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Molyneux slams game controllers as 'tedious and boring'

Peter Molyneux launches a fierce attack on ‘tedious and boring’ game controllers, revealing how he’s ‘sick to death’ of feeling ‘like a lab rat’ by being forced to use them. (Fable: The Journey, Peter Molyneux, Xbox 360)

sinncross  +   1116d ago

whatever Moolyneux. I`ve been gaming on a controller since the NES days and I would not change that for anything (cept maybe a kb/m) and there is nothing tedious or boring about them.
vulcanproject  +   1116d ago
I find games with abysmal unresponsive basic controls tedious and boring. I find pointless faked tech demos like milo with no real end product tedious and boring. Everyone has an opinion....
closnyc  +   1116d ago
sorry to hear you havent experienced the better controls on the better platform belonging to the master elite race of gamers known as PC. Peter will one day go back to this now that he is out of MS and his true potential will shine, unlike in his console era with the fable series.
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Redempteur  +   1116d ago
Well peter gave us "THE HAND" when he made black and white .. so even with a mouse in hand he can manage to make even the simplest of the game design boring so ....
Wolfbiker  +   1116d ago
Yeah cause he didn't have the opportunity to make PC games while with MICROSOFT or anything....plus fable was on PC and still sucked.
Bigpappy  +   1116d ago
Peter, Peter, Peter. He is good at making average games that add nothing new.

He was great for E3 presentation though. He always left you felling that he was actually going to surprise you. Too bad everyone already read "the boy who cried wolf". His timing was perfect to leave. I think if he did another presentation, there would have been too many tomatoes to clean up and that would ruin E3 this time around. Hopefully M$ gets someone with fresh ideas running Lionhead.
PirateThom  +   1116d ago
That's fine, Peter. You show all the mere mortals how it's done... Fable: The Journey... Oh, Ok.
hennessey86  +   1116d ago
Nothing will replace
The control pad until technology improves greatly which won't happen for at least 15 to twenty years, then maybe we will have something that can match the control pad for ease of use
beastlysensation  +   1116d ago
am pretty sure keyboard and mouse are just a lot better when it comes to speed and accuracy. Sorry, nothing will replace the master elite controls from the master elite race of gamers known as PC.
Liquid_Ocelot  +   1116d ago
-_- how fucking stupid you sound.. you make PC gamers look terrible
torchic  +   1116d ago
I wish I was part of the master elite race of gamers :(
christheredhead  +   1116d ago
Peter Molyneux rather be the controller than use a controller.
yesmynameissumo  +   1116d ago
Is he talking about controllers or his games?
wenaldy  +   1116d ago
Wahahahah.. The hell is his problem..!!??!!
dedicatedtogamers  +   1116d ago
Molyneux, Fable is....

Nah, not even worth it.
Eu  +   1116d ago
Hey Peter, when the tech for mind imaging(game inside your mind)/hollodeck(you inside game) comes foward you can try and say this again......
Nicaragua  +   1116d ago
Nicaragua slams Peter Molyneux as 'a massive bell-end'
Farsendor1  +   1116d ago
can't replace keyboard and mouse and the xbox 360 controller.
tigertron  +   1116d ago
Sick of feeling like a lab rat? right...and Kinect doesn't make you feel like that?

Controllers>anything else
Dazel  +   1116d ago
The controller is quicker, more accurate and more convenient that either Kinect or Move. Also at the end of the day most folk don't want to stand in front of the tv waving their arms around.
AusRogo  +   1116d ago
Would rather have some sort of controller rather then hands free.
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Alos88  +   1116d ago
Wait, what? Lab rats are used to experiment with new technology/chemicals.
If anything, the lab rat analogy works better with Kinect.
BigBoss1964  +   1116d ago
That's ironic Molyneux your games are tedious and boring =P
LightofDarkness  +   1116d ago
Well, until you can develop precision motion controls with tactile/force feedback and a game that's worth playing with them, I'd concentrate on making a game that's worth playing. Hint: it's not Fable.

We all love dreamers, but the biggest problem with stuff like Kinect/Move/WiiMotes is the lack of genuine tactile feedback from the controller. If your sword collides with something in mid-air, the real you will continue on swinging while the virtual you reacts accordingly. This creates a very problematic disconnection between your actions and the representation of those actions in the game world, i.e. it DESTROYS immersion. Motion controls promise a lot but they rarely deliver.

