First Medal of Honor: Warfighter trailer released, launch date announced

EA has just released the official teaser trailer of the next game in Medal of Honor franchise titled as "Medal of Honor: Warfighter". The teaser trailer also revealed the release date of the game.


The trailer below is no longer available due to copyright claim by EA.

New Working trailer of Medal of Honor: Warfighter (in English) is available on Gamepur.

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kamruk2113d ago

Somebody's showing the middle finger to AC3 with their October release, let's just hope tides won't be changing and instead of November we'll get an October packed with new games...

ksense2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

they just want to get ahead of cod like battlefield did to get the early buzz. nothing to do with assassins...

speaking of the trailer this actually looks pretty cool as I liked the incredibly short single player by danger close the first time round. hope it is longer and danger close is doing the multiplayer this time so it should be different and hopefully good.

lastdual2113d ago

Yeah, nothing to do with AC3. Besides, Bioshock Infinite was already slated for October before either of them.

BattleAxe2112d ago

Its cool that they gave JTF2 some props in the trailer.

Crazyglues2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Oh Sh*t did anyone notice how bad ass the frostbite 2 engine is looking... DAM!!

They stepped up the graphics big time... wow looks amazing... Now I can't wait to see the multi-player..

This game just shot to the top of my must have list....

Looks like end of 2012 is going to go out bigger then 2011 did... Wow


2112d ago
mafiahajeri2112d ago

Wtf is this retarded trailer? Oh wait I forgot Arabs are retards that dont know about night vision/ac 130's and diving suits. Also I almost forgot Americans are superhuman... /Facepalm

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Raiz2113d ago

its more of a teaser then a trailer... but none the less it looks damn awesome..... definitely will give COD 9 run for its money...

-Mika-2113d ago

That what they said about Battlefield 3 and look how that turned out.

TreMillz2113d ago

It sold, and took away players from Call of Duty, or at least made them get both, EA accomplished their mission

Raiz2113d ago

Battlefield 3 didn't disappoint any of its fans, on the contrary it snatch many took away players from COD...

No whatever COD players are left, they all will be snatch by Medal of Honor: Warfighter... :D don't worry at all.....

CPTN MITCHELL2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

@-mika- turn out to be better game...mw2.5 is garbage

badz1492112d ago

last time I heard, EA shipped 10+ mil of BF3 already. that's pretty impressive and in terms of competitive MP, CoD holds nothing against BF3 period!

gedapeleda2112d ago

Oh raiz you should vist the forums.
90% don't like it because it's to mutch cod and the maps are all linear.

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coolbeans2113d ago

Now I'm worried that it'll lose that more realistic tone MoH (2010) had for more setpieces. It seems like Irrational Games is the only one immune to CoD influence.

ginsunuva2112d ago

Except for Bioshock Infinite's ironsights and hitmarkers.

mafiahajeri2112d ago

Whats wrong with hit markers and ironsights? To casual for you MR.hardcore pro gamer?

sllshrm2112d ago

Well the first bioshock had ironsights(or did it? I remember pressing Z for something like that)

Though no-one used it, but thats a different thing altogether...

Legionaire20052113d ago

Fu*k Call of Duty!!!! Medal of Honor and Halo 4 is having a comeback to greatness. with these games coming out Call of Duty is gonna have to change its game engine sooner or later. You can feel the fatigue in Call of Duty it the same thing over and over again. Yeah it hit 1 billion, but not every year.

Pl4sm42113d ago

yeah cod is dying ... like when u squash a bug and its still moving , just like that

TheBioLover2112d ago

I completely agree that CoD is a bad game, but CoD is not dying now, look at the sales. I think eventually it's going to die, but not with the next CoD, probably 2 CoDs after that.

Hdz542112d ago

the cod series will probably finally get a new engine when they move to next gen. Black ops 2 this fall might be the last major cod designed specifically for this gen. I am thinking IW`s next title will be next gen and maybe SH will port a dumbed down version for current gen.

Majin-vegeta2112d ago

SO your'e saying next gen cod will finally look like a game from this gen and not like a game from next gen which then means cod doesn't look like a game from this gen...oh no i've gone cross eyed xD.