooters are now. Im talking about the ones that fanboys go head over hills for - Yeah GOW, Halo *yawn*.
The focus is far too much on graphics here!
Moncole  +   1364d ago
It will look like this
Nintendo knows how to make powerful hardware. The Wii was the first console they made that wasnt powerful
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Rubberlegs  +   1364d ago
If you didn't know that's only a UE3 demo. Not trying to down the Wii U but the Samaritan demo is the type of tech will see devs use.
Moncole  +   1363d ago
Samaritan wont be possible on next gen consoles. The PC they used to make it cost more than 1000$
Rubberlegs  +   1362d ago
No you wouldn't see a full blown game like Samaritan but its also a tech demo and not a game. All the tech they display in the Samaritan video is the type of effects you should be seeing.
mabreu  +   1364d ago
Who cares? Graphics are like 10% of what makes a good game. Let's talk about how differently we will be playing games on nextgen consoles, not how real graphics look.
lastdual  +   1364d ago
True, but more processing power allows for new gameplay experiences on top of better graphics.

Look at this gen. The increased power of modern systems over the PS2-era consoles allowed for things like the crowd dynamics in Assassin's Creed, physics governing the many objects in Skyrim, etc.

The line between graphics and gameplay is very thin as far as technology is concerned.
tee_bag242  +   1364d ago
Great point. Better graphics open up new opportunities within a game world to then exploit innovative gameplay. I guess what Mabreu was trying to say was that the even with performance increases the resources are spent to heavily on eye candy rather than thinking about changing the wheel.
tehpees3  +   1364d ago
Ha. Microsoft at least will make next gen about gimmicks. How much of a graphical leap do casual systems really need? Sony indicated they won't be making that type of huge graphical leap.

Its obvious the direction Microsoft is taking they will have the next generation down to "innovative controllers". I.E: gimmicks. The next gen consoles will rely on some form of new input method as opposed to flaunting their looks around.

As for Sony, I really wouldn't like to say. There is always the possibility they may also take a piece of the casual market.
#15 (Edited 1364d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
Nitrox  +   1364d ago
Actually, Nintendo made THIS gen about gimmicks. Microsoft may continue to run with it, as they often do with other people's good ideas...

I doubt they see their core market as Kinect users though, that was just an (arguably successful) attempt to sell to the Wii crowd. I don't see it as being the central experience to next-gen gaming.
hellvaguy  +   1364d ago
Just like the Wii U will copy Sony and MS with a focus on online play. It's just the way it goes.
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   1364d ago

I love how pc fanboys say that picture looks nothing special.
ExCest  +   1364d ago
because it really isn't...

but i'll still be happy with my new pretty ps4
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   1364d ago
and why it isn't ?

what can be improved on that picture ?

I'm just saying, if it's shit,tell us why it's shit. I'm saying that to those fanboys.
ok, brightness is too high so you can't see all the details.

I know what pc can do and I know what consoles can do. pc is great but saying pc is generations ahead of consoles is just stupid.

there are many console games that look amazing
milohighclub  +   1364d ago
Dude I'm a console gamer and if that is what next gen has to offer I will be disappointed, it is nothing a special for the fact that pcs were doing it shortly after the ps3 was released.

I want graphics at the level of the samaritan demo.

What's with his talk of Sony dropping the cell?

Don't know much about chip sets but...

I thought the cell was a processing chip not a graphics chip what amd is apparently making.
pr0digyZA  +   1364d ago
"I love how pc fanboys say that picture looks nothing special. "

PC players are complaining because that is a picture from crysis which came out in 2007

"I know what pc can do and I know what consoles can do. pc is great but saying pc is generations ahead of consoles is just stupid."

That statement is quite ironic after the fact.
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   1364d ago
It's funny how pc fanboys are still mad and trolling on ps3 articles and saying pc's today are better than ps3. no shit, ps3 came in 2007.
and if you see far cry 3 console footage or ps3 exclusives, you can see ps3 is still great.
I get great exclusives every year on ps3, I got free online, I play on big HD TV (not small pc screen), I don't need to sit in a chair to play a game, I don't need to upgrade my ps3 every year or two and spend money.....
I wonder if you pc fanboys will talk how ps4 is shit if we see that Epic's Samaritan game on ps4
milohighclub  +   1363d ago
@deathstroke. You can play your pc on your HDTV in the comfort of your living room with a pad. Also you could upgrade you pc now and it will be good enough for 4 years easily, if you upgrade it now with the highest tech that's out and if the image above is gonna be the same level of next gen, you could have better graphics than next gen now.