Another issue comes from the kinds of action players expect from games. Say you're playing Ninja Gaiden or some other action game featuring a super human protagonist. Motion controls seek too immerse players in a game more by seeing their real world actions repeated on-screen, thus allowing them to feel like they're inside the game. The problem is that I'm not Ryu Hayabusa. I can't do an Izuna Drop, much less in my living room. How will a player accomplish this task with motion controls, then?

Motion Controls are far from a panacea. They can't cover all the bases; far from it. Motion controls will be relegated to an almost useless novelty until someone invents the Matrix. Bottom line.
Baka-akaB  +   1116d ago
welll obviously he'd rather have us hold hands with a npc while following a glowing light path ... and changing clothes by actually having to physically access the wardrobe instead of a menu .

I dont wanna hear anything he says about the matter , till he releases an actually good action game
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Whitefox789  +   1116d ago
Nice Bubbles+

"I now know Kung Fu"
Redempteur  +   1116d ago
"This creates a very problematic disconnection between your actions and the representation of those actions in the game world, i.e. it DESTROYS immersion. Motion controls promise a lot but they rarely deliver. "

i agree
The only REAL way to immerse the player is to include rumble that helps a lots in sword fighting for example and even them it's not perfect.

In a kinect world without even that little feedback , the result is just as you say.
barb_wire  +   1116d ago
Wonder what happens now, now that Molyneux has departed Lionhead Studios and is no longer associated with MS?
Captain Qwark 9  +   1116d ago
chances are lionhead will start making good games again
Bimkoblerutso  +   1116d ago
His games just aren't worth putting up with...him. For all his squawking about innovation and the sorry state of the industry, he and his team always seem to churn out surprisingly conventional games. Now all of the sudden he's the paragon of "hands-free" gaming?

Whatever, Molyneux. I've enjoyed most of your games (to varying degrees), but in all honesty, I'm not that sad to see you go.
M83_  +   1116d ago
Listening to him has become tedious and boring!
Baka-akaB  +   1116d ago
i Found his inane controls schemes in fable even more tedious and boring .

And if you're supposed to makes things smoother interface wise , dont make the player teleport back to a castle to acccess inventory , instead of a simple menu ..
Erudito87  +   1116d ago
this guy is insane
Whitefox789  +   1116d ago
What's the saying? Don't fix what isn't broken?

Controllers are fine the way they are I can't really understand what's up with the motion craze other then the fact its a gimmick.

I don't think controllers are gonna change any time soon unless they really want to go that route your "body is the controller" in which case we'll actually need Virtual Reality rooms as seen in Star Ocean 3 and in science fiction.
sly-Famous  +   1116d ago
Damn! He just called 100 million gamers boring, way to push up your rep, daumb a$$!
rizzo-rizzo  +   1116d ago
Xbox 360 pad is horrible for fighting games. It's like it's suited for Platform/Racing/FPS, the plain target audience this pad is designed for, i suppose that goes without saying.. Yet M$ have implemented it into all our PC games, and we've no choice but to live with it.. Playstation 3 controller requires you install some 3rd party plugin to get working on PC, this is M$ easily trying to take a foothold in the PC market. not only that, Xbox pad it's like it's made to mold itself into your hand, it maybe comfortable & sufficient enough, but personally i've always hated it. you can't hold your right palm down comfortably cuz the darned thing is too fat to be held comfortably for serious right handed button input. my right hand isn't lazy enough to always want to use my thumb.
ZippyZapper  +   1116d ago
The 360 controller is universally rated higher, and considered better by just about everyone on the planet.
taco_tom237  +   1116d ago
i like the 360 controller but id rather use the ps3 controller since i grew up playing games with it
NYC_Gamer  +   1116d ago
I pick the 360 controller over the DS3 because my hands are type huge..
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rezzah  +   1116d ago
It took him this long to realise what he thought about them?
IM_KINECTED  +   1116d ago
I think he was a little too crazy about Kinect. Something tells me he will still be working on Kinect titles in the future with his new company 22 Cans.
GraveLord  +   1116d ago
Ugh. This guy gets on my nerves.

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