Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Demo Is Out On Xbox Live Marketplace

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Demo is out on Xbox Live Marketplace and the demo is free the size of demo is 1.19 GB and it is rated M for Mature and here is some information about the demo: Battle through 2 stages of act 1 as Kendal or leinhart with enhanced level and abilities against a unique set of monsters.

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BulletToothDave3737d ago

everyone here is trashing it but not playing it. Anyone who listens to them is sad.

I'm downloading it right now and will give some real info after I ACTUALLY PLAY IT!!

InMyOpinion3737d ago

I had played it for 4 hours before I posted my comment.

titntin3737d ago

...and the full game has already been pirated and released on the 'scene'.
I'll try the demo though!:)

SuperSaiyan43737d ago

And its absolute garbage!!! Its on ebay its region free.

Genuine3737d ago

Aren't you SaiyanFury, a moderator for Sony Protection Group?

BIoodmask3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I was looking forward to this game. I thought the online coop would be really entertaining. Plus I thought the graphics looked really good from the screnshots. All the different weapon types and upgradeability should add some replay value also.

I haven't downloaded the demo yet but I have lowered my expectations.

ThaGeNeCySt3737d ago

never was a fan of the KOF games so I'm not surprised by the comments in here.

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The story is too old to be commented.