Gonna buy a high end gaming pc in a few month to put me on til next gen as I have been bored of the graphics for about a year or so.

No way can ps3 last 4 more years and still be relevant to any hardcore gamer.
SergeantVodka  +   1364d ago
It isn't impressive mainly because of the fact that is taken from a PC game.
hellvaguy  +   1364d ago
Where else would an anticipated console pics from consoles that don't yet exist? Ya know the time machines that are common place in the movies, well they (***spoiler alert***) don't really exist.
JONESY6  +   1364d ago
The first screen shot is Crysis, a pc game from 2007. and the second is an ATI tech demon from 2010.

I can max Crysis and run that Demo with my computer from 2009.
anony-mouse  +   1364d ago
I was wondering who would be the first to point out the ATI tech demo...

not even a demo for New tech...
#17.1 (Edited 1364d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Major_Nelson  +   1364d ago
No !!
PS4 will look Better !!
shodaime  +   1364d ago
the bug picture in in 0:45 to 0:46 second
this article is bullshit
blackmamba707  +   1364d ago
bubbles for you, holmes is that you?
andrewsqual  +   1364d ago
Its debatable. The only reason its debatable is if you showed pics of Killzone and Uncharted 7 years ago and asked is this what the next Playstation and Xbox's graphics will look like then that answer would be no. The 360 never had graphics like Killzone and Uncharted. So to the main question, no.
hennessey86  +   1364d ago
Cryisis 2
on the 360 looks better than killzone 3
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1364d ago
No. It does not.

The only 360 games that rival Killzone 3 are Battlefield 3 and Gears of War 3...and I don't think either one is quite there.
xtreampro  +   1364d ago
Actually KZ2 looks better than KZ3 lol.
GameGuy  +   1364d ago
Next gen graphics are too hard to predict. If you look back at the 360,PS3...etc you will see that as the years kept going things just kept improving.
TBONEJF  +   1364d ago
This picture looks worse than 720P. I have a 26" LCD HDTV and my picture still looks better than this piece of crap
M83_  +   1364d ago
So we are supposed to base what next gen graphics might look like on just two screenshots?
I honestly don't know what to expect but the graphical leaps have been big between the PS1->PS2->PS3 so it's safe to assume that the leap will be just as significant with the PS4 and other consoles.
bobrea  +   1364d ago
You don't know what the hardware will be so there's no point in making stupid articles like this.
mt  +   1364d ago
to PC fanboys, I know PC is way stronger and will be stronger than next gen consoles, but I Can't play Uncharted , or god of war or metal gear, so no I am good with my console even though it is weaker "graphically"
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1364d ago
Just get both. I mean, we all have PC's. It's relatively cheap to upgrade a PC, if you buy parts during sales from Tiger Direct or NewEgg.

I have both and I absolutely love it! PC and PS3 combined with my Vita are one amazing gaming orgy!
PixL  +   1363d ago
Last time I checked a graphics card able to run Battlefield 3 (probably the most demanding game around right now) quite smoothly in full HD was similar in price to a PS3.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1363d ago
You don't need to run BF3 quite smoothly in full HD. My system can't do that. I'm doing just fine with most other games though.
pr0digyZA  +   1364d ago
A lot of PC gamers can afford consoles some just choose not too. I personally have a 360,PS3,PSP,vita and two gaming PC's. Many of my friends who are PC players have at least one console.
Voxelman  +   1364d ago
Next Metal gear is coming to PC, and PC has it's own exclusives Guild Wars 2, War of the Roses, Simcity, Starcraft etc
Bladesfist  +   1364d ago
I like RTS games and indie games so I dont really see the need in more fps. (No offense to fps games thats just me)
turgore  +   1364d ago
so it looks like crysis 1 maxed out. a game that came out in 2007.
Kran  +   1364d ago
Well... probably not "right away". Takes a couple of years before full potential games are realised.
stragomccloud  +   1364d ago
Even if the next gen consoles are vastly inferior to PCs of today, because of the fact that consoles run in such an optimized environment, they'll no doubt look like high end PCs(though not the best of the best)for years to come... food for thought.
Elvis  +   1364d ago
How am I supposed to know?.
SnowBlu  +   1364d ago
people expect to much for the future

instead of thinking that time will make everything better they should realise that we need a huge discovery of how to make small computers that can play huge games

because ipod can run games that look better than 80's games and even 90's games

and if people will build an engine that saves alot of room games like bf3 can be like 5 gb

but again its a huge thing to work on
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