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Marooners' Rock Review: I Am Alive (XBLA)

Chris writes: "The world has suffered its greatest cataclysm in recorded history. Rendered nearly uninhabitable, ash, dust, and destruction have spread across the face of the planet, leaving humanity a mere shadow of its former self. As things slide further into ruin, the remnants of humanity slide with it, at times becoming territorial, violent, and feral. I Am Alive, the long awaited and long delayed title that Ubisoft Shanghai has finally brought to our consoles as the final entry of this year's XBLA House Party event, starts one year after "the Event," with your character returning to his home in the fictional city of Haventon looking for his wife and daughter after a year long trek across the nation. Was it worth the wait?" (I Am Alive, Xbox 360) 65/100

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