The voice of 129 video games: Actor who's played scores of stunning characters

Outside the world of voice-over she is virtually unknown.

But Jennifer Hale has played more of the sexiest characters on screen than any other actress.

The unsung queen of her niche, Hale has voiced characters in 129 video games. So you could be forgiven for wondering why she sounds familiar.

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egidem1782d ago

This woman has done so many voices of many actors both in cartoons and video games...the list is amazing!

Plus, she looks...
I totally would.

NBT911782d ago

I semi recognise her name from Metal Gear Solid, I think she voiced Naomi.

sly-Famous1782d ago

There was a Desperate Housewives game???

chanmasta1782d ago

"Actor who is played scores of"? No-one thought to edit the title?

Pozzle1782d ago

Who's is a contraction of "who is" or "who has," so the title is grammatically correct.

kesvalk1782d ago

she is responsible for making male sheppard sounds like a nerd...

kingdavid1773d ago

Shes also responsible for:

"EE! Dont die on me EE! EEEE-EEEEE!"