TheSixthAxis Review: I Am Alive

TheSixthAxis reviews Ubisoft's downloadable survival horror title, I Am Alive.

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Apocwhen1881d ago

Sounds like it's up there with AMY. Disappointing

TVippy1881d ago

It's not. Amy was universally 3/10 across the board.

Jourdy2881881d ago

What a pity. I thought this one would've scored higher. Ah well.

TheCagyDies1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Gameinformer just gave it a 8.5.
Ign 4.5
Guardian 10
MondoXbox 8.7
Eurogamer 8.0
Destructoid 8.5
Gamespot 8.0
OXM UK 7.0
6th Axis 4.0
Sounds like people will really love it or really hate it.

jetlian1881d ago

seems like a bogus review. bad music mixing lol

TVippy1881d ago

It's all over the place. But some reviewers giving 9s and even 10s grant me hope.