I Am Alive: A Prelude To 'The Last of US' ?

As the reviews for Ubisoft’s digitally released survival game hit the web, most might find I Am Alive’s gameplay design strikingly similar to what Naughty Dog has revealed for ‘The Last of Us’. Though Naughty Dog’s game has a much higher production value, along with the added horror element found in the infected, the concept of survival in both games naturally blends the two games together.

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Grobbennum2271d ago

Very interesting, but... I believe the Dogs will blow this game out of the water. Thinking about giving it a try when it hits PSN.

BobbyMcCOOL2271d ago

Agree no where near what Naught Dog is doing on the quality side, but the gameplay sounds good. Not worth giving up time with ME3 though.

vgcgames2271d ago

I'll wait on the last of us for survival gameplay, this is not rubbing me just right, just yet.