I Am Alive Review - Saving Content

Excerpt: "It’s been one year since “the incident” occurred and you’ve finally made the trek across the country to see your family again. The game begins with an unknown woman watching a video from a handheld camcorder. What she sees is our hero explaining his situation by making a video diary of his adventure, his adventure back to the fictional city of Haventon. The mission: Find his wife and daughter.

While walking out in the fog you gradually lose stamina, a necessity resource in this game. It isn't so much a big deal on the streets but when climbing you need as much as you can keep. Climbing eats up your stamina at a much faster rate and if you try to jump while climbing, say goodbye to a huge chunk of your bar. If you find yourself with no stamina, you enter slow motion where you rapidly tap the right trigger to perform a desperate, but extreme effort to finish your climbing. Doing this will keep you going for a short while longer but you deplete your stamina capacity. Once that’s gone, you become a pale street pancake. There are items you find throughout your game that will replenish health, stamina, and stamina capacity. Word to the wise though, manage your items well. You never know, a single can of soda might be the difference between death and survival."

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grailly2208d ago

I'll need a demo for this

ElementX2208d ago

Yeah the reviews are all over the place

Elite-uk2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

No release date & no price point set for Ps3 (or PC), so that means we waitin a month longer & paying more!.

Been hyped for this game since 2008 e3, but with all the changes i.e download only and now the XBLA exclusive release. I'm really starting to lose interest in this game.

Just wish they would stop all these exclusive release dates,and release the game to the gamers..... that have kept them afloat for the last 2 decades, not just a percentage of them!.