Is this what PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 games will look like?

PS3, in collaboration with Codemasters' lead artist Mike Smith and Dead End Thrills techmaster Duncan Harris, shows off tech rumoured to be powering Sony's next gen console

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IRetrouk1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Double post

Gregard1875d ago

Double post with only 2 bubbles? :D

Godmars2901874d ago

It happens. Sometimes N4G burps. Been happening to me a lot lately.

On topic; So I'm the only one who's not happy that console graphics are becoming more limited in that they and related graphic engines are sliding towards realism?

Xof1874d ago

Agree with Godmars.

And to answer the article's question: possibly, but odds are they'll still play like PS2 games. Higher fidelity seems to be the focus for game development, and--let's face it--games the difference in ability to render realistic environments between the current and next generation will be marginal, at best.

Gaming1011874d ago

With these early scans you can only see what games will look like, there are all sorts of other things that the heavy processing capabilities will allow you to do, like more advanced AI, more advanced physics, running multiple AI's at once that behave differently so it isn't just duck, cover and shoot for everyone you're up against.

n4f1874d ago

i agree with gdmars, i want better art style, better game play, everything better. i dont want a movie with a 5min gameplay.

Kevin ButIer1874d ago

I believe that the true next gen is not in the graphics, there is so many ways to improve gameplay nowadays.

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StraightPath1874d ago

PC has seen kinda of graphics for years now lol just look at Crysis with mods or gta 4 with mod or crysis 2.

thetest1874d ago

I hate stupid articles like this. Everyone knows that the yet to be released consoles are going to suck more than your current PC you bought 2 years ago.

Low quality textures, jaggies, sub-60 FPS, fake HD resolution, input lag, high network latency.

ChiVoLok01874d ago

Well I'm ok with today's graphics. I would much rather hope they focus on physics then graphics for now.

SpinalRemains1381874d ago

That is true. What is also true is that console gaming is better than PC gaming dollar for dollar.

MysticStrummer1874d ago

Whatever PS4 and 720 graphics look like, one thing is certain... PC gamers will troll every article about them and tell us all how much better PC graphics are, as if it matters to anyone but other PC gamers.

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DoomeDx1874d ago

First picture is from Crysis 1, modded.

seen it before months ago

ninjahunter1874d ago

Not modded, just tweaked the config file for brighter lights and darker shadows.

cannon88001874d ago


That's what modded means. It means "modified" When you "tweak" the configurations, you are still modifying it. lol

ATi_Elite1874d ago

Who approved this crap? REMOVE the PC tag. This has nothing to do with the PC.

[ (In effect, PS4 will be "essentially a PC" ]

Blah ha ha ha haah!

Those "Game Boxes" already are cheap PC's!

The Circle is Now Complete! Either Join us or Die!

WASD ForEver!

EmperorDalek1874d ago

WASD sucks. Joysticks FTW.

There is a reason Vader died.

Asgaro1874d ago


Mouse and keyboard wins all.
There is a reason you use your PC with a mouse, and not with an inaccurate controller.


Today's consoles are yesterdays PC's. Always

Bobby Kotex1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

And tomorrow's consoles are today's PCs. Unfortunately game companies aren't really pushing the graphical limits anymore to keep consoles on the same playing field as PCs. PCs are much much more powerful since the 360 and PS3 came out, but are games really that much better looking?

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zeddy1874d ago

games already look like that on the ps3. play uncharted or god of war.

TVippy1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I've nothing against big tits - I'd rather have my head resting on a pair right now.
The guy is alright, don't hate on him so much.

Ricardo863845201869d ago

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wallis1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Can people stop mocking up what they think "next gen" graphics will look like? Seriously the "next generation" is nothing more than a constructed concept applied to an area of technology that undergoes small but consistent steps of progress peppered with the occasional leap forward. It's one thing for the "next gen" of consoles to be speculated on but it's not like you press a damn a button and gaming's graphics are going to suddenly pokevolve into something new and amazing.

Besides the top screenshot looks like crysis and the bottom screenshot looks like exactly what it is - which is a pre-render. I mean Jesus H Christ I can go and download Icehancer for GTAIV and play a photorealistic game RIGHT NOW on my laptop. The next generation of gaming should involve a fucking connection to your central nervous system - anything less and it's just an upgrade to the current generation.

JAMurida1875d ago

"The next generation of gaming should involve a fucking connection to your central nervous system - anything less and it's just an upgrade to the current generation."

Pretty much.

Chitown712911874d ago

KONY2012 . Please do research on it. Thank you

yess1874d ago

Please keep your war propaganda out of gaming.


Chitown712911874d ago

-___- Didn't require a response dude. Just tryna spread the word , thats all. Have a good day man.....

yess1874d ago

But what you are spreading is a fraud, maybe you should research a litle before spreading.
People a going crazy about this, but have no idea of what they are supporting.

So therefor it does not belong in here....Period.

Autodidactdystopia1872d ago

The movement is indeed a fraud as well as the company behind it Invisible children.

You must do more digging before supporting something. Latching on to every youtube video that is well edited and moving will distort your sense of reality.

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pr0digyZA1874d ago

"Besides the top screenshot looks like crysis"

Yes it is crysis.

Fkabbz1874d ago

Consoles aren't going to get any better. One more "generation" and that's it.

WitWolfy1874d ago

I think A LOT of people said the same thing back when the PS1 launched that time

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