How Army of Four Could Work

RA "It seems the deal has been sealed regarding Army of Four being a thing. Heck, if a voice actor tweeting he "signed on" to do Electronic Arts' new "AO4" video game isn't enough of a sign, I don't know what is. While some feel that Army of Two wasn't even deserving enough of a sequel, we are now on the verge of getting a third installment with Army of Four, a game said to have four-player co-op and runs on DICE's Battlefield 3 engine (and now Medal of Honor: Warfighter), Frostbite 2.0.

I am among the few who happened to enjoy Army of Two. As a lover of co-operative shooters, I was able to look past the shortcomings offered up in the original (only played a few hours of the sequel) and by doing so I found an extremely enjoyable game. The story sucked, sure, but as I played with my brother-in-law during an all-night session and we were constantly tricking and pimping out our guns, we didn't need a story. All we needed was an excuse to increase our bank and buy more equipment. Besides, not every shooter, or every game, for that matter, needs an engaging plot."

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slavish2450d ago

Make multiplayer a third person bf3 and i'll be happy :P

Major_Nelson2449d ago

How Army of Four Could Work

With 4 players

yokokoroma2449d ago

This, that was exactly my thoughts. Army of Four, will play just like Army of Two, with the addition of two extra players. Thus making an Army of Four, which will most like be played online, as I don't see EA being bold enough to do a 4 player offline split-screen.

rdgneoz32449d ago

It'll probably play similar to how Extraction Mode was in the 40th day. Also, it might do 2 player split screen on the same system with either AI for the other 2 or let you play online for 2 others.