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The Controller Online writes:

"After playing, and thoroughly enjoying I Am Alive, I feel like the Xbox Live Arcade has finally reached the moment we all knew it could, by delivering a game leaps and bounds above the rest in shear size and scope. I Am Alive started off as a retail game, but Ubisoft changed directions at some point and decided to release it on the Xbox Live Arcade instead, and we reap the benefits by getting it for only $15."

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FrankDrebin2269d ago

So you are rating this as an awesome game, almost up there with Mass Effect 3, or Drakes Fortune? This is simply retarded! Not even close in quality.

c1oudy2269d ago

I think his rating is more relative to other XBLA games than fully priced retail games.

gaden_malak2269d ago

So games that are online or short or essentially not a full game are restricted from getting high scores?


FrankDrebin2269d ago

You all seem to be missing the bigger picture. It's isn't as simple as rating it a high score due to it being a XBLA/etc/ title. What sense does that make?

If that were true, then you would have an uneven rating system. Drakes F., etc would rate a 200+ score and this would be an 80. See what I'm saying here. When you have double standards like this the end result is always a poor one.

Seriously Gaden? Yeah, serious buddy. Intelligence plays a role here pal.

firefly692269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

we get more value for the money with great games from the PSN and XBLA than retail games.Keep the good download games coming at this affortable price and i will be a happy gamer.