9.0 : I Am Alive Review

Bone-idle writes "The game begins with you arriving at the edge of the city that used to by your home, you play an everyday man with only one thing in his mind, to get home to his apartment with the tiny glimmer of foolishly held hope that someone might be waiting for him when he gets there and for once this everyday man is just that, this is no hero he does not possess any unnatural abilities. He doesn’t go from loving father to the world’s deadliest soldier overnight. He is fragile, lost and broken apart by grief and guilt"

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Coltrane_C2270d ago

The Review is a lie....This game is terrible

NinjaSp33d2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

How you know game not even out yet

Daver2270d ago

he knows because he read bad reviews....XD loll

Kakihara2270d ago

I really want to believe the good reviews but some of the things in the IGN video review worry me such as the fact that enemies forget you just threatened them with a gun as soon as you lower it or the fact that you can take as long as you want threatening them and backing them into whatever position you want. It does look a bit like very shoddy execution of good ideas.

BoneIdle2270d ago

To be honest the guy with the gun can take as long as he wants :)