Critics fall in love with Mass Effect 3

MCV: Mass Effect 3 becomes the first 10/10 rated title on GameInformer this year. “For two full games, we heard about the Reapers. Mass Effect 3 shows us how great this threat is both to the inhabitants of this fictional universe and to the players who must face off against it.

chanmasta1516d ago

Man I'm getting so damn tired of seeing crap about Mass Effect 3 flooding every damn page of "news".

JeffGUNZ1516d ago

Then why are you here? It's one of the most anticipated, if not the most anticipated game to release this year. People on this site complain when articles about "bad" games or COD flood the site, but when a real, amazing game gets releases, they still complain. For Christ sakes, it's a gaming site! Let Mass Effect 3 have it's 1-2 weeks of fame.

chanmasta1515d ago

Dude, not everyone has the same tastes as you. I'm personally not interested in the Mass Effect franchise, but I'm glad so many people are. I just dislike it when articles about it are shoved in my face over and over and over again every single time I visit N4G, and has been for way much longer than 1-2 weeks...

Games4ever1516d ago

I think it's a fantastic game, and I am excited to get it.

Hope it comes tomorrow.

Kos-Mos1516d ago

The majority often fall in love with media that is either bad, really bad or mediocre: avatar, cod, gears, gta, halo, killzone, me, gow, battlefield, oblivion, transformers, pearl harbor.

Captain Qwark 91516d ago

i would be inclined to agree with you but mass effect is one that is actually very high quality esp the 3rd one.

im only a few hours in but other than mediocre animation, poor lip syncing and controls that could be a little tighter, the rest is more than deserving of its praise.

however im with you on most of those, avatar, gears 1 & 3, gta4, halo reach, killzone, gow, battlefield 3 ( BC2 was better ), skyrim not oblivion, transformers, and pearl harbor, you can toss pirates, harry potter, and twighlight in there as well.

we disagree on mass effect, COD ( i dont like them but they are quality games ), gears 2, halo 1, 2 & 3, gta 3 and SA, GOW 2 & 3 are great, all battlefields but 3, and oblivion.

in the end though, its just your opinion and my opinion, ours are just as meaningless to them as theirs is to us

pandehz1516d ago

I played it for 3 hrs now and dam its amazing.

The demo was literally nothing compared to what the game is.

Pintheshadows1516d ago

Until Friday I hate Americans. Why? They're playing Mass Effect 3. And they can't spell aluminium.

iamgoatman1516d ago

Haha indeed, and great avatar as well.

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